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Friday, 22 October, 2021
MemDisk 20090107
Wednesday, 7 January, 2009

Memory emulated bootable hard disk. Source code available.

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AMD K6, K6-2, K6-III OS/2 driver 1.11
Monday, 26 July, 1999

AMD K6, K6-2, K6-III OS/2 driver enable the AMD K6-xx cpu's "write-allocate" feature according to the amount of main memory installed.

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Compress 4.12
Wednesday, 31 May, 1995

Compress reduces the size of the named files using adaptive Lempel-Ziv coding. Whenever possible, each file is replaced by one with the extension .Z, while keeping the same owner-ship modes, access and...

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ShowArgs 1.0
Monday, 6 September, 2010

ShowArgs displays all of the arguments passed to it and  optionally writes the same information to a log file. Options may also be specified in an environment variable processed first. The package also include the Rexx script version....

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ManyClip 3.3
Friday, 14 October, 1994

ManyClip provides OS/2 with multiple text clipboards. Non-text (ie, bitmap) clipboards are not affected; you will still have a single clipboard for each format.

From an applications point of view, the use of ManyClip is...

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BDSAP 19990514
Friday, 14 May, 1999

BDSAP is a program to create small and fast selfextractor for OS/2. Source code available.

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ADU/2 (Administrators Disk Utility) 2.2d
Saturday, 20 November, 1993

ADU/2 (Administrators Disk Utility) is a file and directory management tool intended for administrators of large disks running in an OS/2 environment, especially in OS/2 networks.

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McAfee VirusScan for OS/2 4.0.4
Thursday, 16 October, 1997

VirusScan for OS/2 by McAfee, Inc. Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for known and new viruses. Superior detection and removal of viruses, on every machine, for every virus pathway.

This product, although not being developed/updated/...

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MED, Programmers' Text Editor 1.26
Wednesday, 30 June, 1999

MED  is an editor for OS/2 with predefined syntax highlighting for C/C++, REXX, Modula-2, Javascript, Java, Pascal, ADA, X86 and 68K assembler, Clipper, Fortran, Lisp, LaTeX, HTML, Perl, makefiles, OS/2...

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Post Road Mailer 3.0
Friday, 24 October, 1997

The Post Road Mailer is a program that will enable you to send and receive internet email under OS/2 Warp 3 or later via a TCP/IP connection. It has a number of powerful features for writing notes, sending replies, and organizing your...

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