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Tuesday, 6 July, 2021
BomberClone 0.11.9
Thursday, 7 August, 2014

BomberClone is a clone of the game AtomicBomberMan or even something new.

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Alfons 0.99b
Wednesday, 6 May, 1998

Alfons is a program that copies the information from a Audio Compact Disk (CD) digitaly. Because it copies the information (ones and zeros) digitaly there is no quality loss. It makes a perfect digital copy of the original information (...

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Blob wars: Metal Blob Solid 1.19
Tuesday, 3 February, 2015

Metal Blob Solid is a 2D platform game, the first in the Blobwars series.

You take on the role of a fearless Blob agent, Bob, who's mission is to infiltrate various enemy bases and rescue as many MIAs as possible, while battling...

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AiR-BOOT 1.1.4
Thursday, 9 November, 2017

AiR-BOOT, a highly customizable boot-manager 100% in MBR: does not need any real space on harddisk! It is completely written in Assembler, and that's why it is so small in size, yet powerful enought to...

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LX-Lite 1.3.9
Monday, 20 November, 2017

Freeware OS/2 LX executables packer.

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Libreria GNU iconv 1.16
Monday, 6 May, 2019

This library provides an iconv() implementation, for systems where the is not one, or whose implementation cannot convert from/to Unicode.

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Update CD 2.61
Monday, 26 March, 2007

With UpdCD you can incorporate public IBM fixpaks into your installation CD. In this way you will be able to install a Year 2000 compliant OS/2 Warp on systems with large hard disks right from this CD. You do not have to reinstall...

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Tower Toppler 20140816 (1.1.6)
Saturday, 16 August, 2014

In this game you have to help a cute little green animal switch off some kind of "evil" mechanism. The "power off switch" is hidden somewhere in high towers. On your way to the target you need to avoid a lot of strange robots that guard...

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Super Mario War 1.8
Sunday, 28 February, 2016

Super Mario War is a game for up to four players (including bots) with many different modes of play. The basic goal of the game is to be the last player standing, and to accomplish this goal you must jump on your opponent's heads to...

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Star Track 0.05b
Tuesday, 26 June, 2001

CD Player with CDDB access and extended loop functionality.

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