MMAudio Pak & Audio codecs (APE I/O Procs)

2.0 & 0.13.29
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Venerdì, 1 Agosto, 2003



L'installazione di queste classi consente di poter avviare i file MP3, APE, Ogg Vorbis e Flac con qualsiasi lettore di OS/2:

  • i file possono essere avviati con un doppio click su di essi;
  •  i file possono essere ascoltati con qualsiasi programma REXX che usa le chiamate del multimedia (es. play.cmd);
  •  i file possono essere covertiti in qualsiasi formato audio che OS/2 può scrivere;
  •  è possibile fare streaming da internet.

Le funzionalità WPS si possono estendere ulteriormente installando anche le classi CW-Multimedia.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Scompattare il pacchetto in una cartella temporanea e lanciare MINSTALL.exe che permetterà di scegliere quali componenti IOprocs installare. Nel pacchetto sono compresi anche uno script di disinstallazione ed altre cose che possono tornare utili.

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

Audio codecs (APE I/O Procs) v. 0.13.29 (27/7/2007, eCo Software) Readme/What's new
mmioAPE changelog: _______ (to do) - 24-bit audio files, MONO and left/right-MONO untested - error recovery untested __________________________ (known bugs/misbehaviours) - locked files facility reported to fail update mmioAPE.dll with strange error message (can be seen at system restart after update mmioAPE with never version; bldlevel indicate that MMOS2\DLL\mmioAPE.dll is not updated) ** Probably not a mmioAPE bug ** Temporary workaround: mmioAPE version can be upgraded via complete uninstall (with uninstall.cmd), restart system, clean install (with install.cmd) and restart system again. ____________________ 0.13.29 (2007/07/02) + fixed - now should correctly report codec abilities to os/2 multimedia 0.13.28 + ape files now recognised even when prepended by ID3v2 header - debug and most of tests removed from common package (please ask test&debug package in case you need them), files layout also changed + few sample tools (with sources) added in tools/ instead 0.13.27 + fixed (seems to :)) some installation issues on eCs - *important!* minstall.exe is now wrapped in install.cmd Please use install.cmd to install this package. - requirements updated 0.13.14 + bldlevel.exe info added - version rised to 0.13 due to bldlevel.exe don't understand 0.0.3 + icons added (plus WPS SOM types and extensions filter support) - working SOM is now requiered! - try icon_test.cmd for results + eComstation new minstall.exe supported + simple MCI player added (tests/5-mciplay.exe), see tests/test.txt for details + simple MMIO converter added (tests/4-decomp.exe), with naive time checking see tests/tests.txt for details + all APE standard compression level checked (tests/test-report.cmd) samples included (tests/test-c?000.ape) see tests/tests.txt for details 0.0.2 (internal) +APE Links (.apl exstention) support added - can cause a problem with non-disk file (not tested) - can cause a problem with non-ascii filenames (not tested) - has unusial logic in combining complex paths - format of .apl from a little to not documented + ID3 and APE tags preload and analyses disabled (cause unused in this scheme) - should speedup start playing of big files on slow machines 0.0.1 (internal) first build gcc-3.3.5-csd1 compiled, needs libc061.dll - decompress mode only - untranslated not yet implemented + some tests added (don't need install, see tests/ )
MMAudio Pak v. 2.0 (, Russell O’Connor, Matthew T. Ashland) Readme/What's new
The MMAudio Pak is a collection of audio IO procedures to extend OS/2’s multimedia system. It presently contains, mmioMP3 0.4.3 – an MP3 IOproc mmioVorb 0.3.2 – an Ogg Vorbis IOproc mmioFLAC 0.3.0 – a FLAC IOproc Refer to the above documentation for detailed requirements and legal restrictions on each IOProc. What do I get? After installation, these file formats can be played in any OS/2 player. Files can play by double-clicking on the file’s icon. Files can play in any Rexx program by using Multimedia calls. Files can be played with the Rexx program PLAY.CMD. Files can be converted to any audio format that OS/2 can write, by using Convert to in the context menu. CW-Multimedia classes enhance this feature. Files can be streamed over the Internet. Why not use WarpAMP or PM123? WarpAMP and PM123 do not integrate with MMOS/2 well. To control these programs with scripts etc., you have to use whatever interface they provide instead of the standard interface provided by MMOS/2. The OS/2 Multimedia Infrastructure Project has more information on this subject. Installing MMIOMP3 does not prevent you from using these programs. In fact, they can complement each other by having MMIOMP3 providing you with standard MMOS/2 interfaces, and WarpAMP or PM123 providing a nice user application.  local copy
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