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Programma lanciatore in Rexx per Borland JBuilder 9 Personal! Configura l'ambiente di sviluppo ed imposta i file di configurazione per consentire l' esecuzione di JBuilder sotto OS/2.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

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JBOS2 (JBuilder OS/2) v. 1.0 (24/11/2003, Mikkel Troest) Readme/What's new
JBOS2 V.1.0 (C) 2003 - Mikkel Troest This is a Rexx launcher for Borland JBuilder 9 Personal! It parses the JBuilder config files and sets up the environment accordingly. It requires Golden Codes J2SE SDK 1.4.1_03 for proper operation. Also, JBuilder 9 Personal should be installed in the root of a drive - e.g. d:\jbuilder - otherwise the command line and environment strings will be too long for OS/2 to handle... :( First step, of course, is to install JBuilder. While this may be possible to do with Odin (I haven't tried this approach), the safe choice is to install JBuilder on a Win32 system, and then copy the whole installation hierarchy to an OS/2 system. To save space, one can delete the folder containing the Win32 JDK that ships with JBuilder. JBOS2.cmd must reside in the %JBUILDER_HOME%\bin directory, where %JBUILDER_HOME% is the installation root - e.g. d:\jbuilder Likewise, if you create a program object that points to this script, make sure that "Working directory" is set to %JBUILDER_HOME%\bin A few environment variables should be set up prior tu running this script. While not strictly necessary to have them in the global environment (i.e. stated in CONFIG.SYS), I find this approach, well, neater... :) The environment variables are: %JAVA_HOME% - should be set to the root of your JDK - e.g. d:\java141 %JBUILDER_HOME% - should be set to the JBuilder root - e.g. d:\jbuilder %TMP% - should be set to a suitable temp dir - e.g. c:\tmp %TEMP% - optional if you prefer this to %TMP% - same story... %USER% - should be set to the current users name - e.g. mikkle %HOME% - should be set to a sort of home dir - e.g. d:\mikkle If you prefer not to have these environment variables set, you can chose to override these settings below. Do this by editing the lines containing comments like "Change this to..." Note that the overridden settings will only be used if the corresponding environment variables are empty! If you're not happy with this, please feel free to change this script to suit your needs! :O) You may need to change a couple of settings in the JBuilder config files I had to change: "vmparam -Xmx256m" to "vmparam -Xmx128m to get Java running at all. I also changed the javapath property to: "javapath %java_home%/jre/bin/client/jvm.dll" I don't know if it makes any difference - I don't use that property in this script... :) Known problems: I can only get JBuilder9 to run using Golden Code's JDK1.4.1_03 - Borland states that JBuilder is built to run on a certain JDK, though it is possible to use other JDKS for building and running applications JBuilder 9 is built to run un JDK 1.4.1, and I guess that is why GC's JDK works, and Innoteks JDK1.4.2 does not. The same problem exists in Windows - JBuilder won't work if forced to use JDK1.4.2... When you build/run an application in JBuilder, a "Completed: JAVA.EXE" OS/2 prompt remains in the background. - This is a known problem in Golden Codes JDK. Please refer to the readme file of their JDK distribution for further information. When building/running an application in JBuilder, output to "System.out" and "System.err" is not captured and shown in the JBuilder IDE. - I don't have an explanation for that. Tough luck! Live with it! ;-) I tried to set my test project to use Innotek's JDK 1.4.2 - it built the project, but JBuilder was unable to run it. I could run it from a command line, though, using the JBuilder generated command string...(?) - I haven't really looked into this. There may be a solution somewhere... There may be a whole lot of other weird stuff going on. Please read the readme file from Golden Code before anything else - it explains a lot of weird stuff! :) Apart from the above, everything seems to be in working order. I'm currently doing all my Java development in JBuilder on eCS 1.1, and if I can live with a bit of weirdness, so can you! :O) Pleas excuse the messy REXX code - Hey, it works! ;-) If you wonder what some of by hard-coded -D options are, take a look at JBuilder's environment when running under Windows. They were there - I put them here! ;-) Feedback would be nice! This script is absolutely free, you can change it, re-use it, or whatever. Any products, names and stuff mentioned are the property of their respective owners! Files included in this archive: jbos2.cmd - The program itself. jbos2.ico - the JBuilder icon converted to OS/2 format. readme.txt - This file. :O) Mikkle
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