IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Korea

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Ultimo IBM Peer Fixpak per Warp 3.0 Connect.

Fixpak per IBM Peer per OS/2 Warp 3.0 Connect. Vengono inoltre aggiornati il LAN Requester e l'UPM. L'applicazione di questo fixpak rende il prodotto pronto per l'anno 2000. Disponibile per differenti paesi e lingue (Cina - lingua Repubblica popolare Cinese, Cina - lingua Taiwanese, Danimarca, Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Giappone, Italia, Norvegia, Olanda - Paesi Bassi, Spagna, Stati Uniti, Svezia).

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

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IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Korea v. IP_8196 (30/10/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
IBM Peer Version 1.0 For OS/2 Warp Connect FixPak IPH8196 (Korean) Fixes for OS/2 LAN Requester and UPM are also included in this FixPak. After applying this FixPak, these products will be Year-2000 compliant. This FixPak supercedes IP08194. WARNING: Archiving is not enabled for this FixPak. IP08196.INF, located on the first diskette of the FixPak, contains installation, and other useful information about this FixPak. Please review before installation of service. ************************************************************************ Diskettes can be created using the LOADDSKF utility. There are 4 files/images included in this package. ************************************************************************ CSFTOOL1 DSK FixPak Tool Diskette 3.50" LH8196B1 DSK Peer Diskette #1 3.50 1.44MB LH8196B2 DSK Peer Diskette #2 3.50 1.44MB LH8196B3 DSK Peer Diskette #3 3.50 1.44MB INCLUDED APARS Note: This section describes OS/2 Warp Connect Peer APARs corrected for IPx8196. o APAR = IC18795 IF WRKHEURISTICS BIT 38 IS GREATER THAN 1, IT WILL NOT BE RECOGNIZED BY THE PEER INSTALL AND WILL CAUSE AN ERROR The peer install program ends with an error when Wrkheuristics bit 38 is made greater than 1. This bit was changed to have a maximum value of 3 because of APAR IC12765. To recreate this problem, the user changes bit 38 in the IBMLAN.INI to 2 or 3 and saves this file. Next the user runs the peer install program (PEERINST) and the program will exit with an error. o APAR = IC18797 NAMED PIPE ON SERVER SHOULD RETURN ERROR_MORE_DATA ON READ Customer created client and server applications. When the client opens and reads the pipe on a server, the return code is incorrect under the following circumstances: The server writes more data than the following client read request. The server should return ERROR_MORE_DATA but instead returns 0 as the return code. o APAR = IC18798 ON AN LS 4.0 ADVANCED SERVER, NET TIME COMMAND IF ENTERED WITH "1997" RETURNS 01.01.2019 INSTEAD OF 1997 WITH NO ERROR MESSAGE (GERMAN VERSION) Using the NET TIME command to change the date of a server, you get an error NET3505 (NET3502 U.S. version) and a SYS1036 if you type a wrong format for day or month. This happens with the German LS 4.0 Advanced Server version. For example: 1.1.97 instead of 01.01.97 - German format. That works okay. But if you type 1997 instead of 97, you get NO error message and the date on the server is changed to "01.01.2019", with the '97' being truncated. o APAR = IC18799 SYS3175 DURING LAN REQUESTER 5.0 RESPONSE-FILE INSTALL LANINSTR generates a SYS3175 during a response-file install of LAN Requester 5.0 if the response file includes another response file. The SYS3175 is generated by LANINST.PGM at CS:EIP=0047:0000a839. If the response-file configuration from the included response file is appended to the original response file instead of using the include keyword, the installation completes without any traps. o APAR = IC18800 DOWN-LEVEL CLIENT STOPS SERVER FROM RECEIVING SESSION SETUPS FROM OTHER MACHINES When using PC DOS 6.3 machines with IP07060 and a certain Madge PCMCIA driver with a certain Thinkpad, the server stops responding to session setups. The Madge driver is inconsistently changing the last byte of the SMB frame to a 0xFF. o APAR = IC18801 AT.EXE SCHEDULED COMMANDS DON'T RUN IF SERVER IS REBOOTED ON SUNDAY If the server is rebooted on Sunday, commands scheduled to run with AT.EXE do not run. Stopping and then restarting the server service has the same effect ( NET STOP SERVER, NET STOP REQUESTER, NET START SERVER ). 1) Server is rebooted at 9am (stopped, restarted normally) 2) Commands previously scheduled to run after 9am do not. 3) New commands scheduled with AT.EXE do not run. 4) All the scheduled commands (old and new) still exist and are listed in sched.log (c:\ibmlan\logs). 5) The same exact scenario runs correctly on other days of the week. 6) If the server is not rebooted on Sunday, the commands run. o APAR = IC18802 RIPL LOGON FAILS IF NETWORK PRINTER ICON IS ON THE DESKTOP RIPL logon fails at the client if the network printer has already established a connection to the server. This will work if the printer connection is established at a server other than the RIPL server. o APAR = IC18803 NETMSG.EXE TRAPS AT LOCATION CS:EIP 005B:00017789 AFTER CLEARING GUI POPUP MESSAGE Customer gets a trap E in Netmsg.exe. To recreate, start z:\ibmlan\netprog\netmsg.exe /min and turn logging off as follows: NET LOG C:\Messages.log /off We have found that we receive this trap when there is not a messages.log file on the hard drive. Even though the logging is not activated, it still appears to update the messages.log file with 6 bytes. Four of those bytes are ####. If we add a messages.log file that contains logged messages, then we do not experience any errors. o APAR = IC18902 LAN AUDIT LOG HAS Y2K DATE ERROR LAN Server Error Log has Y2K date error. To recreate: Change the date on the domain controller to 1-1-2000. Start the domain controller and logon from a requester. CTRL-ALT-DEL the domain controller. At the requester, try to do a net use of a shared directory on the domain controller. Because the domain controller is still booting up, the net use will fail. This should cause an entry in the error log. The entry in the error log should show something similar to the following example: Program Date Time Message Requester 1-1-100 00:08:45 Text of error message goes here. NOTE: When the date is set to 2001 it shows as 1/1/101. o APAR = IC18904 LAN: INCORRECT TIME RANGE WHEN ADDING NEW USER While attempting to create a new user account from the command line, LAN gives an incorrect time range. The format of the command was as shown below: NET USER IT04R01U UPW04R01 /ADD /PRIV:USER /TIMES:M,11pm-12am When executing this command on dates prior to 12/31/99, the command completes successfully. On 12/31/99 or later, the command returns an error. NET3769: An incorrect time range has been supplied.
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Korea - Disk 01 v. IP_8196 (30/10/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Korea - Disk 02 v. IP_8196 (30/10/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Korea - Disk 03 v. IP_8196 (30/10/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
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