IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Germany

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Lunedì, 29 Settembre, 1997



Ultimo IBM Peer Fixpak per Warp 3.0 Connect.

Fixpak per IBM Peer per OS/2 Warp 3.0 Connect. Vengono inoltre aggiornati il LAN Requester e l'UPM. L'applicazione di questo fixpak rende il prodotto pronto per l'anno 2000. Disponibile per differenti paesi e lingue (Cina - lingua Repubblica popolare Cinese, Cina - lingua Taiwanese, Danimarca, Finlandia, Francia, Giappone, Italia, Korea, Norvegia, Olanda - Paesi Bassi, Spagna, Stati Uniti, Svezia).

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

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IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Germany v. IP_8196 (29/9/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
IBM Peer Version 1.0 For OS/2 WArp Connect FixPak IPG8196 (German) Fixes for OS/2 LAN Requester and UPM are also included in this FixPak. After applying this FixPak, these products will be Year-2000 compliant. This FixPak supercedes IP08194. WARNING: Archiving is not enabled for this FixPak. IP08196.INF, located on the first diskette of the FixPak, contains installation, and other useful information about this FixPak. Please review before installation of service. ************************************************************************ Diskettes can be created using the LOADDSKF utility. There are 4 files/images included in this package. ************************************************************************ CSFTLGR DSK FixPak Tool Diskette 3.50" LG8196B1 DSK Peer Diskette #1 3.50 1.44MB LG8196B2 DSK Peer Diskette #2 3.50 1.44MB LG8196B3 DSK Peer Diskette #3 3.50 1.44MB INCLUDED APARS Note: This section describes OS/2 Warp Connect Peer APARs corrected for IPx8194. o APAR = IC08972 LOGON PASSWORD TOO SHORT ERROR MESSAGE WRONG Getting message, "The password is too short, must be at least 0 bytes long". After the password has been expired and a new password is entered that is less than the required minimum characters in length, the above error message will appear. Reference JR06392: Getting message, "The password is too short, at least 26908 bytes long." This problem was reported in 3.0 and has not yet been corrected. The message needs to read "...must be at least X characters long" where X is the MINPWLEN o APAR = IC09276 BAD ERROR MESSAGE DURING LAN SERVER CID INSTALL Scenario: We do a CID install of LAN Server 4.0 with: 1. PROTOCOL.INI values NETBEUI_nif section Bindings = ,IBMTRDB_nif SESSIONS = 20 NCBS = 40 NAMES = 21 NETBIOS section DriverName = netbios$ ADAPTER0 = tcpbeui$,0 ADAPTER1 = netbeui$,1 TCPBEUI_nif section Bindings = IBMTRDB_nif SESSIONS = 254 NCBS = 255 NAMES = 21 2. IBMLAN.INI response file values net1 = TCPBEUI$,0,LM10,70,140,14 net2 = NETBEUI$,1,LM10,15,30,21 o APAR = IC09866 COUNTRY CODE 041 PROBLEM W/LS 4.0, MPTS, LAPS OVERWRITING LAST SET STATEMENT IN CONFIG.SYS HW: any Sw: OS/2 V2.x and WARP and WARP with WINOS2 LAPS and MPTS LAN Server 3.0 and LAN Server 4.0 Problem: 1. Installing LAPS or MPTS under OS/2 does always overwrite the last SET Statement in the CONFIG.SYS. This happens only when installed with Countycode set to 041 (Switzerland) and Codepage 850. 2. Installing LS 3.0 or LS 4.0 does always overwrite the last SET Statement and does not update the pathes in various statements in the CONFIG.SYS. This happens only when installed with Countycode set to 041 (Switzerland) and Codepage 850. 3. Installing LS 3.0 or LS 4.0 with the Remote IPL option does produce totaly unusable RPL.MAP file. This happens only when installed with Countycode set to 041 (Switzerland) and Codepage 850. o APAR = IC10189 WRKHEURISTIC BIT 37 IS SET TO 1 IN IBMLAN.INI AS OPPOSED TO 2 WRKHEURISTIC bit 37 is set to 1 as opposed to 2 in ibmlan.ini file after CID installation of LAN Req. with MPTS. Used specific CMD, RSP and ZIP files for the customer in the code server. Recreated the problem using OS2 2.1. The customer used OS/2 WARP. o APAR = IC10395 IBM PEER FOR OS/2 INSTALL/REMOVE ICON ONLY ALLOWS FOR DISKETTE INSTALLS o APAR = IC10634 TEMPLATE BOX NOT PRESENT IN GENERAL TAB IN OBJECT SETTINGS NOTEBOOK It is not possible to create a template because there is no template box in the general tab in object settings notebook. o APAR = IC10829 CANNOT CHANGE WRKHEURISTIC BITS IN IBMLAN.INI WHEN CID INSTALLING PEER The default work heuristic bits in the IBMLAN.INI cannot be changed via a response file when using CID to install Peer from Warp Connect. o APAR = IC10908 WRKHEURISTIC IN IBMLAN.INI STARTS WITH POSITION ZERO, BUT IN \OS2\INSTALL\IBMLANER.LOG, IT STARTS WITH POSITION ONE The wrkheuristic in ibmlan.ini starts with position zero but if you change any of the values to be invalid values and run the laninst (through icon), the validation at the end of the install/config will tell you to look at os2\install\ibmlaner.log for error. o APAR = IC11040 OS/2 WARP CONNECT PEER TRAPS WITH DOSTRANSACTNPIPE API CALL WITH PACKET SIZE GREATER THAN 4.5 K. In an advanced OS/2 LS3.0 environment, customer sends a 4.5k packet to an OS/2 WARP Connect Peer machine. The peer machine traps in a DOSTRANSACTNPIPE API call. CS:EIP=0948:0000aa84. Smaller packets transfer OK. o APAR = IC11053 WARP CONNECT NETWARE NETWORK PRINTER ICON HAS A SLOW PERFORMANCE WHEN IBM PEER FOR OS/2 IS STARTED Customer has WARP Connect with Peer for OS/2, TCP/IP and Netware. If peer is started and he clicks the right mouse button on the Netware Network Printer icon on his desktop, it takes about 30 seconds to bring up the "settings" pull-down. If peer is stopped, the "settings" pull-down comes up in 1 second. o APAR = IC11275 (LS 4.0 APAR IC10347) TRAP IN NETWKSTA.200, ROUTINE _COPYM TRAPD in NETWKSTA when customer's application goes through a section of NETWKSTA that does repeated memcopy's. CS:EIP=0c58:00008176. o APAR = IC11409 (LR 4.0 APAR IC10908) WRKHEURISTIC IN IBMLAN.INI STARTS WITH POSITION ZERO, BUT IN \OS2\INSTALL\IBMLANER.LOG, IT STARTS WITH POSITION ONE The WRKHEURISTIC in IBMLAN.INI starts with position zero, but if you change any of the values to be invalid values and run LANINST (through the icon), the validation at the end of the install/config will tell you to look at \os2\install\ibmlaner.log for error. This log starts counting the position of the WRKHEURISTIC with the number '1'. o APAR = IC11600 CONMAN RETURNS SYS3175 WHEN LOGGING OFF OR ATTEMPTING TO LOGON FROM WITHIN CONMAN Logon locally to Warp Connect Peer workstation. Execute CONMAN from a command prompt. When Actions, logoff is initiated then logoff returns with SYS3175. o APAR = IC11605 (LR 4.0 APAR IC11604) CANNOT PRINT TO A PEER REQUESTER PRINT QUEUE WHEN THE PEER HAS A LOCAL JOB IN THE QUEUE - FAILS WITH SYS0071 When a peer services requester is sharing a print queue, NO user can NET USE to the print queue when a local print job is in the queue. The NET USE fails with a NET3052 - SYS0071 error code. o APAR = IC12040 WARP CONNECT PEER IS RECEIVING A SYS3175 IN NETAPI.DLL AT NETAPI:APIUTIL:_ACCESSAPIINIT + 193 During testing of a new product, the customer received a SYS3175 in NETAPI.DLL. o APAR = IC12395 (LS 4.0 APAR IC10967) ASSIGNED DRIVES NOT BEING RELEASED FOR PUBLIC APPLICATIONS UNDER LAN SERVER 4.0 After closing a public application, the assigned drive is not released; i.e., a 'net use' still shows it in use. This problem exists with either OS/2 or Win-OS/2 applications using the OS/2 Public Application template. o APAR = IC12558 DOSTRANSACTNPIPE() CAN FAIL TO POST SEMAPHORE ON SERVER Customer has a LAN Server with IP08168 applied. This fixes IC11040, but for small messages (around 100 bytes) issued using DosTransactNPipe(), the semaphore will not be posted. Note that DosRead/Write functions work just fine, and the message itself is not lost. The semaphore is simply not posted. o APAR = IC12577 (LS 3.0 APAR IC09803) SYS3175 IN FIXACC WHEN BLANK USER IN NET.ACC When there is a blank user in NET.ACC, a SYS3175 error occurs in FIXACC. CS:EIP=000F:00002628. o APAR = IC12578 (LS 4.0 APAR IC09816) NET COPY IS NOT TAKING QUESTION MARK WILDCARD CHARACTER IN FILE NAME ON NETWORK DRIVES NET COPY of test?.txt from local drive works. However, NET COPY of test?.txt from network drives H to I fails with NET2381. The wildcard character, ?, is not recognized by NET COPY. o APAR = IC12581 (LS 4.0 APAR IC10186) A NETBIOSSUBMIT CALL WHERE CHAINED NCB'S ARE PASSED CAUSES THE PROGRAM TO CRASH WITH A SYS3175 IN NETAPI.DLL NETWKSTA.200 utilizes the wrong register value when addressing user chained NCB's. o APAR = IC12582 (LR 4.0 APAR IC11416) TRAP D RUNNING BACKACC ON LARGE HPFS386 DRIVE TO BACKUP ACL'S TO FILE TRAP 000D running BACKACC on large RAID or normal SCSI drives. The problem is that systems run out of stack space with large drives that contain a lot of ACL's. o APAR = IC12584 (LS 4.0 APAR IC10364) SERVER FILE CORRUPTION CAUSED BY LARGE WRITE REQ Error in NETWKSTA.200 causes data corruption when requester writes to files on server. The server logs incomplete error messages indicating errors in the requester. o APAR = IC12585 (LS 3.0 APAR IC10431) NETUSERMODALS API RETURNS 0X05 WHEN RUN FROM AN ADDITIONAL SERVER - INITIALLY FOUND WITH INTENSIVE CARE UTILITIES When attempting to use the NetUserModalsGet and NetUserModalsSet APIs, the user gets a return code of 0x05. A Sniffer trace shows that when these APIs are run to a server where no session exists, it establishes a session. During establishment of the session, a userid of "" and password of "" is passed. This establishes a session with that server as a guest. Therefore, when the API is attempted, access denied is returned. o APAR = IC12586 (LS 3.0 APAR IC10564) INVALID RETURN CODE 255 RECEIVED FROM NETMOVE, NETCOPY AND NETRUN IN REXX PROGRAM Return code 255 is invalidly returned even though the NETCOPY, NETMOVE and NETRUN are successfully executed from within a REXX program. o APAR = IC12587 (LR 4.0 APAR IC11043) NETWORK APPLICATION WITH SAME DRIVE SPECIFIED AS LOGON ASSIGNMENT CAUSES NETWORK APP FOLDER TO FREEZE ON OPENING THE FOLDER A public application is defined with a source drive letter which happens to match one of the user's logon assignments or net uses. When the user logs on and tries to open the Network Applications folder, the folder opens and does not populate with application icons, but remains blank. If the mouse is placed over the Network applications folder, it becomes a clock. The folder can be closed and reopend, but will not show icons until the conflicting network drive is deleted and the folder reopened. After the conflicting drive is removed and the Network Applications folder is opened and populated, the drive can be reconnected and further openings and closings of the Network Application folder will work properly. If the Public Application is defined to take the "NEXT AVAILABLE" drive letter or if the user doesn't have a conflicting drive letter, the problem doesn't occur. o APAR = IC12588 (LS 4.0 APAR IC11299) NET2222 DOING AN ACP APPLY ON AN EXTENDED SUBDIR FILENAME WHICH INCLUDES A SPACE CHARACTER When you create an alias for a subdirectory which name includes a space character, you get the messsage NET2222 when trying to APPLY the ACP from the command line. If the APPLY is done through the GUI, you get the message SYS0002. o APAR = IC12590 (LR 4.0 APAR IC11859) DURING STARTUP OS /2 (LAN REQ) SYS3171 OCCURED AT DOSCALL1.DLL (TRAP000D AT OS2KRNL, PARENT PROCESS : WKSTA) Sometimes, thread 1 of WKSTA would free thread 2's stack before thread 2 had a chance to exit completely, causing this trap during Requester startup. o APAR = IC12591 (LS 4.0 APAR IC11656) NET3190 - RBMP_FREE: FREEING ENTRY TWICE! FILLING ERROR LOG WITH OBERON'S TE/2 PROGRAM USING A MODEM SHARED VIA LAN SERVER 4.0 An alias is created for a shared serial device and a modem is attached. A LAN user installs Oberon's TE/2 on his workstation and logs on to the network and NET USE's to the alias as COM1. When TE/2 tries to dial out with the modem, it generates the following error and fills up the error log. NET3190: A NetWksta internal error has occurred: RBmp_Free: Freeing entry twice! o APAR = IC12592 (LS 4.0 APAR IC11703) WHEN NAMED PIPE CLIENT USES TWO DOSREAD'S ON MESSAGE PIPE TO READ ALL OF A MESSAGE, IT GETS ERROR_MORE_DATA ON THE SECOND READ When NAMED PIPE client uses 2 DosRead's on a Message Pipe to read all of a message, ERROR_MORE_DATA is returned on the second read, even though there is no more data in the message. This error only happens when the message is larger than the Pipe Buffers set in DosCreateNPipe. o APAR = IC12593 (LS 4.0 APAR IC10122) UPM: A LOGON ... /DOMAIN ERASED DB/2 USER LOGON PROFILE A UserID is created to connect to a remote DB/2 node on an OS/2 Warp, LAN Requester 4.0, and DB/2 2.2 system. When you logon with this UserID to /LOCAL, the user can establish a connection to the remote database. The user can also logon to /DOMAIN and establish a connection to the Remote database. But if the user does a LOGOFF from /DOMAIN and then does a logon to /LOCAL (the 2nd logon to /LOCAL), no connection can be established to the Remote database. Furthermore, the profile for this UserID does not exist in UPM. This error only occurs if the UserID/password is the same for both the local and remote logon. o APAR = IC12594 (UPM for LS 4.0 APAR IC10840) A FAILED RE-LOGON WILL CAUSE OS/2 PEER ON WARP CONNECT TO KICK OFF THE 1ST LOGON If you forget that you were logged on and re-logon locally to an OS/2 Peer Server, OS/2 Peer partially disconnects the user's 1st logon if the 2nd logon fails. o APAR = IC12597 NET3190 - RBMP_FREE: FREEING ENTRY TWICE! USING A SHARED MODEM. RELATED PROBLEM OF RAW READ/WRITE FAILURES ON HIGH SPEED NIC An alias is created for a shared serial device and a modem is attached. A LAN user installs Oberon's TE/2 on his workstation and logs on to the network and NET USE's to the alias as COM1. When TE/2 tried to dail out with the modem, it generates errors filling up the error log: NET3190: A NetWksta internal error has occurred: RBmp_Free: Freeing entry twice!. Another problem fixed is raw i/o. Checking the error log shows RC 06. Problem usually shows up with high speed network card. Lab saw problem with 100Mhz Ethernet card. o APAR = IC12614 (LR 4.0 APAR IC10177) LR 4.0 LOST PUB APP CONNECTION FROM PUB APP FOLDER AFTER LOGON An OS/2 or DOS Public Application is defined. A UserID is given the Public Application as logon assignment via LSADMIN GUI on an OS/2 3.0, LAN Server 4.0 Domain Controller without a CSD. The user logs onto an OS/2 2.10 (No CSD), LAN Requester 4.0 workstation and opens the Public Application folder with Application icons (including custom icons). At this time, the user has functionality of those Applications. The user then closes the Public Application and Public Application Folder. In approximately 2 minutes or more, the user reopens the Public Application Folder. The custom icon is changed to a generic icon, and the Application no longer functions. The user loses function of this Application until logoff/logon. o APAR = IC12617 (LR 4.0 APAR IC11385) SERVER WITH TRAPDUMP=ON FORCED A DUMP WITH A TRAP IN NET.EXE. CSLIM=00008184 AND CS:EIP=01AF:00004387 AT 6.661 Customer has most servers set to TRAPDUMP=ON and they were asked for diskettes at least twice with the same registers and TRAP in NET.EXE. CS:EIP=01af:00004387. The TRAP occurred due to someone remotely issuing a NET WHO to that server. o APAR = IC12619 (LR 4.0 APAR IC12001) NETCALLOUTFREE() SYS3170 Computer is running NetCalloutFree() and LAN Requester with IP_8040 applied. Start NetCalloutFree and logon. The program will acknowledge the logon. Logoff and exit the program. NetCalloutFree works. Repeat these steps. NetCalloutFree now traps. CS:EIP = be8f:000017ff. o APAR = IC12620 (LR 4.0 APAR IC12002) NET32USERENUM RETURNS ERROR 2123 (BUFFER TOO SMALL) WHEN ZERO LENGTH BUFFER (ULBUFLEN=0) IS PASSED TO IT NET32USERENUM returns error 2123 when a zero length buffer is passed to it. This is not a documented error code. The proper behavior is to return with an error code of 234 and then fill in the pulEntriesReturned field. o APAR = IC12621 (LS 4.0 APAR IC12263) BY MEANS OF A REXX PROGRAM, CUSTOMER IS UNABLE TO CUSTOMIZE THE LAN SERVER FOLDER CREATED FOR ALL THE NETWORK APPLICATIONS Using a REXX program, it is impossible to customize the Network Applications folder after it has been created. o APAR = IC12639 (LR 4.0 APAR IC10257) INTERRUPTS ARE NOT BEING PROCCESSED CORRECTLY IN DOS VDM INT 80 THROUGH FF Customer has an application NOSTOP (NETWORK.COM is a TSR) and another application called ALERT.COM (WHICH IS A TSR). invokes interrupt 80 and is keyed off of interrupt 80. is supposed to display a message on the screen to inform customer of a disconnect from the network. This is not happening under the VDM. Customer has tried INT 80 THROUGH FF with no resolution. o APAR = IC12640 (LR 4.0 APAR IC11861) A CUSTOM APPLICATION COPYING LARGE (>1MEG) FILES HANGS OS/2 (2.11 OR WARP). When using OS/2 2.11 or OS/2 WARP, LAN Server 4.0 and PathWorks IV, OS/2 hangs or traps when using a custom application that copies >1meg files. This does not occur when using PathWorks V. o APAR = IC12641 (LR 4.0 APAR IC11860) LAN SERVER INTERMITTENT TRAP D IN NETWKSTA.200 - CSLIM=0000606B CS:EIP=0C90:00000497 (SYSLEVEL IP07060) A server with LAN Server 3.0 and IP07060 was trapping several times a day. After installing FIXPAK 97 and IP07060, it TRAPs every 2 or 3 days. The server is running Saros Mezzanine (a DMS based on Microsoft SQL), Server 4.2b for OS/2 (this runs two utility programs using mail slots and API calls to "talk" with DMS), and CC:Mail. The workstations involved are DLR 7045 machines and there are approximately 12 of them connecting to this server. o APAR = IC12642 (LS 4.0 APAR IC11767) LAN SERVER 4.0 REQUESTER DOES NOT RUN PROFILE.CMD IF HOMEDIR FAILS When a LAN Server 4.0 OS/2 Requester logs on to a domain where the user has both a Home Directory assignment and a PROFILE.CMD file, then the PROFILE.CMD is not executed if the Home Directory assignment fails for any reason. File assignments which were created in the LAN Server 4.0 GUI are assigned at logon without problems, but file assignments which are contained in the PROFILE.CMD file are not made. The problem only appears if the attempt to connect to the home directory fails at logon time, due to the home directory server being down. In this scenario, the home directories are on an Additional Server. o APAR = IC12643 (LR 4.0 APAR IC12000) TRAP IN NETWKSTA.200 FREECONN + 1D 01E0:00003ABF CSLIM 0000BDB9 This has been observed on a PC730 running LAN Server 3.0 Advanced at UK NLV 7060, with HPFS386. The trap occurred when a remote drive disconnected, and the user tried to net use /d to delete the assignment prior to re-assigning it again. The machine is running CC:Mail router services, and this has been seen using both native OS/2 and DOS versions of the CC:Mail router software. o APAR = IC12645 (LR 4.0 APAR IC12169) CANNOT LAUNCH MS MAIL FROM A WIN-OS/2 SESSION USING UNC NAMES Customer has MS Mail Client for Windows installed on an OS/2 client machine and MS Mail Post Office on an NT Server. If she tries to accesss MS Mail via the server UNC name, it fails with: MAIL COULD NOT CONNECT TO YOUR MAIL SERVER. If she does an explicit net use to the server first, it will work. o APAR = IC12646 (UPM for LS 4.0 APAR IC11643) UPM NEEDS CHANGES TO SUPPORT MIXED CASED USERID/PASSWORDS WHEN INTERFACING WITH UNIX ENVIRONMENTS Customer is currently implementing a client/server project with OS/2 VisualAge C++ and Visualizer/2 clients accessing data on DB2/Solaris. OS/2 uses UPM to prompt for userid/password, and UPM converts it to uppercase and passes it to DB2/Solaris. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE in a Unix environment which is case sensitive. o APAR = IC12647 (LS 4.0 APAR IC11736) UNDOCUMENTED RETURN CODE WITH BAD LOGON UPMEULGN and U32EULGN both return undocumented Return Code 0x4d if multilogon is disabled and user is already logged on elsewhere. o APAR = IC12648 (UPM for LS 4.0 APAR IC11885) USING UPMEULG TO LOGOFF AND LOGON THE 65535TH ATTEMPT WILL FAIL RC = FB04. LOGON WILL COMPLETE IF IN A NEW SESSION. When using upmuelgn and upmeulgf, the logon will fail on the 65535th attempt with return code = fb04. If the application is started in another session, the logon will complete successfully. o APAR = IC12666 (LR 4.0 APAR IC12292) SERVER GETTING SYS3175 IN NETAPI NETBIOSSUBMIT + 00FB During execution of NETBIOSSUBMIT api, customer was receiving a SYS3175 in NETAPI.DLL. The problem was with the NCB pointer overrunning a 64kb boundary, or with the pointer to the NCB buffer overrunning a 64kb boundary. o APAR = IC12667 (UPM for LS 4.0 APAR IC11396) THE UPMEULGF() FUNCTION DOES NOT SEND A SIGNOFF VERB TO CM/2 (WHEREAS LOGOFF /L DOES) This problem can lead to a security exposure when using Persistent Verification with Security Same. o APAR = IC12669 (LS 3.0 APAR IC09859) TRAP D IN BACKACC.EXE RUNNING ON LARGE HPFS386 DRIVE TO BACKUP ACL'S TO FILE. CS:IP=000F:00002FCE TRAP D in BACKACC.EXE when running on large drive. Problem occurs when reading the temporary buffer and it contains less than 9 bytes. o APAR = IC12670 (LS 4.0 APAR IC10283) DOCUMENTATION OF BACKACC "/S" PARAMETER IS WRONG The documentation states that BACKACC /S backs up all descendant subdirectories. This switch is valid only if pathname is a directory, in which case it recursively backs up permissions on all resources in all descendant subdirectories. If pathname is not a directory, this option is ignored. However, "BACKACC driveletter" will store only the ACL's for the root directory, and "BACKACC driveletter /S" will search all subdirectories. o APAR = IC12671 (LS 4.0 APAR IC11394) TRAP IN REPLCLI.EXE AT _STRCPYF+27, CALLED BY _ADDCLIENTREC WITH A BAD PARAMETER The trap was caused by attempting to resize a segment to be larger than 64K. o APAR = IC12703 SYS2070 MSGSYS2070 IF LOGOFF/Y ISSUED FROM OS/2 WINDOW The SYS2070 problem is isolated as follows: - It occurs regardless of BKS and/or the Requester fix. - It can be recreated in test environment with the following scenario: - Standard LS LOGON - Open the LS folder - Open an OS/2 fullscreen application from LS folder - Open an OS/2 window - Enter LOGOFF /Y First appears an OS/2 message box (The session may contain an active program......) and a split second later the SYS2070 TRAP message overlays the message box. The LS folder contents is gone but the folder is still there. The mouse pointer is active, you can for instance use the right button on the desktop. It is not possible to close the LS folder or do anything useful as the shell 'hangs'. o APAR = IC12714 NET AUDIT COMMAND DOES NOT DISPLAY A FULL JAPANESE SENTENCE The Japanese message in the third column of NET AUDIT command output is cut off in the middle of the sentence. This is probably caused by the length of the Japanese message that is longer than English message. But the space is left at the left side of screen when issuing a net audit command. It seems that this can be fixed to adjust the format of the records in net audit. o APAR = IC12716 LR R400 LOST PUB APP CONNECTION FROM PUB APP FOLDER AFTER LOGON Public Application (OS2 or DOS) is defined. UserID given Pub App as logon assignment via LSADMIN GUI ('userid' "Application" -tab), on an OS/2 3.0 LS r400 DC w/o CSD. User logs onto an OS2 2.10 (No CSD), LR r400 workstation. Opens Pub App Folder with App icons (including custom icons), and has functionality of Apps. User closes Pub App and Pub App Folder approx 2 minutes or longer. When user reopens Pub App Folder, custom icon is changed to generic, and App no longer functions. User loses function of App until logoff/logon. o APAR = IC13052 UPM LOGON HANGS ON OS/2 PEER WITH MULTILOGON BIT 40 SET TO 0 IF THE USERID IS ALREADY LOGGED ON THE NETWORK OS/2 PEER MACHINE FROM WARP CONNECT CD-ROM WITH WRKHEURISTIC BIT 40 SET TO 0 TO DISABLE MULTILOGON. IF AN ATTEMPT IS MADE TO LOGON WITH A USERID WHICH IS ALREADY LOGGED ON TO THE NETWORK THE FOLLOWING MESSAGE IS RECEIVED. "LOGON IS DENIED. YOU ARE ALREADY LOGGED ON TO THIS DOMAIN." o APAR = IC13458 TRAP IN NETWKSTA.200 FREECONN + 1D Trap in Netwksta. o APAR = IC13464 IC10967 BROKEN BY APPLICATION OF WARP FIXPAK 17 After application of Warp Fixpak (XR_W017), the fix provided in APAR IC10967 no longer works. See APAR IC12353 for full recreate details. o APAR = IC13495 USING A PEER RESPONSE FILE TO MODIFY THE NET1 LINE DOES NOT WORK. THE DEFAULTS ARE STILL PUT IN THE IBMLAN.INI When installing and modifying the net1 for PEER, using a response file does not work. The user can create a response using the PEER GUI. o APAR = IC13700 USING A DISK SECTOR EDITOR, USERID AND PASSWORD CAN BE FOUND ON HARD DRIVE IN A FILE Using a disk editor, the userid and password has been found on the hard drive after logon by command line and through the logon GUI. o APAR = IC13824 A COMMAND-LINE LOCAL LOGON FOLLOWING A GUI DOMAIN LOGON AND LOGOFF WILL CAUSE NETWORK TRAFFIC TO THE DC Traced using SMBtool. 1) command line local logon 'logon userid /p:password /l' 2) check smbtool, no smb's generated 2) type 'logon' and do a domain logon through the logon GUI 3) logoff 4) command line local logon as in step one 5) check smbtool After the frames generated in steps 2 and 3, a SessionSetup+x frame can be seen going to the server. This frame is returned with access denied. This is causing problems where auditing is used. Local logons are triggering the auditing, which should not occur. o APAR = IC13860 SYS3175 ON REQUESTER AFTER INSTALLING FIXPAK After applying LAN Requester 4.0 Fixpak IP08187 began having random SYS3175 errors from WKSTA.EXE. Running WARP Connect, MPTS with WR08152, and LAN Req 4.0 with IP08152 + IP08169 + IP08177 and IP08187. The register info from the SYS3175 is: SYS3175 A program generated an access violation at 0004098e WKSTA.EXE 0004: o APAR = IC13908 MULTILOGON=NO NOT REMOVING USERID FROM ADAPTER NAME TABLE AFTER SECOND USER LOGS ON TO SAME WORKSTATION Two workstaions with wrkheuristic bit 40=0. User1 does a domain logon at workstaton1. User2 does a logon to same workstation1, which should logoff user1. User1 is then unable to logon at workstation2 to the domain with error: Logon is denied. You are already logged on to this Domain. 'Net who' will show user1 is not logged on, but a lapsdump or nbjdstat shows User1's name still on the adapter. o APAR = IC14553 EXPORTING CONFIGURATION MAPS FROM TWO VISUAL AGE CLIENTS TO THE SAME FILE ON LS WILL CAUSE INVALID DATA ERROR FOR ONE CLIENT Exporting name configuration maps from two clients to the same file on LAN Server will cause one of the clients to receive an error about the data being invalid. The other client will complete without problems. o APAR = IC14578 NEW MESSAGE OF PASSWORD EXPIRATION DATE AFTER FIXPAK INSTALLED Customer installed latest peer fixpak. The customer now gets the message: Password Expires !! P05 - 26 - 96 07/31 am. The customer would like to be able to suppress the message. This only happened after the fixes were installed. The customer would like to be able to suppress the message. o APAR = IC14802 NET USER USERID COMMAND AFTER NET USER USERID /PASSWORDEXP:YES STILL DISPLAYS NEVER IN THE PASSWORD EXPIRED FIELD After issuing a net user userid /passwordexp:yes to expire a users password, the display from the command-line interface says the password never expires. The date the password was last changed is the current time, and the date of the password changeable field is set to the current time also. The user's password has expired, so that when the user tries to logon, the user will get an expired password message. o APAR = IC14906 SYSTEM HANGS DUE TO PROBLEM USING SHORT-TERM LOCKS During testing, customer's system hangs. Deadlock occurs when two sessions are doing DosLoadModules, DosQAppTypes, etc. o APAR = IC14935 NET2454 DURING LOGON, DOMAIN CONTROLLER ERROR LOG SHOWS NET3225 During heavy logon load, users receive NET2454 (logon information could not be set) and server net error shows NET3225 (error updating logon/logoff information for user). Once this starts, netlogon service on the domain controller must be stopped and restarted for users to logon. This only happens when a very large number of users (1600) have logged on and many more are logging on. o APAR = IC15013 TRAP IN SERVER DISPATCH CAUSED BY BAD POINTER TO NCB STRUCTURE The code was pointing to a bad place in memory for an ncb structure. o APAR = IC15155 A SYS3175 TRAP IN MSRV.EXE ON NETWORK MESSAGING SESSION. AN ACCESS VIOLATION AT 000127BB 0001:000027BB ON MULTIPLE-CARD SERVER Customer receives a SYS3175 trap in MSRV.EXE on Network Messaging session. A program generated an access violation at 000127bb MSRV.EXE 0001: o APAR = IC15957 OS/2 WARP V4 PEER OVER WARP CONNECT PEER CAUSES AN SYS3175 ERROR When installing OS/2 Warp v4 Peer over WARP Connect Peer, you get a SYS3175 trap. To recreate: 1) Install WC with peer 2) Install Merlin with peer 3) On the Configuration panel deselect the 3 check boxes at the lower right a) Install LAN Server Adminstration (uncheck) b) Install sharing (uncheck) c) Delete user ID database (uncheck) You get SYS3175: A program generated an access violation at 1f9addb6.
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Germany - Disk 01 v. IP_8196 (29/9/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Germany - Disk 02 v. IP_8196 (29/9/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 3.0 Connect (IP_8196) - Germany - Disk 03 v. IP_8196 (29/9/1997, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
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