IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 4.0 (IP_8406) - Italy

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Wednesday, 18 February, 1998



Latest IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 4.0.

IBM Peer for OS/2 Version 4.0 FixPak. Fixes for OS/2 LAN Requester and UPM are also included in this FixPak. After applying this FixPak, these products will be Year-2000 compliant. Available for different countries and languages (Brazil, China - People's Republic of China, China - Taiwanese language, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Spain - Catalan language, Sweden, Turkey, United States).

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IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 4.0 (IP_8406) - Italy v. IP_8406 (18/2/1998, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
IBM Peer for OS/2 Version 4.0 FixPak IPI8406 : Italian Fixes for OS/2 LAN Requester and UPM are also included in this FixPak. After applying this FixPak, these products will be Year-2000 compliant. This FixPak supercedes IP08402. WARNING: Archiving is not enabled for this FixPak. IP08406.INF, located on the first diskette of the FixPak, contains installation, and other useful information about this FixPak. Please review before installation of service. ************************************************************************ Diskettes can be created using the LOADDSKF utility. There are 6 files/images included in this package. ************************************************************************ CSFTLIT DSK FixPak Tool Diskette 3.50" LI8406B1 DSK Peer Diskette #1 3.50 1.44MB LI8406B2 DSK Peer Diskette #2 3.50 1.44MB LI8406B3 DSK Peer Diskette #3 3.50 1.44MB LI8406B4 DSK Peer Diskette #4 3.50 1.44MB LI8406B5 DSK Peer Diskette #5 3.50 1.44MB INCLUDED APARS Note: This section describes OS/2 Version 4.0 Peer APARs that are corrected for IPx8406. IPx8406 also contains all APAR fixes included in IPx8402 and IPx8401. o APAR = IC16291 AFTER INSTALL OF OS/2 WARP 4.0 WITH PEER, MANAGE ACCESS DOES NOT SHOW WHEN YOU RIGHT-CLICK ON A NETWORK DRIVE After installing OS/2 Warp 4.0 with Peer, Manage Access does not show when the user clicks on a drive that the user has Admin authority for. o APAR = IC16292 DRAG AND DROP OF FILES FROM OS/2 TO A WINDOWS 95 SYSTEM VIA A PEER CONNECTION FAILS, BUT IT WORKS FROM THE COMMAND LINE Drag and drop (copy or move) operations from the OS/2 Workplace Shell (WPS) to a network drive object for a Windows 95 resource fails (errors are shown below). However, the same operations may be performed with no problem via the command line and other programs. All that is needed for this problem to be reproduced is Peer Services and a connection to a Windows 95 peer machine with full access to a resource. After attempting a drag and drop of a file with EAs to a Windows 95 peer connection, the user will first get the dialog: WorkplaceShell ! File properties (extended attributes) cannot be copied to the destination file system. Are you sure you want to copy FILENAME.EXT? Yes No Cancel Help After dismissing the prompt for action, the user will then get: Workplace Shell - C: is either read-only, or is being used by another program. OK Cancel Help The error is ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED (PMW1002). Also, extended attributes do not necessarily need to be involved. When dragging and dropping a file that has no EAs, the user will get a network message: A network error occurred. NET3196: A write operation to X:\FILENAME.EXT failed. Data may have been lost. Then after dismissing the netpopup, they will get the previous ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED. o APAR = IC16536 USING A PEERRMT-GENERATED RESPONSE FILE GIVES A SYS3175 ERROR When installing using a response file generated by PEERRMT.EXE, you get a SYS3175. o APAR = IC18687 NET DASD /TREE TRAPS WITH A SYS3175 WHEN THE RESOURCE HAS GREATER THAN 64K OF DATA When net dasd resource /tree is issued and the data returned from a netdasdenum call returns more than 64k of data, the program traps when trying to output to the screen. o APAR = IC18688 FIX FOR IC10967 IS BROKEN BY APPLICATION OF WARP FIXPAK 17 After application of OS/2 Warp FixPak XR_W017, the fix provided in APAR IC10967 no longer works. See APAR IC12353 for full recreate details. This may also happen with other levels of OS/2 Warp FixPaks. o APAR = IC18689 NEED TO CHANGE THE CODE OF THE LS GUI TO BE CONSISTENT WITH THE COMMAND-LINE INTERFACE IN LS 3.0 WHEN ASSIGNING THE "PREFERRED LOGON SERVER" If you create a new user ID by drag-and-drop from the user ID template of the GUI, the "preferred logon server" is assigned to the "Domain controller". If you create the user ID with the command-line interface, it assigns the same field to "Any". This is the way LS 3.0 did it also. LS 4.0 and Warp Server GUI's assign to DC. Most of the time, it doesn't matter. After sync. there is no real difference (DC vs. Backup DC) between the assignment to DC or "Any". But there is a need for consistency with the CLI and LS3.0. There's no such explicit assignment (no button or bullet to highlight) for the "preferred logon server" parameter done in the LS Admin GUI. It is done by the following: "The 'preferred logon server' is set/created via the logon_server field in the user_info structure. If it is set to NULL, the domain controller will be the logon server. This appears to be what we are currently setting it to in the GUI. On page 523 of the "LS 4.0 Programming Guide and Reference", there is an explanation of how to use * to set it to allow either the domain controller or the backup domain controller to be the preferred logon server. o APAR = IC18690 VNETAPI.SYS FAILS TO UPDATE CALLER'S REGISTERS DUE TO PREMATURE STI INSTRUCTION A test case has demonstrated that when the API NetUseEnum is called and the mouse is moved, the caller's registers will not be properly updated and a GPF will occur in Win-OS/2. This problem has been observed on a 9577 only. o APAR = IC18692 TRAP OCCURS IN LS209MBS.DLL WHEN DRAGGING ICON OUT OF TEMPLATES FOLDER ON THE DESKTOP OF AS/400 VERSION OF THE LS4.0 GUI 1) When the customer drags the template icon from the template folder within Client Access onto the desktop, as the customer attempts to select the Menu option on settings, it crashes Program Manager. Customer receives a SYS3175 error pointing to LS209MBS. 2) After customer views a spooled file under 132-column support, CMD3 ends the session. This problem started after installing the updated Cirrus drivers and selecting 1024 by 768 at 75HZ refresh rate. The ICON in question is part of Client Access/400 optimized for OS/2 under the TEMPLATES Folder. Drag the PC5250 template with Right mouse button onto the DESKTOP. Select 27x132 from the Notepad settings, then click on MENU from the Notepad. If the requester has been started with NET START then selecting the MENU tab in the PC5250 Notepad settings will cause the DESKTOP to shutdown and reduce all the current applications to a blank DESKTOP screen. Then it will post the MSGSYS3175 against LS209MBS.DLL. If NET START is NOT run to start the requester, then the PC5250 template can be dragged onto the desktop and a new ICON created as expected. CA/400 is 5763XG1 R311 and PC5250 is an emulator which is installed as part of the SELECTIVE Install option of CA/400. o APAR = IC18693 NET USER USERID PASSWORD /PASSWORDEXP:YES DOES NOT CHANGE PASSWORD. IT ONLY EXPIRES THE CURRENT PASSWORD. When issuing "net user userid password /passwordexp:yes" only the password is expired. The password is not changed. Expected result: Password is changed and also expired. o APAR = IC18694 ALL FIELDS IN THE HOME DIR. TAB CAN BE DUPLICATED EXCEPT "LOCAL PATH AT SERVER" ON "USER ACCT-CREATE" SCREEN OF "CREATE ANOTHER" FUNCTION APAR IC12124 fixed the duplication of all fields on the "Home Dir." tab on the "User Account - Create" screen, opened by right clicking on a user in the "User Accounts" folder, and clicking on "Create another". Warp Server IP_8260 has this same fix in it. We request that only the "Local path at server", which would include a unique user name, NOT be duplicated, and all other field designations in this tab be duplicated: "No home directory or Assigned" bullets, "Letter or Next available" drive bullets, "Server name", "CHKSTOR threshold" checked and size assigned. None of the above have been implemented in OS/2 Warp v4. o APAR = IC18695 GET NET2379 IN LSERROR.EXE IF ERROR LOG IS CLEARED Delete the error log from "LAN Server Error Log Utility", Close/Restart it, then click the error log icon again. It fails with NET2379. NET ERROR /DELETE doesn't fix the problem. CHKDSK doesn't either. o APAR = IC19148 DESKTOP PROPERTIES ARE NOT AVAILABLE AFTER APPLYING IC17587 After applying the fix for IC17587, desktop property problems are more likely to occur. o APAR = IC19508 WARP V4 LS ADMIN GUI REMOVES SERVER ID FROM SERVERS GROUP To recreate this problem on an OS/2 Warp 4.0 (GA or IP08402) workstation, do the following: Define an OS/2 LAN Server TEMPRON. 1) Find Server TEMPRON in LS Admin GUI - Connections\Network\Network Services\LS Admin Click on the Domain castle icon. Click on Defined Servers folder. The TEMPRON server icon should be visible. 2) Open the User Accounts folder. Click on the TEMPRON userid. The GROUPS tab should show USERS and SERVERS. 3) On the IDENTITY tab: Change the description. Click SET. 4) The Defined Server folder no longer shows TEMPRON. 5) The User Accounts folder continues to show TEMPRON. Clicking it shows the comment change. But GROUPS only showed USERS (SERVERS is no longer listed). 6) Command Line: NET USER TEMPRON (on the DC) Shows TEMPRON only as member of USERS. 7) Command Line: NET GROUP SERVERS no longer lists TEMPRON. The DC was continually checked while doing this, and everything was fine until SET was clicked. It appears SET makes the intended comment change but also removes TEMPRON from the group SERVERS when using the GUI on OS/2 Warp v4.
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 4.0 (IP_8406) - Italy - Disk 01 v. IP_8406 (18/2/1998, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 4.0 (IP_8406) - Italy - Disk 02 v. IP_8406 (18/2/1998, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 4.0 (IP_8406) - Italy - Disk 03 v. IP_8406 (18/2/1998, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 4.0 (IP_8406) - Italy - Disk 04 v. IP_8406 (18/2/1998, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak for Warp 4.0 (IP_8406) - Italy - Disk 05 v. IP_8406 (18/2/1998, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
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