IBM Peer Fixpak (IP08605) - Germany

Release date: 
Wednesday, 9 April, 2003



This update will bring IBM Peer for OS/2 up to the level shipped in the IBM Convenience Package 2. It resolves the problem of drive reconnection at startup. You can instal on all Warp 4.5x (Warp server e-business and newer). Available for different countries and languages (Italy, United States).

For IBM OS/2 Warp Server for e-business with HPFS386 (Advanced Server Edition) install also IBM Peer Fixpak (IP08605H) - Universal.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as LoadDSKF floppy disk images: recreate floppies and install via Corrective service facility. If you lack a floppy disk drive, use Disk Extractor and read the Corrective service facility instructions to install the product.

  • Make sure you have exactly the requirements, the products provided and update levels required for the application of Fixpak;
  • Be sure to use exactly the software required for the application of Fixpak;
  • Carefully read all the documentation, errors can cause hardware failures, system lockups or prevent the restart of OS/2!

See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

IBM Peer Fixpak (IP08605) - Germany v. 8605 (9/4/2003, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
IBM OS/2 Warp Server for e-business Fix Pack IPG8605 German This Fix Pack can be applied to: - IBM OS/2 Warp Server for e-business This Fix Pack contains fixes for the product listed above and for the following components of these products: OS/2 LAN Server, OS/2 LAN Requester, UPM, HPFS, RIPL and Fault Tolerance. WARNING: 1 - This Fix Pack must be installed using Corrective Service Facility (CSF) 2-B Version 1.42 or above. WARNING: 2 - Archiving is not enabled for this product. IP08605.INF, located on the first Fix Pack diskette, contains installation, and other useful information about this Fix Pack. Please review before installation of service. Diskettes can be created using the LOADDSKF utility. There are 3 files/images included in this package: ============================================================== CSFDE142 DSK Fix Pack Tool Diskette 3.50" IPG8605 1DK LS DISKETTE #1 3.50 1.44MB IPG8605 2DK LS DISKETTE #2 3.50 1.44MB INCLUDED APARS Note: This section describes Warp Server for e-business APARs that are corrected in IPx8605. This FixPak is cumulative, containing fixes from all previous FixPaks for this product. This includes fixes from IPx8602 and IPx8603. o APAR = IC24881 RIPL CLIENT NOT BOOTING ON WS E-BUSINESS SERVER The RIPL Client with Adaptec SCSI cards not getting booted in the Aurora environment. o APAR = IC27707 LOGON /L COMMAND ACCEPTS INVALID USERIDS & PASSWORDS AND DOES A LOCAL LOGON IF THE PRIVILEGE OF THE SYSTEM 'GUEST' ID IS ALTERED The local logon command 'logon /l' accepts any userid and password for the logon and completes the logon successfully if the privilege of the system defined 'guest' user is altered. o APAR = IC28523 NET SESS COMMAND RETURNS INCOMPLETE OUTPUT ON AURORA WITH HPFS386 INSTALLED. o APAR = IC28829 NET ERROR LOG FILE IS FILLED UP WITH REPEATED NET5352 ERRORS WHEN A TOKENRING HUB IS DISCONNECTED. o APAR = IC29008 HFS0019 AFTER AUTOCHECK IS RUN ON LARGE HPFS386 DRIVES o APAR = IC29012 THE TREE CONNECT SMB SENT FOR THE CORE PROTOCOL FROM THE WSEB SERVER TO FLEX OS IS NOT IN CORRECT FORMAT. o APAR = IC29350 BDC LOGS REPL-CLIENT NET3228 FOR NON EXISTANT USERIDS When the server services are started, the Backup Domain Controller logs REPL-CLIENT Net3228 error into net.err for non existant userids. The error logging is induced by adding/deleting a userid in the Entry Server system o APAR = IC29591 ON THE IMPORTER, THE REPLICATOR DELETES THE SUBDIRECTORY IF SOME FILES ARE ADDED OR DELETED FROM THAT SUBDIRECTORY AT EXPORTER. On the IMPORTER, the REPLICATOR service deletes the complete content of a subdirectory if one or more files are added to or deleted from that subdirectory at the EXPORTER. o APAR = IC29722 TRAP IN NETSERVR.EXE o APAR = IC29799 NETLOGON THREADS RUNNING AT TIMECRITICAL PRIORITY CAUSE A HANG ON FAST MACHINES. o APAR = IC30143 AFTER CID INSTALL,LSI0216 ERROR SHOW UP IN THE CID LOG After LANSRV (GR) CID installation, warnings about these parameters were found in LOG-file: ThreshAlertNames = *:ADMINS ThreshAlertDelay = *:10 ThreshAlertUser = *:yes DirFullAlertNames = *:ADMINS DirFullAlertDelay = *:10 DirFullAlertUser = *:yes o APAR = IC30410 IN IBMLAN.INI,THE ALERTS FOR THE THRESHALERTNAMES AND DIRFULLALERTNAMES ARE SENT TO THE WRONG IDS. InIBMLAN.INI,if ThreshAlertNames/DirAlertNames params is set to *:USER1 USER2 F:USER3 and threshold for drive F is reached or F:\ directory full is reached, then USER1 and USER2 do not receive any alert messages. Instead only USER3 receives messages for drive F. Here drive F is any drive letter which is also specified by *. o APAR = IC30427 RESTACC COMMAND RETURNS NET3502 : OS/2 ERROR 87 WHEN TRYING TO RESTORE THE ACLS BACKED UP BY BACKACC COMMAND. Restacc command returns NET3502 : os/2 error 87 while trying to restore the ACLS backed up by backacc command. The problem does not recreate every time. The issue occurs when the ACLS from one system is restored to another one with the same directory structure. o APAR = IC30614 FAILS TO RECONNECT RESOURCES AT LOGON FOR MCP CLIENT The connection to a shared resource fails to automatically reconnect after logging off and again logging on even if the option "Connect to resource at logon" is checked during creating the connection. o APAR = IC30623 TRAP D ON CLIENTS IN ABORTSTUCKVCS IN NETWKSTA o APAR = IC31742 ERROR LOGGED IN IBMZIP.LOG FILE DUE TO IMPROPER INVOCATION OF CLIFI.EXE
IBM Peer Fixpak (IP08605) - Germany - Disk 01 v. 8605 (9/4/2003, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak (IP08605) - Germany - Disk 02 v. 8605 (9/4/2003, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
IBM Peer Fixpak (IP08605) - Germany - Disk 03 v. 8605 (9/4/2003, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM))
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