WPS Wizard - Tips & Tricks

How to add an icon to a program object:

  1. copy the icon (PNG format) to one of the folders of the installed theme, e.g. copy jedit.png to <theme-installation-path\dark-glass-flatyellow\apps ;
  2. open the program object, open the "Icon" tab, choose "Browse..." (the "Edit icon" button should be disabled), wait for the window containing the PNG icons to populate, choose one and drag&drop it in "Current icon" in the program object;
  3. close and open again the program object, open the "Icon" tab; the "Edit icon" button is now enabled; press it;
  4. under "Key", select "Image", then in "Data" edit the path to the PNG icon, press "Repaint" (the chosen icon will be shown), choose OK and close the program object.

How to create a menu for a new class (not type!):

  1. first of all, the new class should be already registered in the WPS; then, open the WPS-Wizard configuration folder, open the "Menu Templates" object and drag&drop (mouse right button) to "Menu configuration" one "Menu folder" template;
  2. drag&drop an object example of the new class to "Class selection - Drop object here", in the settings that will open as you as the "Menu folder" template is dropped;
  3. now, in the new folder in "Menu configuration" you can add menu items specific to the new class.

How to interact with a gadget:

  • for example, to move a gadget: press Ctrl key while clicking on the gadget with the mouse right button. Repeat the sequence to disable interaction.

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