FV2 (FileView for OS/2)

Release date: 
Saturday, 28 March, 1998



FV2 (FileView for OS/2) is a small multi-threaded fullscreen/window OS2 program for quickly viewing/browsing files.


  • File display in

- ASCII format   ( default )
- HEX   format with ASCII  translation
- HEX   format with EBCDIC translation

  • Search

- anycase, specific and hexadecimal
- First hit is found in primary thread
- All hits are found via secondary thread
- no new search can be started until secondary thread has finished
- based on least used character in string for improved performance

  • Customization of colors via environment.
  • HPFS support.
This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. Add in CONFIG.SYS the statement SET FV2_PRO=X:\path_to\file.ext, where file.ext is the environment profile file. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

FV2 (FileView for OS/2) v. 1.14 (28/3/1998) Readme/What's new
03-28-98 - 1.14 - Bug Fixes - Last line of file could display a line end char after 1 right arrow key press. - With 'wrap' on, a search hit could move the character display out of screen range. - Hits display was 1 char less than it should have been. - Win32 only - Hex hits in hex area were displaying in wrong place. - 'Hits x of y' display after an F5 was incorrect. - Enhancements - Added /i option - will ignore binary check - necessary for text files with null chars. - Now displays a brief help message with '?', or invalid option. - Added 'squishify' feature from FMW32 to filename display. - Modifed top information line, filename is now in 'command' color and has a few more characters displayable. - Renames sample profiles to *.smp (was *.sam). - Added 'AlwaysHex yes/no' option to force a 'hex' display for any file.
 ftp.pc.ibm.com/pub/pccbbs/os2_ews/fv2-14.zip  local copy
FV2 (FileView for OS/2) v. 1.13 (15/12/1997) Readme/What's new
12-15-97 - 1.13 - Enhancements - Added 'Smileys yes/no' option. Binary files display 'smiley chars', when set to 'yes', or do not display 'smiley chars' when set to 'no'. - Added 'Logo yes/no' option. The brief 'copyright logo' on startup displays when set to 'yes', or does not display when set to 'no'. - Search hits display now shows 'Hits x - y of z'. - Bug Fixes - Trap when F5 or Cntl F5 with no search hits after valid search. - On wide screen widths text was displayed after 'EOF' & 'PFKEY' lines. - Search hits that were off the left side of the screen didn't display. - FV2 brought OS/2 to it's knees when using 'search' (dumb programmer :-). -- I really fixed it this time (I think?, I hope?, well maybe?). - Found a bug when doing Win95/NT conversion, it shuda trapped! - Command line was short by 1 character. 07-19-96 - 1.11 - Enhancements - Added 'ForceHex yes/no' option. Binary files display in 'ascii - wrap' mode when set to 'no', or 'hex' mode when set to 'yes'. - Bug Fixes - Last line in hex display could display characters that weren't there. - Before 1.10 the background color would display after the end of a line (to help in seeing the end of a line). This behavior is now restored. 05-29-96 - 1.10 - Enhancements - Reduced 'screen flicker' with page up and down usage. - Hardprofiling feature added (same as FMOS2 and STPOS2). Use FV2PRO.CMD (e.g. FV2PRO to profile w/FV2.PRO, or FV2PRO PROFILE.EXT to profile w/PROFILE.EXT). - Profiling changes - in order of precedence 1) /userprof=d:\path\file.ext 2) set fv2_pro=d:\path\file.ext 3) fv2dflt.pro in fv2.exe directory 4) hard profiled / supplied defaults - Bug Fixes - 447 keyboard error. - Certain files with 0x0A line ends didn't display correctly. - Single line files displayed line end chars. 03-15-96 - 1.09 - Enhancements - Added 'Alt-B' for 'Blink off'. If you use FV2 in a fullscreen and switch (Ctrl-Esc) to the desktop, upon return to FV2 any field with a light background is blinking. 'Alt-B' will reset this OS/2 'feature'. - Bug Fixes - Binary files are now based on a 0x00 char in the 1st 100 bytes. 01-23-96 - 1.08 - Enhancements - Modified search algorithm slightly, search times on very large files appears to have reduced by approximately one half. - Bug Fixes - Files where 'search' found 4095 hits (the maximum) trapped when on last hit and used F5 or when on 1st hit and used Cntl-F5. - Binary files with greater than 4095 hits didn't display hits correctly in wrap mode. 01-09-96 - 1.07 - Bug Fixes - Files that included '0x0A' or '0x0D' as both characters and EOL indicators displayed with multiple 'End of File' indicators. - Certain files with line lengths longer than the display width could cause the 'wrapping' data internal to FV2 to be invalid, thus causing search hits to be non-displayable. - Starting a search after the 'last findable hit' did not wrap to show the first hit. - In 'WRAP' mode, search hits didn't 'wrap' to the next line. 11-08-95 - 1.06 - Bug Fixes - Files with '0x0A' as the first character (without a following '0x0D') could display incorrectly. - Using NFS via a 14.4k line caused 'DosOpen rc = 50' errors. I resorted to loading the file in in 4k chunks (like T2/TEDIT). Thanks Tim! - Binary files less than 255 bytes displayed incorrectly. 10-05-95 - 1.05 - Enhancements - 'line wrap' support via 'Alt-W' keystroke (toggles back and forth). NOTE: Tab expansion is not supported in 'wrap mode' and will be turned off. - If any of the first 50 characters of a file are 0x00, then it is assumed that the file is a binary file and 'wrap mode' is automatically entered. - Added 'suppress smileys' to 'line wrap' (Alt-S). - Bug Fixes - Last 1 or 2 characters on last line didn't display if that line didn't have the EOL chars in that line. - Search could trap trying to find chars before start of file. - Needed 'double ESC' to quit after search. 08-17-95 - 1.04 - DEVCON 9 - Bug Fixes - F8 scrolling to an invalid column (in files narrower than display columns), and shifting display right by 5 columns (in files wider than display columns). - 'Retreive' misspelled (should be 'Retrieve'). - Search hit highlighting was highlighting key line in hex mode. - Removed 'hard coded' line number limit. FV2 should now be limited only by available memory. - Abysmal search times if used '/ search' (e.g. not case search) in a file with all one case (e.g. all upper case). - 'Insert' key causing cursor to display with no command line. - Trap loading file with length equal 1. - Enhancements - Added 'suppress smiley' feature for hex display. Alt-S will change non-printable characters (e.g. smiley faces, etc.) to periods. - Added 'RecordLength' command (e.g. R hexnumber). Page up/down will scroll by this record length value. R0 resets page up/down. - 'Search' now searches based on character in search string that occurs with the least frequency. - 'Col xxx of yyy' yyy will now change based on tab expansion size. - Improved '/' search time when no alphabetic chars in search string. - Reduced EXE size by 1.7k, and reduced memory requirements. 07-26-95 - 1.03 - Bug Fixes - In 'char display' search hits didn't display on bottom line when using down arrow key. That 'not displayed' hit would continue to not display as the down arrow key was pressed. - Display didn't update correctly if Ctrl-Left Arrow did not return to column 1 exactly. - Cursor displayed in help screen. - Colored screen incorrectly when error loading files. - Enhancements - 'Alt-K' toggles the PFKey line displayed at the bottom of the screen on and off. The commandline argument 'KEYSOFF', and the environment variable 'KEYSOFF' starts FV2 w/o the PFKey line displayed. - The 3rd line is no more. The top line now includes the 'hits' info, and when you enter a character the command line pops up over the top line. - 'ESCAPE' now clears the commandline if it exists and has characters, else it removes the commandline if it exists, else it quits FV2. 06-28-95 - 1.02 - Enhancements - Improved error messages in some situations. - Improved HELP screen a bit. - 'ESCAPE' quits FV2, unless at help screen (returns to file view) or there is a command line string (erases the string). - PGUP/PGDN now scrolls 1 line less than the number of visible lines, thus allowing a 'one line point of reference' when paging up or down. - F7/F8 now scroll 5 characters less than the display width, also to allow for some referencing when scrolling left/right. - Alt-1 through Alt-0 set the 'tab expansion size' to 1 through 10 blank characters. The default is 8. - Left and right arrow now move screen by one character (as opposed to control left and right arrow previously). - Tab/Control right arrow and Shift Tab/Control left arrow now move the screen by the 'tab expansion size'. - Alt-P 'print file in hex mode' feature, works only in 'Hex mode'. Unprintable characters are printed as '.'. Includes a short header (FV2 version, d:\path\filename.ext, and filesize). - Alt-F 'print to FV2.OUT' feature. Same as Alt-P except it outputs to FV2.OUT (in current directory). - 'Hex display' now has a 'hex address' header line to help in locating items across the display. - 'Hex display' now has the 'End of File' line after the last line of the file (just like 'Character display' did before). - Moved filename left in header to allow more room for long file names. - Bug Fixes - In 'hex display' search couldn't find last lineend characters. - 'hex display' key line was incorrect. 06-13-95 - 1.01 - DEVCON 8 - Enhancements - FV2 now comes in ZIP file, and includes LICENSE.TXT and FV2.ABS for OS2EWS. 05-31-95 - 1.00 - Bug Fixes - Fix spelling typo in help screen. - Enhancements - When switching back to 'character mode' (alt-c) the display will now start in column 1. - Added startup copyright message for DEVCON/OS2EWS release. 05-26-95 - 0.09 - Bug Fixes - Lines which crossed a 64k boundary displayed part of 1st line of file. - Enhancements - Add IBM copyright to help screen in preparation for DEVCON CD & OS2EWS. 04-28-95 - 0.08 - Bug Fixes - Total columns was off by 2 or 1 (depending on line end characters). - Trap when searching binary files. - Files starting in 0A (hex) didn't get browsed (could trap). - Hex search (e.g. 'hxhx) with more than 2 chars looped endlessly. 04-25-95 - 0.07 - Bug Fixes - Search with 'Tabs On' and subsequent F5 could highlight incorrect text. - Ctrl-F8 did not work with 'Tabs On'. - Trap at line 32750. This is a temporary fix, there is a hardcoded line limit in FV2 (I've set it to 64k for now) that I need to eliminate. 04-19-95 - 0.06 - Bug Fixes - When using F5 to see the next search hit, on files with long line lengths, FV2 had multiple display problems (e.g.missing some hits, some hits displayed multiple times, sometimes get stuck at a hit). - Enhancements - Alt-T function - expand/unexpand tabs (hex 09). - Improved (and sometimes faster) search routine. - Hex 0A0D, 0D0A, and 0A line ends recognized. 04-12-95 - 0.05 - Bug Fixes - Single line down screen scrolling caused search hits to highlight areas of the pfkey line and possibly trap. - Trap when hitting PF5 during search (when done before search complete). 04-03-95 - 0.04 ** (now on OS2TOOLS) ****************************************** - Bug Fixes - Characters after hex00 weren't displaying (e.g. if viewing binary file). 04-03-95 - 0.03 - Bug Fixes - Ctrl-F8 (max right) trapped on some files. - Cursor didn't return to non-insert mode (in VIO windows). - First hit from previous search might be shown if on same screen and no hits in current search. - If last search hits were on same line - search didn't wrap. - Backspace now deletes the character to the left of the cursor and moves each character to the right of the cursor left one position. - Display problems with greater than 80 column display modes. - Enhancements - Less screen flashing with pgup/pgdn in 'help'. - Put more info on 'PFKEY' line. - Previous screen color remembered for exit. - Reduced redundant searching when there are no hits, or if all hits are before current position. - If (when invoking search) there are no search hits after current line, the first hit in file is shown. - Reduced screen shifting (left/right) when using F5 to see next hits. - Screen doesn't redraw when 'delete'ing a character from the command line. - Escape now clears the command line. 03-30-95 - 0.02 - Bug Fixes - Search could have locked up. - Enhancements - Less screen flashing with pgup/pgdn. 03-29-95 - 0.01 - First release ready via REQUEST.
 ftp.pc.ibm.com/pub/pccbbs/os2_ews/fv2.zip  local copy
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