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Wednesday, 11 September, 2019
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CD/DVD Toys is a set of utilities to burn CD and DVD disks (Blu-Ray, HD-DVD). The utilities support creation and burning of ISO-images. All utilities are multi-language and easy to use. The third-party developers may use the API of CD/DVD Toys and integrate the support of DVD-recorder to own applications.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Self-installing WarpIN package. After installation, run Configure. Lame, MMAudio pack, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis are optional. See below for download link(s).

Following links are to additional programs, not mandatory but useful:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

DVD/CD Toys v. 1.09.00 (11/6/2024, Dmitry A. Steklenev (glassman)) Readme/What's new
Version 1.09.00 * Added high resolution PNG icons. To use it, enable dynamic sized icons in your Workplace Shell configuration. * Resource compression (EXEPACK:2) is no longer used as it causes icon display issues on some systems. * Fixed dialog layouts when using a large system font.
DVD/CD Toys v. 1.08.00 (21/10/2020, Dmitry A. Steklenev (glassman)) Readme/What's new
Version 1.08.00 * Manual is translated into Deutsch, thanks to Mathias Rissler. * Now gnudb.org is used to access to free CD database. If there was no switch to the new host after the tools update, press the "Default" button on the "Metadata" tab of the configuration dialog. * Burn Audio Disc * Now supports hi-res 24 and 32-bit audio files. * Save Audio Track * Added support of the WavPack audio compression.
DVD/CD Toys v. 1.07.02 (11/9/2019, Dmitry A. Steklenev (glassman)) Readme/What's new
Version 1.07.02 Updated Spanish translation, thanks to Alfredo Fernandez Diaz. Most tools translated into German, thanks to Mathias Rissler.
DVD/CD Toys v. 1.07.00 (29/5/2019, Dmitry A. Steklenev (glassman)) Readme/What's new
Version 1.07.00 All tools and manual are translated into Spanish, thanks to Alfredo Fernandez Diaz. Updated English manual, thanks to Alfredo Fernandez Diaz. All tools now check for the existence of used at last session source files during startup before restoring their previous state. In some rare situations, the text in the tool progress window was not shown completely. This is fixed. Create Boot Image Convert Disc Image Burn Disc Image The path and name of the disc image can be passed to the program as an argument at launch it. Burn Files Fixed burning of bootable disc and creation image of such disc.
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Is there a path to update my DVDTOYS 1.06.01? Or is there a reason to update?

Does installing the 1.07x WPI file linked to above not update your installation?

Where can I get DVDToys 1.07xWPI? What is the best URI to contact you?

Hi Martin, the download URLs are just above these comments...

i found a strange bug in my 1.06.01-version: when i record some wav-tracks without a break between the tracks my cd-player only recognizes all tracks as "track1". i cannot jump to other tracks. have not tried it with the update-version - is that bug fixed now? if not, is there a chance to get it fixed soon?

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