The REXX Language A Practical Approach to Programming - Michael Cowlishaw

The REXX programming language has been designed with just one objective. It has been designed to make programming easier than it was before, in the belief that the best way to foster high quality programs is to make writing them as simple and as enjoyable as possible. Each part of the language has been devised with this in mind: getting the design right for people to use is more important than providing for easy implementation.

The purpose of this book is to describe and define the REXX language, as of October 1989. I try to present the whole language; the syntax, the semantics, and the philosophy. It is intended that this will form a suitable reference for those planning for, using, or implementing REXX language processors. The background information will also provide a basis for discussions on the future of the language, and should help to answer the questions raised by students of the language.

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