The OS/2 Warp Toolkit for Software Developers - Maurice J. "Red" Viscuso

This book should prove to be a valuable reference as well as an informative tutorial. It is intended to clear away some of the mystery of how program source files turn into program files (executables) and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs). This book will explain how all the files in the process of building a running program are created and take a close look at how they are structured. This book is certainly not for every programmer or computer user. If you are a program tool writer, a computer science student, a technical support person or just plain curious, this is a book for you! You will be shown the fundamentals of build programs process and you will be introduced to many of the tools in the OS/2 Waap Toolkit and learn some interesting techniques for their use.

We have assumed that you are familiar with programming and have a C or C++ compiler. No matter what your experience is with OS/2, we feel there is something to be learned from this book. We have tried to cover some very technical information in a manner that will give you the basics but not bore you with every last detail.

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