OS/2 2.1 Rexx Handbook - Hallet German

You can use REXX as a replacement for the old BATCH language, as an applications programming language, and as a macro language for REXX-aware applications such as spreadsheets, communications programs, and database programs. Besides conforming to the latest version of the REXX language, the OS/2 version of REXX also includes a number of OS/2-specific extensions. In addition, many other extensions are available commercially and as shareware. Hal German's book describes all these various uses of the REXX language. The book also includes an overview of the language for novices, and has technical information on enabling the use of REXX within your own applications and extending REXX with functions written in other languages. Rounding out the book is an introspective view of REXX, comparing different implementa- tions of REXX, comparing REXX to other command languages currently available, and discussing REXX programming style issues. This book assumes familiarity with OS/2 and is a great source of information on prograniming with REXX on OS/2.

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