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Ptpro retrieve & rename photos from your PTP camera. Ports by different sources downloadable from Hobbes.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Ptpro v. 1.1.1 (22/1/2015, Richard L Walsh)  local copy
Ptpro v. 1.1.1 (22/1/2015, Richard L Walsh) Readme/What's new
________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ PTPro v1.1.1 Copyright (c) 2006 Richard L Walsh <> PTPro incorporates the following copyrighted material: * libptp2 - Copyright (c) 2001-2005 Mariusz Woloszyn * libusb - Copyright (c) 2001 Johannes Erdfelt PTPro is released under the GNU Public License; see COPYING for the entire text of the license. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Using PTPro ----------- * Introduction * Installation * Usage * Changes since v1.1 * Changes since v1.0 * Bugs ________________________________________________________________________ * Introduction * ________________________________________________________________________ PTPro is a commandline utility for retrieving pictures & information from your PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) based digital camera. PTPro uses only generic PTP features so it should work with most cameras produced in the last few years but it will be unable to exploit any special features they may have. ________________________________________________________________________ * Installation * ________________________________________________________________________ PTPRO.EXE - can go in any convenient directory USBCALLS.DLL - should be placed in either the same directory as ptpro.exe or in a directory along your LIBPATH USBRESMG.SYS - put into x:\os2\boot and add this line to config.sys DEVICE=X:\OS2\BOOT\USBRESMG.SYS Note: if you have an older copy of usbresmg.sys, replace it with the enclosed version. Not included but required: LIBC061.DLL - if you don't have this already, obtain it from: Place the 3 files from the archive into a directory along your LIBPATH since many apps use this dll. ________________________________________________________________________ * Usage * ________________________________________________________________________ All commandline options must be specified individually, each with a leading hyphen ('-'), e.g.: ptpro -l -v _not_ ptpro -lv Commandline options are case-sensitive. First use ========= After attaching your camera, you may have to set it to "playback" mode (e.g. on my Canon, there's a switch on the back). Then, enter this at the commandline: ptpro -d You should see a display like this: Device list =========== Bus Device VendorID ProductID Device 1 2 0x04A9 0x30FD Canon PowerShot A610 If instead you get "Found no PTP devices", try: ptpro -d -D* This will list all USB devices and force the app to talk to each one as though it were a PTP device. If your camera is recognized this way, note the device number associated with it. You will have to add '-D' and the number to all subsequent commands to force PTPro to talk to your camera, e.g.: ptpro -D2 [etc...] Normal use ========== Entering ptpro without any parameters will give you a complete list of commands. Below is a description of each: List files: ptpro -l (that's a lowercase 'L') ----------- This displays a listing of all files stored on the camera, e.g.: File list Canon PowerShot A610 ========= ==================== Handle Size Date Time Name 7 1721916 2006-01-15 00:52 IMG_0196.JPG 8 870851 2006-01-15 00:53 IMG_0197.JPG 9 1730758 2006-01-15 00:54 IMG_0198.JPG 10 1699399 2006-01-15 00:56 IMG_0199.JPG 11 1126038 2006-01-15 23:54 IMG_0200.JPG 13 1558298 2006-01-15 23:56 IMG_0201.JPG 14 1589410 2006-01-15 23:56 IMG_0202.JPG [etc...] The 'Handle' identifies a file and is needed to retrieve it. PTPro ignores folders, so there may be gaps in the numbering (e.g. notice that handle 12 is missing - it's a folder, so it was omitted). Save files: ptpro -f [range] [filename] ----------- You can save one or more files to disk, and can optionally rename them by supplying a filename pattern. If you want to replace an existing file on disk, add the '-r' (replace) option to the command. [range] Range uses the handle numbers obtained from a file listing (see above). Typically, it's entered as 'first-last' (e.g. '23-54'). Note that the hyphen ('-') is required. To save a single file, just enter a single handle. You can also use an asterisk ('*') instead. Use a single asterisk to save all files (e.g. ptpro -f *), or use it in a range to start at the first file or end at the last file (e.g. '*-54' or '77-*'). [filename] You can specify a path where PTPro should save your files, e.g. ptpro -f * g:\pix\holiday\* You can also have it rename them if you wish. The characters '*' and '#' have special meanings: '*' copies the file's current name and/or extension. You can combine '*' with other characters to extend the file's original name, e.g. ptpro -f 12-17 *-cats.* '#' inserts an ascending sequence number into the name. Follow it with the value you want to start at, e.g. ptpro -f 12-17 cats#0097.* Note the leading zeroes: PTPro always outputs at least as many digits as you entered. Here, you'll get a four-digit number. Use this to ensure filenames are sorted in the correct order. If your camera supplies the date & time a picture was taken, it will be used as the file's creation date & last-write date. Otherwise, the current date & time will be used. Save thumbnails: ptpro -t [range] [filename] ---------------- Saving thumbnails is identical to saving full-sized picture files. Of course, your camera must support the ability to retrieve them. Erase files: ptpro -e [range] ------------ Erasing files requires a range of handles like saving them does. Please be careful: you will not be prompted to confirm deletion! Note: many cameras will hang when asked to delete files. If this happens, turn the camera off then on to get it working again. Get file info: ptpro -i [range] -------------- This provides extended information about a given file. For a picture file, it shows the size (in pixels) of the picture and its thumbnail, their formats, write-protection status, etc. For non-picture objects, additional info will help identify what the handle refers to. Since the listing for each handle is fairly long, you'll probably want to retrieve info for one handle at a time. Other options ------------- -c Displays info about your camera such as its serial number, the format(s) it uses to save pictures, and the formats it uses for other files it creates. -s Shows info about your camera's storage (memory) capabilities, both built-in and external (i.e. flash memory card). -o List the operations or functions your camera can perform - PTPro supports a subset of these. In addition to operations required by the PTP standard, many manufacturers have added their own features. Since most of these are undocumented, they may be identified in the listing as 'unknown'. -p Lists the names of the properties or settings for your camera. Since many of these are proprietary, their names may be unknown. -g Get or set the value of a specific property. To get a property, use: ptpro -g [number] where [number] was one listed using '-p' To set a property, use: ptpro -g [number] -V=[xxx] where [xxx] is the new value -R This is supposed to reset the camera in case it hangs. Whether it actually does anything remains to be seen (when in doubt, turn the camera off, then back on). -v When entered as '-v' or '-v1', displays error messages generated by libptp2 and libusb (two libraries that PTPro uses). When entered as '-v2', provides debugging messages from PTPro and its libraries. ________________________________________________________________________ * Changes since v1.1 * ________________________________________________________________________ Allow for longer camera ID strings. ________________________________________________________________________ * Changes since v1.0 * ________________________________________________________________________ - Ptpro.exe no longer uses a built-in copy of the usbcalls library because of incompatibilities with newer versions of usbresmg.sys. It now relies on usbcalls.dll. - The '-F' (force) and '--dev' (device) options have been replaced by '-D'. When you use '-D' to specify a device (e.g. "-D2"), ptpro assumes you want to force it to treat the device as a PTP camera. - The '--val' (property value) option has been given a single-letter equivalent: '-V'. - The '-h' (help) option is no longer needed but is still accepted. Running ptpro with no parameters will display the help screen. ________________________________________________________________________ * Bugs * ________________________________________________________________________ Known Issue ----------- Owners of Canon A70 & A75 cameras should expect problems when using Cameraderie to delete photos from the camera. They may have to restart the program and/or turn the camera off & on to clear errors. The same issue is known to occur with other cameras as well. Troubleshooting --------------- If your camera is not recognized, try the steps described above in "First Use". If it is recognized but you can't get a listing of files, try this "undocumented" command: ptpro -H This will give you a listing of file handles (the number the camera assigns to each file or folder). Select handles from the middle and end of the list and use them with the '-i' command (get info), If you can get info for a photo, you can probably save it to file. Email information about what works - and what doesn't - to the address below. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ Rich Walsh <> Ft Myers, FL September 17, 2006 ________________________________________________________________________
Ptpro v. 1.1.0 (17/9/2006, Richard L Walsh)  local copy
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