Chris Ahl

DIRSTAT (LAN adapter information utility) 1.05
Wednesday, 9 August, 1995

DIRSTAT è un semplice programma PM che si può usare per ottenere informazioni su un adattatore LAN installato sul vostro PC.

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RINGUT (LAN Ring Utilization Utility) 1.02
Tuesday, 9 August, 1994

This program displays the LAN Ring Utilization for the ring on which the station resides.  Utilization is checked every minute and the last hour of activity is graphed.

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Thursday, 24 May, 2018

LANXCOPY is similar to the DOS and OS/2 XCOPY command.  However, LANXCOPY allows the transfer of files between two machines on the same LAN without the need to have PCLP or LAN Requester/LAN Server running...

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