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A GUI to RSJ CD/DVD Writer comand line mode command. It allows you to use nice options only available as command line. Most interesting is to attach more than one drive simultaneously. (Access to cdattach, cdview, finalize with comments like copyright, RSJ daemon parameter change...). Version 4 adds a new DVDDAO GUI!

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. Run inscdrw.cmd. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

CDRWSel v. 4.1.1 (20/1/2009, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
* Corrected a few design issue and change fonts to 8 instead of 9 ( it gives a better result on seveal video resolution) * Corrected an empty variable which could make the ffmpeg process faile dur to missing blank between 2 parameters ( problem could occur during video ripping process only e.g. convert to mpg pal-DVD ) * added a verification about output size before doing format(). This variable can be 'Unknown' if no value are available and of course, format is invalid on characters. * Removed part of unsused code Added update from 22032008 - 12h30 * Found a possible problem making ffmpeg fail ( If a pass file already exist, it could be reused for a next video file and of course have wrong information in it ) - now, existing pass file is deleted after use * Added ( pass1 - pass 2 - thumbnail ) info into ffmpeg conversion message title ( when only vonversion is used ) . Added update from 25032008 - 00h45 * Added a few "force video option" and "force audio option" under dvdauthor parameters * If previous parameter specified, it overwrites default dvdauthor or "input string" (last part to verify) * Added filters when in video dvd mode and calling filemanager * Now, dvdauthor only option works again * Added automatic join option when many *.mpg files are selected with dvdauthor on ( only this option for now ) * To add more than one film on a video dvd, new (or last in the list ) file must have same name as previous one ( with dvdauthor, selected files are joint together and added as next video on the DVD ) ( with ffmpeg+dvdauthor, if more than one video file is selected, each one is put into it's own folder\VIDEO_TS ) * Corrected a few other minor problem * some options not fully tested. Added update from 26032008 - 02h26 > Tested with a received *.mpg file and corrected : * Changed mapping function to always use only one video and one audio track in the ffmpeg outputfile This change was added to the file test code which is now a separate called procedure * Currently, only first video track and audio track are selected ( may be a problem is more than one naguage exist ) - will be better in a next build to allow track selection - * added a unique input file test proc used by convert and ffmpeg+dvdauthor options * Using dvdauthor on invalid *.mpg file can result into dvdauthor long run + cdrwsel not stopping. Just issue close cdrwsel than It looks to make an overrun of messages like WARN.......VOBU ( remux problem ) Added update from 28032008 * Enabled "enable log" button under dvdauthor * Changed code to use value from "enable button" * Changed dvdauthor parameter design + added force video/audio parameters Added update from 28032008b * Corrected a bug due to design timing problem under some PC's since dvdauthor parameters design was changed under 28032008 * Updated output log for ffmpeg convertion option to add send command into log + separator between each step Added update from 29032008 * Removed unused code ( reduced cdrwsel size ) * Changed code under main menu to prevent possible crash in rare situation due to timing too * Changed code under setting menu for same raison as main menu * Change a few text length under ffmpeg which was too long for 1024x768 display size. Added update from 30032008 * Removed special development bit left under previous build :( * Added under dvdauthor but disabled unde current build - Use xml - Add chapter - bg-bmp ( background bitmap used for the Menu page ) - Menu-bmp ( Menu button bmp ) Added update from 14042008 * Replaced cdrecord mapping file with a new autogenerated xml mapping file (cdrecord2.exe must be under cdrwsel dir) * CDRWSel uses now new xml mapping file to address the burner with correct scsi id's (not the same between dvddao and cdrecord) * Corrected CDRECORD version into logbook * Now path with blank is correctly passed to CDRECORD * Corrected max speed value. I use now DMA max speed if lower than media max speed * Enabled view of cdrecord log file if exist * Changed DvDDAO(cur) & DvDDAO(new) to CD/DvDDAO(cur) & CD/DvDDAO(new) * Corrected CD free size using cdrecord * Corrected a speed selection problem ( both impacted DVDDAO & CDRECORD) Added update from 21042008 * Corrected a wrong initialized parm into BR-RE process which makes DVDDAO stop in error * Added a check for CDRECORD2 under CDRWSel dir. If missing, a message is displayed * Corrected a bug on DVDauthor path return from integrated filemanager * Modified format options for BD-RE to add the 'full" option "may be sugject of new changes" * Corrected a bug into popup format/blank dialog call when blank of format (BD-RE / DVD-RAM) is enabled * Update DVDAUTHOR default xml menu generation but left disable until more test. (cancel always enabled "blank" option while it should enable it only for a specific media type -note- Trying to make available BD-RE burning Added update from 27042008 * Corrected invalid size repported into dvddao main dialog message field (KiB instead of MiB * Corrected and adjusted some specific parmameters to use with BD-RE * Changed "Cancel" button to "Close" button on DVDDAO main dialog * Changed Main Title part "CD-DVD" to "CD/DVD/BD-R(E)" * Updated BD-RE format option * Corrected missing format/blank popup menu option for DVD-R and BD-RE when Media into burner at cdrwsel start time. * Corrected popup test if RMB on DVDDAO main dialog message field showing DVDDAO version + media type when media type is unknown * Replaced No Getperf checkbox under dvddao parameters by No OPC. * Now, No Getperf is set by default * Corrected BD-ROM size (usefull when creating an ISO file - Click on Burner ICON from main menu + CD/DVDDAO(cur)) * Changed version 4.0.5 to 4.1.0 * Updated progress bar dialog to give correct indication with BD media * Add "Time left" indication into progress bar if it could be calculated * Some other minor updates * Burning BD-R(E) is ok starting with DVDDAO version > 2.0.3 (e.g. 2.0.4 ) Added update from 28042008 * Added/corrected formatting % into progress bar ( usefull in case of long full format ) * CDRWSel can be started using a new parameters -PP ( this parameters disables logbook and open dvddao main dialog as first menu ) * Changed free size for BD-RE to always have 0 because BD-RE don't need format and overwrites existing datas * Added a quick popup message when inserted BD-RE is not blank and used size is reset to 0 * Added entry "DVDDAO-MENU" into external program list from CDRWSel ini parameters Selecting this entry as default switches the "Run" button from main dialog to start a new Empty DVDDAO project instead of an external program. Added update from 29042008 * Corrected Eject button default selection for BD-RE Added update from 28062008 * Thumbnail is now generated into 2 size (second is 2 times the first one) Usefull to use the generated image as pause image for flv players * Thumbnail foramt can be forced to 4:3 or 16:9 * Only thumbnail can be generated now without new video conversion * Video can be forced to 4:3 or 16:9 Usefull on some movies telling be 4:3 but are realy 16:9 * Added under ffmpeg parameters option to change thumbnail capture time (from 1s to 1800s) Added update from 22072008 * Added option under ffmpeg parameters to cut video from a start time for a duration (in seconds only but can be very big :D ) * start time and duration time are always reset to 0 when closing CDRWSel ( 0 = no cut ) You can use start time when the input film duration time is unknown but set the duration time to 0. * Video adjustment parameters can now be called from showmenu option ( from menu opened under filemanager to convert video ) * Added Higger quality flash option ( for flash options, video bitrate and audio bitrate are taken from pocket PC parameters. You can than adjust these parameters too ) e.g. setting video bitrate to 800 gives very nice result ;) but 400 is good too. * Corrected a time calculation bug Added update from 13082008 * Added (cropping option). Cropping is very nice to use when the video you take was not well centered but you have to calculate the correct value to get the nearest original output format which MUST have both height and width even numbers or you'll get an error (all numbers must be even numbers. E.g original video format is 320x240 and I set cropping to left 18 right 40 high 40 bottom 4 (very near to 4:3 format resulting into no or very low distortion once processed)). This option is usefull too to remove black band from 4:3 format films. Note: These values are used for the current cdrwsel execution and reset at restart. Of course, you can change them at any time during the run time. * Added (padding option with default "black" border). Padding uses the same input fields as cropping axept you specify a NEGATIVE value. This is very nice when you would like convert a 16:9 film into 4:3 without distortion. E.g set high and bottom padding to have the 4:3 format out of the current 16:9 video format. Then, run a convert option and use force 16:9. The output will be the original 16:9 film + top and bottom black band up to the whished 4:3 format (no or very low distortion). Note: These values are used for the current cdrwsel execution and reset at restart. Of course, you can change them at any time during the run time. * Added date information into converted video (as soon you use one of the "convert-> ..." option, date is added into video file) * Added copyright option ("none" disables this option. Any other value will add a copyright information into the video (only available when using "convert->..." option). This value is saved in the cdrwsel ini file for next cdrwsel start. * Added audio syncro parameter to correct out of syncro very often occurs after video conversion (ripping). When this value is not selected, I added a default audio syncro on first occurance only. If it is selected, syncro is done every 5 seconds (process takes a long time to end but audio is very well syncronized with the video) * Audio syncro works too when using direct video file conversion using ffmpeg+dvdauthor in one click. * Changed "pass 1" process from "convert->..." option to route generated video file to "nul" whish does nothing (no file written on the disk). This pass 1 was always deleted during second pass and was never used . This reduces dramatically disk activity (near 49% of previous pass1 + pass 2 process). My disk was very happy to have less work to do :D * Now, start time can be used with duration = 0 (wasn't the case in previous build) * I would like use multi process option but this one didn't work in the ffmpeg build. I left the added option in a disable state for a futur use if os2theads will be added into ffmpeg. * Changed some parameters when converting video files to PAL-DVD or NTSC-DVD (option convert->... ). Result is better as before (see the converted mpg to dvd done by dvdauthor under the jo2008 path). Video DVD single layer may contain a video near 1h30 (remember this when creating DVD) * For the best DVD video quality, use "convert->..." option first which has some optimized parameters + 2 pass process. Then, select the resulting xxxx.pmg file and use dvdauthor only. * Remark: If some video return rc127 during ffmpeg+dvdauthor process, use previous "best DVD video" process. Added update from 07092008 * Corrected (padding option). An invalid parameter was set into the program. Corrected it to use the right one * Changed default audio setting to not increase audio level (now 250 instead of 350. 250 = same volume level) * Added ( Jpeg->mpg ). Create a vidéo from a list of jpg images or from a single image (if a group is used, add a numbering on 2 or more digits and select only first image file. e.g. mypic01.jpg mypic02.jpg etc... ) * Added audio extraction. - same audio quality (same volume level) - silent audio file but with same caracterisitics as video source audio (e.g. mp3 stereo 128kbps 44100hz). Volume=0 This kind of dummy audio file are useful when creating a video from jpg followed by an existing video e.g. existing video named myvideo.avi (I convert it to a myvideo.mpg file like pocket PC 320x240) I extract a dummy audio part for about 6s and rename it like jpg image file (myvidtitle.mp3) I create the video title part from one jpg file (jpg->mpg set to 75 (5s)). Image myvidtitle.jpg has a size of 320x240 I run the process: select myvidtitle.jpg. After processing the file, I get myvidtitle.mpg I do a copy merge in the following order (use sort to get the right order into the filmanager. It is very important): myvidtitle.mpg myvideo.mpg The resulting ~merge.mpg is the new video (convert it to flv or avi if needed... ) * Updated jpg to mpg conversion part. * added a few updates into cdrwsel doc file ( BD, ffmpeg... ) * corrected minor bugs Added update from 08092008 * Corrected a bug introduced into previous update (when using audio extraction no sound) * Now, last path read under filemanager is saved and recalled when : 1/ Same drive is used and a logged path exist 2/ and filemanager is called from buttom under dvddao dialog (project window) only
CDRWSel v. 4 beta2a (6/9/2005, Remy Dodin)
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