Release date: 
Sunday, 7 April, 2013



CADEMIA is a modern CAD system with a full functionality to create dimensional accurate technical drawings and documents. It has a flexible structure and can be easily extended. Additional functionality can be added in a modular way (plugins).


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Internationalisation and Localisation
  • Import/Export interfaces (DXF and PDF)
  • Extensibility/Programming (plugins and macro in CADEMIA Command language)

CAD functionality:

  • Efficient when processing large amounts of data
  • Complex shapes bounded by lines, circular arcs and Bézier curves
  • Integration of complex texts (text layout)
  • Import of raster images
  • Complete set of modification commands (Coordinate transformations, Hierarchical groups, and more)
  • Symbol libraries (Integration of CADENAS PART community)
  • Drawing attributes conforming to standards (writing and printing)
  • Input of natural units (m, mm, ...) in an adjustable user coordinate system
  • Efficient construction and selection
  • Manipulation of properties (features) by the user
This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. Create a X:\PATH_TO\java.exe program object using "-jar X:\PATH_TO\cademia.jar" as parameter. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

CADEMIA v. 4.0rc6 (7/4/2013, Berthold Firmenich, Daniel G. Beer, Torsten Richter, Christian Koch, Albertus Olivier) Readme/What's new
CADEMIA Tasks =============================================================================== Priority (P): 1..5 (low..high) Type (T): Error (E), Request (R) Status (S): New (N), Done (D), Invalid (I), WontFix (W), in Process (P) Assigned (Ass): Firmenich(Fir), Beer(Bee), Koch(Koc), Richter(Ric), Students (Std) Date P T S Ass Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03-May-2005 1 R N Coordinate space with points 02-Nov-2005 5 R N V2: Structured general name space usable for attributes 21-Mar-2006 ? R N Group component 21-Mar-2006 ? R N Documents with jar files 21-Mar-2006 ? R N Mouse stroke evaluation: x, y, outline 22-Mar-2006 ? R N Drag and Drop via clipboard 04-May-2006 ? R N Attachment of names under the control of the user 04-May-2006 ? R N Macros: variables, parameters, calling 01-Aug-2006 3 R N Alfanumeric project panel 22-Nov-2006 1 R N Multi line component 27-Sep-2007 5 R N Crosshatching in model space 06-Feb-2008 ? R N Named UCSs 05-Jan-2009 3 R N Isometric grid 05-Feb-2009 ? R N Drawing configuration dialog 16-Feb-2009 ? R N Read lines/ paths from a CSV file 05-Mar-2009 4 R N Ellipse component 11-Jun-2009 5 R N Google App Engine 26-Jul-2007 5 R N Add version numbers/ timestamp in ObservableSet 22-Nov-2006 5 R N Frozen components and layers 12-Dec-2007 5 R N Commands to union, intersect and subtract Path Components 23-Sep-2009 5 R N What to do when picking with construction hints off? 23-Nov-2009 3 R N Dimensioning of a radius 23-Nov-2009 3 R N Dimensioning of a diameter 23-Nov-2009 3 R N Dimensioning of an angle 15-Apr-2010 5 R N CSL for features 30-Nov-2010 5 R N Construction prefs for this construction only -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 07-Dec-2009 5 R N WebStart 07-Dec-2009 3 R N DXF: images, splines and invisible entities 17-May-2010 4 R N Arithmetic expressions with #variable() tokens 17-May-2010 4 R N Picking of comps with all segment points coincident 17-May-2010 4 R N Continue button in modern Windows/ Linux toolbars like Mac 23-Nov-2009 1 R N Outline calculation in view subsystem 17-May-2010 1 R N Save names in various MOD commands 17-May-2010 1 R N Select by layer filter 17-May-2010 1 R N Symbol attributes default 17-Dec-2010 5 R N Apply Dimensioning Master to selected components 17-Dec-2010 3 R N Construction: Refer to constructed primitives later 17-Dec-2010 1 R N Feature dialog for varying number of features 17-Jan-2011 5 R N Shortcuts for choices in command line menus 04-Mar-2011 1 R N Hint if text input is not possible 09-Mar-2011 1 E N Startcmds in user ini not functioning 09-Mar-2011 1 R N Enable shortcuts in user menus 20-Apr-2011 1 E N Geo2D: Conversion of Quad to Cubic 09-May-2011 3 R N Continue while adding lines etc. 21-Jun-2011 1 R N Signature: Public Key Infrastructure ... 27-Jun-2011 5 R N Set component filter in AddImage so that it cannot be picked 27-Jun-2011 5 R N Set actual scale as default choice in setscale 27-Jun-2011 3 R N Unselect while operating: features, move, change image, ... 27-Jun-2011 1 R N Allow input of () 30-Aug-2011 4 R N Language selection inside of CADEMIA 05-Sep-2011 3 R N Adding crosshatch fill patterns by the user 12-Sep-2011 5 R N Sorting of attributes in combo box and feature dialog 14-Sep-2011 3 R N Flickering dialogs on startup 14-Oct-2011 5 R N Better support for turning layers visible/ invisible 25-Oct-2011 5 R N Integrate offset components into drag tool 06-Mar-2012 2 R N Rectangle component 06-Mar-2012 5 R N On startup notification about a new version 06-Mar-2012 5 R N PDF export represents texts as shape 30-Mar-2012 2 R N Feature dialog can be started many times 03-Apr-2012 5 R N Component development: Simplified feature access 13-Apr-2012 3 R N Window commands not to be made undoable 03-May-2012 3 R N Optional freeze components while dragging 23-May-2012 3 R N Integrate offset component in drag tool 01-Jun-2012 5 R N Test tiled fill patterns with newer iText library 08-May-2012 5 R N Mark file only (not extension) in file dialog 23-May-2011 5 R N Info attributes with tabs (replaces dumpattributes/ layers) 04-Oct-2011 5 R N Component select filter for layers and colors 23-Aug-2012 2 R N Show plus sign when selecting with shift (not on the Mac) 23-Aug-2012 2 R N Show recent 5 docs in file menu 12-Sep-2012 2 R N Import of DXF POINT entities 13-Sep-2012 2 R N ComponentGroup with features for placement point and control point configuration 14-Sep-2012 2 R N Wait cursor cursor Version history =============================================================================== Software version: x.y.z x = major version: data schema compatibility y = minor version: new features added z = patch: error patches Software state: Alpha No., Beta No., RC No. (Release Candidate), Final, Patch Examples : 1.1 a1, 1.1 b1, 1.1 RC1, 1.1, 1.1.16 Action: Add, Del(eted), Fix, Imp(roved), H(i)nt 08-Apr-2013 CADEMIA 4.0 RC6 Fix: Numerical error in orthogonal constraint indicator 25-Mar-2013 CADEMIA 4.0 RC5 Fix: Group codes completed according to AutoCAD 2012 DXF Reference 22-Mar-2013 CADEMIA 4.0 RC4 Fix: Exception caused by unsaved referenced attributes while loading 30-Jan-2013 CADEMIA 4.0 RC3 Fix: Bug importing DXF entity ELLIPSE if GC41 and GC42 were missing Imp: Control sequences %%u and %%o of imported DXF TEXT and MTEXT entities replaced by Unicode diacritical marks 21-Jan-2013 CADEMIA 4.0 RC2 Fix: Bug loading databases containing empty databases (reason unknown) Fix: ORACLE Java 7 on Mac OS X supported (when launching cademia.jar, not 14-Sep-2012 CADEMIA 4.0 RC1 Fix: Bug in synchronization of group components Fix: Bug while DXF importing nested INSTANCE entities Imp: Progress visualized by clearing the input panel and showing a progress bar Imp: Fit window without considering far-out segment points (arc problem) Imp: Control point configuration of group component Imp: Default menu choice in DXF import commands Fix: Bug resulting in iterative process to fit a window Imp: Placement point added to ComponentGroup Imp: Configuration of control points in ComponentGroup 07-Sep-2012 CADEMIA 3.1 RC7 Fix: Exactly one selected component allowed in command addtextfeature Fix: Bug in intersection calculation of very short lines Add: Command winFlagsGroupContext to window menu Fix: Bug that occurred with nested attributed groups Fix: Bug resulting in a wrong origin indicator for relative coordinates Fix: German help system does not freeze when searching Add: New features documented in German online help Add: New features documented in English online help Fix: Bug in load in case of different units in document and instance Fix: Bug that occurred due to bad synchronization in group iterators 14-Aug-2012 CADEMIA 3.1 RC6 Fix: Fill pattern not shown by group component Fix: Overridden line width and line pattern of groups without attribute set Imp: Drag preferences in Mac toolbar Imp: Drag preferences in Modern toolbar Fix: Bug while adding DXF groups caused by uninitialized system Imp: DXF units dynamically supported while importing DXF or adding DXF groups Imp: CADENAS PARTcommunity integration Imp: Initialization of new databases: scale factor, natural units and view ports Fix: UCS support of component groups Imp: Axis labels changed to x' and y' if UCS on Fix: Bug while moving angular dimensions if UCS on Imp: Enabled parallel dimensioning of more than 2 congruent points Fix: Command addimage does no longer accept the own control point for placement Imp: Better error handling in DXF import Imp: Placement and form features of image component Fix: Bugs in image component if user coordinate system is enabled Fix: Bug in UCS location after changing the user unit Imp: Command to set the UCS Fix: Drag tool does not accept dragged components for placement Imp: Transformation of component title block as pre-requisite for arbitrary UCSs Imp: Semantics of FLIP_X and FLIP_Y features clearly defined Fix: Bug in image component when applying the flip x feature Imp: Horizontal and vertical placement of dimensioning in rotated UCSs 18-Jun-2012 CADEMIA 3.1 RC5 Imp: Tiled fill patterns replaced by homogeneous color in PDF export due to massive memory consumption in iText library Imp: Orthogonal constraint indicator implemented Add: Orthogonal mode added to drag tool Imp: Consistency of orthogonal mode while constructing lines Imp: Visual control of orthogonal mode when constructing paths Imp: Upper and lower case extensions supported in add image file dialog Imp: Usability of preferences item in menu bar Add: Shortcuts for abs/rel, ang/ortho and org/clone added to preference menu Imp: Settings menu removed from ConPoint2D Imp: Upper case file extensions allowed in addimage command Imp: More flexible handling of drag preferences Fix: Bug in ImportDXFgroup when clicking in quiet group mode Fix: Bug in layer combo box when updating not from Event Dispatch Thread 30-May-2012 CADEMIA 3.1 RC4 Fix: Database positions of cloned components adapted to that of the sources Fix: Unsafe optimization in panel update in case of added components only resulting in wrong position sequence Fix: Undo handling of Ungroup command (names and layers) Fix: Undo handling of Remove command (names and layers) Fix: Undo handling of Copy command (names and layers) Imp: Parts inherit attributes from their group Imp: Macro cells given default layer and visibility, other attributes off Imp: DXF inserts given default layer and visibility, other attributes off Imp: DXF now exports pure black (white) instead of dark brown Fix: Bug that occurred in DXF exporting the boundary draw color as fill pattern Imp: Class TextAttribute replaced by ComponentText2DFeature Imp: Consistency of ComponentGroup with added features Fix: Bug in FeatureAdapter.equals() method Fix: Graphical attributes cloned in ComponentLine2D.clone() and ComponentAdapter.clone() Imp: Component.swap() to swap the position of added features Imp: Interface CtrlSegments derived from Component Imp: Adding features methods removed from interface Component Imp: Interface AddableFeatures introduced, implemented by ComponentGroup Imp: Internationalization and localization of user data and user text names Add: Command visitCADENAS to visit the CADENAS PARTsolutions platform Add: Scale factor construction processor Imp: Scale factor construction processor used in scale commands Imp: Dimensioning control points not exposed by ComponentGroup Imp: Digitize mode removed from construction point: 1) pick 2) grid 3) ungridded Imp: Shortcuts for measuring distances, angles and coordinates added Imp: Info button added to Mac and modern tool bar Imp: Short cuts for preferences added Imp: Absolute/ relative mode stored persistently Imp: Diagonal/ orthogonal mode stored persistently Imp: Free info icon for modern tool bar loaded Fix: Description of command ModAttByLayer in menubar 27-Apr-2012 CADEMIA 3.1 RC3 Fix: Broken links in online tutorial lesson 11 Imp: Group handling improved by delegating to the Database class Imp: One single name space for all groups introduced Imp: One single layer map for all groups introduced Imp: Null features and layers supported Fix: Bug in binder between control points and dimensioning Fix: Bug while loading old databases with associative dimensioning and non-empty select sets and marker maps Imp: Part library support added to Mac and modern toolbar Imp: Command importdxfgroup renamed to adddxfgroup Fix: Bugs in name, layer and undo/ redo handling of command addmacrocell Fix: Bug in undo/ redo handling of command ungroup Fix: Missing update ComponentGroup after changing the natural unit or the scale Imp: Geo2D epsilon value adapted to the natural unit in CoordSpace class Previously the eps value was fine for the natural unit [m] only Imp: Epsilon value shown in drawing settings Imp: Component position persistently stored in groups Imp: Selection and component markers removed from groups Fix: Assignment of group components redesigned Fix: Undoing of group components in UndoableCmd class Fix: Bug in Remove command when undoing the component name 30-Mar-2012 CADEMIA 3.1 RC2 Imp: Commands relying on standard browser not shown if browser not to be started Fix: Ignoring unknown mouse buttons instead of throwing an exception Imp: Modification status displayed in frame title Imp: Nested groups allowed Imp: DXF export: Relative x scale factor of text entities exported Imp: DXF import: Horizontal text justifications "aligned" and "fit" supported Imp: DXF import: Text sizes rounded to minimize the number of text sizes Imp: DXF import: ACAD TextStyle "Standard" mapped to CADEMIA "DEFAULT" Imp: DXF import: Segmented text given a zero attribute width Imp: More space to continuation button in SingleRowLayout Imp: Null attribute width defined as line width 0 Imp: Info attributes extended by attribute definitions Imp: Scale in text direction introduced Fix: Stroking of zero size shapes (caused Java instance to crash!) Fix: Drawing of line patterns containing zero dashes Fix: Bug in line pattern combo box for long patterns or patterns containing zero dashes Imp: Command checkForUpdates now starts the default Browser for update Imp: Unique View of group control points Imp: Open groups to be recognized by color of temporary geometry and origin Imp: Macro cells represented as groups Imp: Configurable group context introduced (show context when group is open) Imp: Local sensitive comparing and sorting of strings introduced Add: Concept of external features introduced Add: Command addStringFeature to add external string features Add: Command addTextFeature to add external text features (visible texts) Add: Command removeFeature to remove features from components Imp: External string and text features supported by ComponentGroup (CADENAS) Add: Command newGroup to create and open a new group Imp: Direct picking of intersection points while constructing points Imp: Mac and modern toolbars extended for groups and external features Imp: Context menu extended for external features Imp: Enabled feature access in open group (add, remove, view/ edit) Imp: Visibility and editability of text features Imp: ComponentGroup control points reduced to points and segment vertices and arc centers Fix: Bug in command SelectByPickInside that ignored the component filter Imp: Direct picking of intersection points in ConPoint2D Fix: Bug in transformation of INSERT entities Imp: DXF importer added Imp: ConPoint snap evaluation changed to (1) Pick, (2) Grid, (3) Digitize Imp: Universal placement dialog supplied Imp: Better behaviour for commands WinMoveByMouseDrag, WinMoveByMouseWheel and WinScaleByMouseWheel by making them non-re-entrant Add: DXF import to a group Imp: DXF import made undoable Fix: DXF import can now be properly canceled Fix: Bug fixed in ComponentGroup by returning cloned AttributedText objects Imp: Handling of ATTDEF and ATTRIB entities enhanced Imp: DXF exports each group as a BLOCK Imp: Error message removed in command ChangeFeatures if nothing selected Fix: Bug fixed in ConPoint if intersection point is directly picked Fix: Conservative collision handling replaced by accurate one while picking Imp: DragTool supports adding of specific construction filters (e.g. plugins) Fix: Bug while redoing command group Fix: Bug in commands opengroup, closegoup and closeallgroups temporarily fixed by diabling the undoability 27-Oct-2011 CADEMIA 3.1 RC1 Add: Grouping of components Fix: Minor localization bugs Imp: Component interface extended for transaction based control point removal Bug: Fixed a bug that occurred for cycles inside a single Binding Imp: Better integration of application listeners in copy and remove cmds 13-Apr-2012 CADEMIA 3.0 RC3 Fix: Loading of corrupted databases caused by path components 12-Sep-2011 CADEMIA 3.0 RC2 Fix: User defined layers disappeared when loading databases 11-Aug-2011 CADEMIA 3.0 RC1 Imp: Obsolete Mac OS X application handler updated Fix: Bug on OS X that occurred when the quit request was cancelled by the user Fix: Bug on OS X that skipped the save database dialog after a quit request Imp: Mac OS X version distributed as disk image Add: Intro command Add: Intro, homepage, discussion forum and error reporting added to help menu Imp: Default layer attributes changed Fix: Init problem in combo boxes on small screens like beamers Imp: Set VM switch -Xmx1536m as upper limit on all platforms Imp: Set execute flag in cademia.jar for Linux platform Imp: Cmd Q supported on Mac OS X Imp: Deprecated classes removed from Mac OS X version 27-Jun-2011 CADEMIA 2.2 a2 Hnt: Repository physically moved from Bauhaus-Universität to CADEMIA-Consult Imp: Scrolling behavior of message box Fix: Standard dialogs not shown if located outside the screen Imp: Drawing grid display Imp: Defined layers preserved on new database Del: Layer semantics removed from Layer objects Imp: Internationalization and localization (I&L) for strings Imp: I&L for command line menus Imp: I&L for names of colors, layers, etc. Imp: I&L for feature values Imp: ATTRIBUTE feature group renamed to GENERAL Add: Extrinsic features GENERAL.NAME, GENERAL.TYPE and GENERAL.LAYER Imp: Stronger types for title block features Format and Rotate Imp: Error messages removed from input manager when digitizing and typing Imp: Attribute default state renamed to Off/ On/ Null Fix: Bug when restoring a saved dialog location Imp: Special character button with a more intuitive text Imp: System names shown in attribute and layer command line dialogs Add: I&L of Plug-Ins via own resources Imp: I&L for PLUGIN_BALKEN Imp: I&L for PLUGIN_TIE_BACK_WALL Add: Resource path introduced for additional resources: commands addResourceDir and DumpResourcePath Imp: Localization of StoreAs document Imp: Non-localized name provided as an anchor for all menu items of menu bar Imp: I&O for online help, PDF export and tie back wall Imp: Localized online helps loaded on demand Imp: Literal input in varText Fix: Bugs in cell macros caused by internationalization Fix: File properties distinguished from command line props that are not stored Imp: Comma allowed as decimal point Imp: #dig syntax changed to: #dig ( arg1 arg2 arg3 ) Imp: #normdig syntax changed to: #normdig ( arg1 arg2 arg3 ) 08-Mar-2011 CADEMIA 2.2 a1 Fix: Bug in DXF while parsing files with "\n" line breaks instead of "\r\n" Fix: Stopped exporting NaN values to DXF files Fix: Fill pattern of circles and arcs exported to DXF files Fix: Solid fill patterns interpreted while importing DXF files Add: Internationalization and localization Imp: Literal input in command addtext Imp: Angle feature added to text component Imp: Redundant Done choice removed from construction angle and vector Imp: Command line dialog panel extended for special character input Imp: Print: Offset input removed Imp: Print: Dialog enhanced for placement at corner of paper or imageable space Imp: Print: Warning if only a sub area of the rectangle can be printed Fix: Bottom margin of title block component reduced to fit into imageable space Imp: Increased memory allocation: -Xmx 10240m Imp: TextArea display on Mac OS X 19-Dec-2010 CADEMIA 2.1 RC1 Imp: Updated English and German online help 17-Dec-2010 CADEMIA 2.0 RC3 Fix: Done choice added to confirm dialog in conVector and conAngle Fix: Bug with macBookPro7,1 and magic mouse Imp: Mouse gesture support while plugging mouse devices on and off Fix: Escape from OK and Yes/ No dialogs in Kernel Imp: Output text after changing grid parameters Fix: Bug in PickNear when selecting control points of paths with gaps Fix: Bug in DrawPanel when picking control points of paths with gaps Imp: Mouse strokes renamed mouse gestures in GUI Fix: Bug in command PickNear that ignored filter in non-incremental mode Imp: Command dragTool moves the viewport if not dragging a control point Imp: Command pickNear to output better success messages Fix: Bug in construction point when intersecting whole shapes where line segments were handled as unbounded lines Fix: Bug in construction point that occurred if no intersection point in the second try 21-Oct-2010 CADEMIA 2.0 RC2 Add: Command winFlagsFillTransparency to control transparent rendering Imp: Rendering selected disabled in drag tool Imp: Formatting added to DoubleFeature Imp: Plugin-Properties supported Add: Area feature added to path component Imp: Disabled attributes features in Tie Back Wall and Title Block Imp: Command line dialog of tabs shown in Feature Dialog Imp: Clip board operation 'copy' allowed on disabled features Imp: Mouse strokes decoding while keys are pressed Imp: Incremental 'pick near', 'select intersect/inside', 'select control points' Fix: Bug in feature dialog if a feature disappears while editing Fix: Bug in offset command Imp: Unnecessary line segments removed when generating the shape representation of ComponentPath2D objects with arc segments Imp: Shortcuts to select/ unselect all added Imp: All known mice and trackpads supported on Mac OS X Fix: Command line menu separator for Linux Imp: Constant features fields supported in Feature Dialog Imp: Dimensioning controllable by scaling, prefix, postfix, free text and format Imp: Dimensioning supports the placement of the height below the width Imp: Handling of keys Del, cmd+A/ctrl+A, cmd+alt+A/ ctrl+alt+A Imp: Control point rendering for Windows and Linux improved Bug: Fixed for area calculation in path components with holes Imp: Menu structure Imp: Misleading prompt changed in extend and trim commands Imp: Commands extend and trim do not operate on inner vertices any more Imp: Vector construction can now be terminated by the enter key Imp: Distance construction only prompts for a single command line edit Fix: Bug in drawing sequence in print and PDF export Imp: Modify > attribute > layer added to menu bar Fix: Bug that occurred with dimensioned moveto segments 17-May-2010 CADEMIA 2.0 RC1 Imp: Project CADEMIA_FILES introduced, files removed from CADEMIA project Imp: Additional marked verticed accepted in dragtool Add: Command 'smash' Add: Cells for AEC drawings Fix: Bug when picking arc segments Fix: Application newly bundled on Mac OS X Fix: Bug on Mac OS X if CADEMIA was installed on a path with white space Imp: Command PickNear unselects all if nothing was picked Imp: Functionality of commands extendBy and trimBy added to extend and trim Del: Picking of whole components when constructing points by intersect Imp: Interface CtrlSegments separated from interface Component Imp: Recursive menu removed from SetConSettings command Imp: Shortcuts for adding DIN attributes and layers removed Imp: Saving and restoring of natural units removed from consave and conrestore Imp: Command getText renamed to varText Add: Command varMMperNU added for saving and restoring natural units Fix: Bug in ComponentSymbol for natural units other than [m] Imp: All cell macros adjusted Fix: Problems when using title blocks for natural units other than [m] Imp: Context menu improved Fix: Numerical problems in arc/ circle calculation from 3 given points Imp: Context sensitivity in Modify menu of menu bar Imp: Performance of macro cell adding by turning annotations off Imp: Command varDistance for distance variables Fix: Bindings copied when cloning via DragTool Imp: Saved binding in join and smash commands Fix: Resulting null length segments in chamfer command allowed Imp: Introduced quiet mode for a better performance when playing macros Imp: Unified print method for all platforms used in Print command Add: Command _print for the print method selector Imp: Modify button in Mac and modern tool bars Imp: Prefs command added for construction and drag settings Imp: Construction points by intersecting shapes as segments Add: Offset command to offset selected sub curves Imp: Scroll pane of error message box Fix: Bug in distance calculation Point2D - PathIterator 08-Apr-2010 CADEMIA 1.5 b25 Imp: Modify menu structure Imp: Command splitsegment renamed to split; Added path conversion Imp: Command break added to break a segment Imp: Command setsegmenttype renamed to changetype; Added path conversion Fix: Minor bugs in drag tool Fix: Minimum 'miter limit' set to 1 Imp: Popup menu added to command addmacrocell Imp: Dependency between title block and attributes removed Fix: Bug when loading very old databases Imp: Consistent filtering in construction modules; one filter only allowed Fix: Bug when constructing angles while placing macro cells Imp: Calculation of a circle from 3 points Imp: High accuracy circular arc segments supported in pick operations Fix: Arc and circle calculation from 3 points improved Fix: Bug in ConVector2D that didn't accept text input Fix: Bug in view subsystem when dynamically adding and removing components Fix: Bug that occurred frequently in path components with arcs Add: Command setDimMaster to define the dimensioning master Add: Commands addDim and addDimPar use master features Imp: Cell macro path when first adding a cell Imp: Develop help added on startup 30-Mar-2010 CADEMIA 1.5 b24 Imp: Join integrated in menu bar and context menu Fix: After right hold for popup menu the next mouse click was ignored in Windows Imp: Developer help separated Imp: German translation of user help reworked Add: Command dragtool to drag components under useful constraints Fix: Bug that occurred with checked command line menu items 18-Mar-2010 CADEMIA 1.5 b23 Imp: Menu separators added to dialogs Imp: Checked menu items and separators shown in PopupMenu when space exhausted Add: Preferences menu item added to Window menu Add: Commands AttriSave and AttriRestore to save/ restore attributes in macros Add: Move window up or down by pressing CTRl-key and rotating the mouse wheel Add: Command addCellMacro to add a standard part to the database Imp: Command line menu separator centered under Windows Add: ComponentSymbol representing scale dependent symbols Add: AddSymbol command to create symbols consisting of shapes and texts Fix: Printing with white fill paint supported Add: #variable() token introduced for macro programming Imp: Natural units supported in commands consave and conrestore Hnt: File dialog issues an error message when referring to a link (Windows only) Add: Command join to join Components to a single ComponentPath2D Fix: Select status in command fillet saved for undo and redo Fix: Bug in journaled macros caused by SetConPointSettings Del: Command SeConPointSettings (replaced by SetConSettings) Del: Command SetConPolySettings Fix: Bug in AddMacroCell if mapping command name to class failed Add: Command CheckForUpdates implemented and added to the Help menu Add: SetConSettings added to classic tool bar Imp: Circle component control point behavior changed Imp: Circle component now supports the control point to segment mapping 18-Feb-2010 CADEMIA 1.5 b22 Add: Fillet and chamfer commands Imp: Mark cycle in PickNear command optimised Imp: Circular tangents added to ConCircle Imp: Orthogonal mode added Imp: Command setConSettings for Construction settings and added to Toolbars Imp: Separators allowed in command line menu 18-Jan-2010 CADEMIA 1.5 b21 Fix: Default fill pattern removed from components imported via DXF Fix: Comment lines in DXF skipped Fix: Bug with LTYPEs consisting of a single zero dash in DXF 12-Jan-2010 CADEMIA 1.5 b20 Imp: Copyright year updated 12-Jan-2010 CADEMIA 1.5 b19 Add: Extend, Trim, ExtendBy and TrimBy commands added and supported in Component interface Imp: Deprecated Geo2D.round() replaced Imp: PickNear by control point mark cycle Imp: Consistent English attribute and layer names introduced Imp: Better accuracy in circle intersections Imp: Feature groups introduced for tabbed feature dialog Fix: Thread safe context menu implemented (sometimes didn't show previously) 04-Dec-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b18 Fix: Bug in DXF export when calculating the text height in non meter databases Imp: Round method exchanged in command line and feature dialog Imp: Choices added for common scale factors in command setScale Imp: World to natural units ratio changed to original value Fix: Bug defaulting to NaN when prompting for a double value Imp: Default value set (from 1) to 10000 natural units in setWorldUnits command 01-Dec-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b17 Fix: Bug while requesting the CADEMIA focus from a separate JDialog window Fix: Bug in coordinate display in status bar Fix: Caught UnsupportedOperation exception when changing the segment type Fix: Caught UnsupportedOperation exception when splitting segments Fix: Bug in ImageComponent when using natural units other than meters Imp: Show a graphical message box when CADEMIA instance cannot be launched Fix: Export Text entities in DXF Fix: Bug on Mac OS X when stroking NaN shapes on Quartz Graphic Engine 23-Nov-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b16 Fix: ObservableSet notification resulting from Iterator.remove() Fix: Accuracy improved when printing text (all platforms and PDF export) Fix: Accuracy and performance improved when viewing shapes and text (all platforms) Imp: Window manipulation commands not stored for again Imp: Window projection and grid settings preserved when changing natural units Fix: Undoing/ redoing the recent command when holding the undo/ redo button to access the command list Imp: General method for formatting coordinates and angles changed Imp: Performance improved on small dashed boundaries while zooming in Fix: Undrawing Shapes as temporary geometry Add: Circle tangents in construction line and line segment Imp: Rounding according to selected user units Imp: Focus handling when closing a dialog window Add: Command Exec to start another process Imp: Performance improved while rendering dashed shapes in very small viewports Add: Command AddMenuItem to add a menu item and start a command when activated 03-Nov-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b15 Imp: CADEMIA based on Java 6 (eventually thanks to Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard) Imp: 32-bit class GeneralPath replaced by 64-bit class Path2D.Double Hnt: 32-bit class ComponentPath2D deprecated Imp: Default world to natural unit ratio changed to 1 for an invertible mapping Imp: Geo2D.round() changed to default Java behavior 02-Nov-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b14 Imp: Arc segment control point of ComponentPath2D moved to center point Imp: Changing the segment control point in ComponentPath2D leaves the segment rigid Imp: Control point behavior of ComponentArc2D Imp: Segment control point added to ComponentLine2D Fix: Minor bug in command store reporting a "No such file..." error Add: Rubber band for a full circle added Imp: InfiniteCircleException thrown in Construction Fix: New arc behavior obeyed in DXF export 23-Oct-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b13 Imp: Immutable LENGTH feature added to Path Component Imp: Hints as tool tip added to command line menu prompt and choices Add: Vector2D objects as temporary geometry Add: Circle, arc and angle rubber bands to control the construction process Imp: Circle and circular arc component construction improved Imp: CADEMIA construction improved by better methods and graphical feedback Imp: Construction methods used in commands to add new components Add: Construction processor for circular arcs Imp: Line component construction improved Imp: Single push-back argument extended to a list of arguments Fix: Placement of popup menus if the toolbar doesn't fit on the screen (Mac) Imp: List of pushed back arguments enabled Imp: Prefix for absolute and relative coordinates introduced in ConPoint2D Imp: AddPoly replaced by AddPath command for extended arc construction Hnt: AddPoly and SetConPolySettings deprecated 23-Sep-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b12 Imp: Command manager cleared after execution of start commands Imp: Command WinFit also operates on selected components Imp: Extended mouse events 'Hold' and 'Double Click' supported Add: General context menu implemented Add: Specific context menu for construction point and addpoly created Add: Start of feature dialog via double click Imp: Init "again command" after CADEMIA startup Imp: Show "again command" in tool bars and context menu Fix: Render problem on Mac OS X while drawing a mouse stroke with the microscope Imp: Tool tip text added to undo/ redo buttons in Mac and modern toolbars Imp: Context menu to be started by CTRL key if no right mouse button found Imp: Update method in DrawPanel now repaints the microscope homogeneously Imp: Grid and coordinate system drawn on top of panel Imp: Show coordinate system unfilled if origin is outside of panel 03-Sep-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b11 Fix: Bug while checking the OS version in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Add: Drawing sequence and posXXX commands introduced to change the position Imp: Drawing sequence in print commands and PDF export respected Imp: Macro recording moved to develop menu Fix: Bug in SelectByPickInside while constructing the pick box Fix: Bug while interpreting backslash sequences in DefaultArgumentTokenizer Fix: Enable input of mouse stroke code via mouse input in DmpMouseStrokeProp and SetMouseStrokeProperty Fix: Bug in feature dialog when processing multi-line text Imp: Reset the database checksum after executing the start commands 27-Aug-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b10 Fix: Error during first CADEMIA launch when restoring the tool bar Imp: Set SNAP mode on first CADEMIA launch Add: Support of invisible components Imp: Select filters added Imp: Checked command line dialog choices Add: Visibility of components Imp: Visibility status added to Layers Imp: Visibility filter added to select commands Imp: Invisible components rendered transparently Imp: Visibility feature supported Imp: Ignored invisible components in print commands and PDF export Imp: Support of invisible entities in DXF Imp: Highlighting of selected image components Imp: Context based enabling of tool bar and menu bar Imp: Annotations and rubber bands saved and restored on interrupt Imp: Context sensitive enabling of items in tool bars and menu bar Imp: Temporary geometry annotations added to construction point 17-Aug-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b9 Imp: InterpreterFactory introduced in CADEMIA Kernel for opCAD Imp: Interrupting Attribute List Boxes in Toolbars Fix: Error on Windows and Linux when launching CADEMIA via the document Fix: Windows setup.exe changed to dynamically set -Xms and -Xmx switches 30-Jul-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b8 Add: Concept of annotation renderers introduced in Geometry Panels Add: Annotation renderers for construction added Imp: Drawing and undrawing of temporary geometry done by annotation rendering Fix: Bug while painting rubber bands Imp: Shape of user coordinate system changed Fix: Kernel dialogs wrapped by InvokeLater Fix: Bug that occurred while massively interrupting via the mouse scroll wheel 23-Jul-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b7 Hnt: Switch to Java 6 suspended due to problems with Mac unified textured window Imp: Snap mode in point construction Imp: Snap mode for all standard mouse strokes selected Imp: Placement of message dialogs centered at the last location 22-Jul-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b6 Add: Transparent interrupting commands via #interrupt("...") Imp: Timing adjustments in dynamic window manipulation commands Imp: Error messages displayed in a message box Imp: Hand Cursor shown during mouse stroke input Imp: Wait cursor shown between command line dialogs Imp: Support of Listeners for Remove and Copy commands 05-Jun-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b5 Imp: Better logic for handling adjoining components in PickNear command Fix: Transformation of control points based upon UndoableCmd class Fix: Bug that occurred when transforming control points of a loaded image Fix: Transparency removed from printed text Fix: Inconsistency when defining dashed patterns Imp: More component types and modify methods added to modern and Mac toolbars Fix: Bug in Kernel._getUserDir() when the path contained spaces 02-Jun-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b4 Imp: Linux Look & Feel activated (was accidentally deactivated) Imp: Modern toolbar beautified for all supported OSs Imp: After changing a feature all dependent features updated in Feature Dialog Fix: Images shown unmirrored in view and printer Add: Images supported in PDF export Fix: Calculation of property user.dir changed for Linux Fix: Removed image file reference of databases with Image components Add: Image information added to Info > Components (DumpComponents) Imp: Methods setControlPointStarts() and Ends() added to Component interface Imp: Behaviour of Image component Imp: ImageFileChooser replaced by Kernel.readFile() 17-May-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b3 Imp: Menu icon display linked to toolbar type Imp: Set command line dialog menu choices disabled while prompting for command Imp: Component status added to status bar Add: Class ExtendedMouseListener for long clicks Imp: Support of long clicks at modern toolbar's undo and redo buttons Imp: WindowRubberband created for both picking and zooming purposes Imp: Temporary geometry saved and restored on command interrupt Imp: Images printed Imp: SetDrawPanelLayout made undoable Fix: Again command Imp: Coordinate origin in gray Hnt: UI prepared for automatic interrupt handling Hnt: Images are mirrored on both view and printer 09-May-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b2 Fix: UNDO handling for unassociated dimensioning Imp: Mac toolbar: Disabled UNDO/ REDO buttons if command list is empty Imp: Mac toolbar: Added a list of undoable commands on button long press event Imp: Added individual toString() methods to all commands Add: Command Message to display a message in a popup message box 03-May-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 b1 Imp: The last line shown in the info area is displayed in the status bar Imp: Info area closed on startup Imp: Output of commands adapted to status bar output Fix: Bug in Kernel.readFile() when double mouse clicks occurred 29-Apr-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a28 Imp: User interface redesigned (Mac, classic and modern toolbars; Command line dialog moved to the upper GUI area; Status bar with mouse coordinates; Menu added to each graphic window) Imp: Performance tuning Imp: Scrollable command line menus Add: setAgainCmd added to control the "again" behaviour Imp: Redesign of menu bar: Develop and Window menu, Images removed from Mac Imp: AddDefaultTools extended by user interaction to select a toolbar type Imp: Selection of font family based upon scrollable command line menus Imp: Output of Information commands directed to message boxes Imp: Selection of font family in DXF Imp: Kernel.readYesNo() and Kernel.readOK() dialogs made scrollable Fix: Default in Kernel.readYesNo() and Kernel.readOK() under Windows Del: windraw ad setgrid command Add: repaintGUI command Add: Commands WinFlags* to change the rendering flags Imp: Geometry panel rendering flags passed to ViewController Fix: Bug in pick rubber band Imp: Performance tuning and rendering flags in BasicViewController Imp: Bounding box view added to BasicViewController Imp: Cursor position continuously shown in status bar 08-Apr-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a27 Imp: Removed update of "database changed indicator" after each command Imp: Bottle neck removed in Control point Iterator of ComponentPath2D Imp: Fluent display of mouse strokes Imp: Performance tuning for filled shapes under Mac OS X and the Quartz engine 13-Mar-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a26 Fix: Problem on Mac OS X with Gradient Paint fill patterns when zoomed deeply in Imp: Optimized dynamic zoom using the raster image bitmap Imp: Removed calculation of CRC32 number after each command (no visual control) Imp: Microscope only shown when picking construction geometry Imp: Several optimizations while drawing Fix: Mirror-inverted placement of images Fix: Bug under Mac OS X when launching the cademia.jar (not the 05-Mar-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a25 Imp: White fill color drawn black in BasicViewController Fix: HATCH import in DXF for arc and ellipse segments Fix: Bugs in ELLIPSE import in DXF Fix: Handling of degenerated arcs in Path2D and Geo2D Imp: Selected control points shown in command Dump 24-Feb-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a24 Fix: Assignment of Default attributes while adding components to component set Fix: Assigned a solid fill pattern to SOLIDs in DXF import 22-Feb-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a23 Add: Support of raster images as fourth attribute list of Components Fix: Attributes in DXF import Imp: Components now store an Attributes copy (which caused the DXF problem) Fix: Import of Arcs with NaN bounds Imp: Import of HATCHes that consist of multiple loops Fix: Import of SOLIDs that consist of four points Imp: Generic formulation in many classes 03-Feb-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a22 Imp: Labels and buttons united Imp: Behaviour of dimensioning 29-Jan-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a21 Imp: Updater class removed, minor changes to Binding classes Imp: Generic formulation of ObservableSet and NamedListIterator 28-Jan-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a20 Imp: Behaviour of control points and left/ right semantics in ComponentDimSingle Fix: PLUGIN_BALKEN adapted to new bindings package Imp: Control points information added to DumpComponents Del: Redundant mouse stroke for horizontal text Fix: BindingAdapter.getBindingObjects() now returns a mutable set Fix: Buggy Connector refs to ComponentPath2D objects not converted to Bindings 23-Jan-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a19 Fix: Bound changed objects were not updated if the binding objects didn't change Fix: Inconsistency of internal names of Path2D structure on (de)serialize Imp: Behaviour of control points in ComponentDimSingle 21-Jan-2009 CADEMIA 1.5 a18 Imp: Binding and updating replaced completely Imp: cib.util.update package deprecated Imp: All commands (like Remove, Copy, AddDimensioning) adjusted Imp: Loading of old databases supported Imp: More Generics added Imp: Tool tip for menu items Imp: Allow only objects type Component in component and select sets Imp: Disable Windows Direct3D support in Instance 05-Dec-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a17 Imp: Components with null attributes are assigned Default attributes on add 01-Dec-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a16 Fix: Display of rubber band geometry 28-Nov-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a15 Imp: DXF import and export by a HATCH instead of a SOLID fill only Imp: DXF export by bulge representation of circle segments in CADEMIA paths Imp: Minor changes in ComponentPath2D and Geo2D Imp: DXF in CADEMIA_HELP 19-Nov-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a14 Fix: Displayed text size on screen adjusted Fix: Class loading of Plugins changed for Java SE 6 Add: STYLE, TEXT and MTEXT exported in DXF Imp: STYLE and TEXT import optimized in DXF Imp: TextView extended by offset and bounding box 06-Oct-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a13 Fix: Mouse stroke encoding for 1 button mouse Fix: Mouse stroke display after executing the command dumpmousestrokeprop Imp: Enabled setting the relative coordinate base Imp: Restored the relative coordinate base in AddPoly after 'Undo Segment' 18-Sep-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a12 Imp: Undoing of segments in addpoly command Imp: Added a more user friendly winding rule to ComponentPath2D Add: Added the CADEMIA version to the stored database Add: Added a warning message when starting preliminary CADEMIA versions Imp: ComponentText2D extended by a justification Feature Imp: Removed the Close segment from AddPoly and AddRectangle commands Imp: Several menu texts renamed 10-Sep-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a11 Fix: Bug in ComponentArc2D when the sweep angle was < - 2*PI or > 2*PI Add: LINE, CIRCLE and ARC transferred explicitly in DXF export Imp: In -i switch creation of INI file on specified path if it doesn't exist 15-Aug-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a10 Add: Hatch in DXF export Imp: Filled text entities Hnt: Sometimes filled structures are not correctly drawn Add: Boolean, Choice and Double Features added Imp: Hard coded Dimensioning attributes changed to features Add: Additional features introduced: Christian... 12-Aug-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a9 Fix: Several bugs in DXF import when importing system tables Imp: Output of stack trace in dxf import 11-Aug-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a8 Imp: AutoCAD 2004 DXF exported (previously exported R12) Imp: LWPOLYLINE instead of POLYLINE exported in DXF Add: Linetype and linewidth exported in DXF Fix: Bug in DXF import concerning linetype scale 07-Aug-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a7 Add: Layers and colors exported in DXF Add: TextView view added Add: Text components exported as Polygons in DXF 30-Jul-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a6 Add: Shapes and texts exported in DXF as entity Polyline Imp: Bug fixed in DXF import concerning null line patterns Imp: DXF import of names containing the character '|' enabled Imp: Separator '|' replaced by '\n' in attribute tuple String representation Imp: Class TextView added for text elements Imp: Generics for Component and NamedListIterator added Fix: Pick end vertex of a line that doesn't show the start vertex Hnt: Second fit changes the viewport: This has to be accepted Bug: Fixed a bug that occurred while splitting a close segment 22-Jul-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a5 Fix: All rubberbands done Fix: Notification added to ComponentPath2D.close() Fix: Mouse strokes drawn on glass pane Imp: Null layers supported in LayeredGraphics Add: getProperties() added to Kernel Add: Microscope funtionality added to GeometryPanel Imp: AddPoly draws component permanently Fix: Console output removed from DefaultArgumentTokenizer Add: Commands SetMicroscopeRadius and SetMicroscopeEnableded Del: Command SetMicroscope Imp: Grid attached to window: each window can have an own grid Imp: Grid saved and restored via Properties Del: Grid funtionality removed from coordinate space Bug: undo of putviewcontroller assigns a null controller Bug: exception for split close segment Bug: pick end vertex of a line that doesn't show the start vertex Bug: second fit changes the viewport 14-Jul-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a4 Imp: Generics for UTIL (collections, ...) and CADEMIA project Fix: Microscope performance under Windows and Linux Hnt: Rubberbands still to be done Hnt: Annotations removed Bug: undo of putviewcontroller assigns a null controller Bug: exception for split close segment Bug: pick end vertex of a line that doesn't show the start vertex Bug: second fit changes the viewport 09-Feb-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a3 Fix: Bugs in rubber band classes: instances did not show in Windows/ Linux Hnt: Works but needs still cleanup concerning the ANNOTATIONS layer... Fix: Kernel standard dialogs didn't show for negative locations in cademia.ini Bug: undo of putviewcontroller assigns a null controller Bug: exception for split close segment 05-Feb-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a2 Add: Microscope tool to inspect the control points of a Component Add: SetMicroscope command to specify the microscope parameters Add: Picking of control points Bug: Fixed bugs that occurred when drawing a RubberBand on events like repaint, iconification, application change and the like 01-Feb-2008 CADEMIA 1.5 a1 Add: Preliminary DXF-export Add: Command setDrawPanelLayout Add: Layered view subsystem: ViewController/ View specify Layers to draw upon Imp: Drawing of BasisViewController and its Views Imp: Adjusted WinZoom command Imp: Keep temporary geometry on repaint Del: Move main window from menubar Fix: Bug that occurred in command Remove if nothing was selected 30-Jan-2008 CADEMIA 1.4.2 Fix: bug that occurred in command Remove if nothing was selected 12-Dec-2007 CADEMIA 1.4.1 Fix: bug that occurred when loading Plugins from a path with white space 10-Dec-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 Imp: cademia directory with the cademia application and a plugin directory Add: Secondary print method (for Windows and Linux) as command print2 added Imp: Provided the print commands print, print0, print1 and print2 Imp: Quartz engine enabled under Mac OS X Fix: Method to show grid changed for Quartz graphics Fix: Printing of white shapes enabled Imp: Stroking of shapes left to graphic system Add: Bounds check in print Fix: Bug fixed (that showed up on Mac OS X) with border display 05-Dec-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 b6 Add: Segment based HATCH boundary in DXF import Imp: DXFReader class beautified 04-Dec-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 b5 Add: HATCH and POLYLINE supported in DXF import Imp: Backslash sequences interpreted in DXF import Imp: Default provided if text font not installed in DXF import Imp: Many ContentHandlers supported in DXFReader Add: GroupCodes 211-213, 221-223 and 231-233 Imp: Better message for caught exception in DXF parser 03-Dec-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 b4 Imp: Fault-tolerance increased in DXF import: Missing Groupcodes, Leading blanks of Groupcodes Fix: Bug in text display in View Controller with large coordinate offsets 02-Dec-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 b3 Fix: Object Coordinate System (OCS) supported in DXF import Fix: Layer assigned to components in DXF import Imp: Invisible entities not transferred in DXF import Imp: Whole model shown in views after DXF import 29-Nov-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 b2 Fix: Bug in DXF import when OBJECTS section contained a Group Code 9 Fix: Bug in selectbyname Fix: Bug in FeatureDialog on setvisible Fix: Changed the undo handling in changefeatures to a cloning based method 26-Nov-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 b1 Add: assign() added to Component interface and implemented for all specific components Add: Class UndoableCmd based upon clone and assignment Imp: Many commands (all selection commands) derived from UndoableCmd Imp: Set ConnectDimCtrlPoints quiet after removal of dimensioned control points Imp: Unused attributes removed from ComponentTitleBlock Add: DXF import added to file menu Imp: UNDO handling completed: now all should be fine 21-Nov-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a16 Imp: Type system on control points improved: Point, Vertex, Segment, the latter with subtypes Line, Arc, ... (see class Component) Imp: Control point types added to existing Components Add: Generic command SplitControlPoints, SetControlPointType, RemoveControlPoints based on control point types Del: Command RemoveVertex (replaced by RemoveControlPoints) Imp: Added control point to Close Segment in ComponentPath2D Add: Specific implementation of the above mentioned commands added to the ComponentPath2D Add: Command RemoveControlPoints integrated into the Remove command Imp: Data structure of Arc segments changed in Path2D: Center point removed, point on the arc added Add: New construction method supported by a rubber band added for Arc Segments in command AddPoly Add: Calculation of an Arc/ Ellipse by three points added to Geo2D Fix: Bug in intersect that occurred in Java 1.5 on degenerated QuadCurves and CubicCurves and that prevents CADEMIA Components to be picked Imp: Kernel.readFile() when storing an already existing file Add: reset() method added to Path2D and ComponentPath2D Hnt: UNDO handling not complete yet!!! 05-Nov-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a15 Imp: Type and hierarchy added to Control points in Component interface Imp: Arc segment behaviour in Path2D Imp: Topology added to Path2D interface by using names Imp: ComponentPath2D adapted to the new Control point and Path2D features Add: Command removeVertex Imp: Filters added to commands Select/UnselectControlPoints Imp: Control point hierarchy supported in PickNear, Select/UnselectControlPoints Hnt: UNDO handling not complete yet!!! 04-Oct-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a14 Fix: Added the new macro extension to the record command Add: More hatching patterns added in command AddDinAttributes Imp: Added line and column numbers and the Token image on DXF parser errors 19-Sep-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a13 Fix: Linewidth 0 now generates a thin line Fix: Severe error that occurred while parsing DXF files Fix: Bug in Path2D that occurred when adding arcs with zero radius Fix: Bug in DXF concerning text justification Add: Elements ELLIPSE, ATTDEF and ATTRIB supported in DXF import 13-Sep-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a12 Fix: Several bugs in DXF import Hnt: For larger DXF file import the heap must be extended, e.g. -Xms32m -Xmx256m Fix: Text view display on Windows and Linux 11-Sep-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a11 Fix: Bug in DXF concerning ColorNumber BYLAYER and BYBLOCK Add: DIMENSION and SOLID imported via DXF Fix: Bug in DXF concerning the MTEXT angle Imp: Added a Property file that contains a logical Plugin name Imp: Help contents removed to a separate Plugin 06-Sep-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a10 Add: Text consisting of multiple lines supported ('\n' ctrl sequence) Add: LWPolyline and MText supported in DXF Add: "%%" sequences supported in DXF Imp: Processing of Layers enhanced Imp: Input file format changed from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1 Imp: BasicViewController optimized for patterns with short dashes Imp: get() and set() methods added to Feature classes Imp: Default-handling for attribute selectors (dialogs) added Imp: Default values added to the command line in Feature dialog Add: Multiline text editing supported in Feature dialog Fix: OutOfBoundsException caught in MouseStroke decoder Fix: Tab '\t' supported in CADEMIA command line language (macros) Add: Bulge calculation added to Geo2D class 30-Aug-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a9 Imp: Improved integration into Mac OS X: Handled about, print and quit Del: Symbol FileExtension in cademia_defaults.ini Add: File extension cademia_macro for Macros and cademia_plugin for Plugins Add: Constants for file extensions in Kernel; Usage of these constants Imp: All macros renamed from *.cibs to *.cademia_macro, command play adjusted Imp: Command ExtendClasspath renamed to AddClasspath Add: Command DumpPlugins to show the loaded plugins Imp: The Plugin command renamed to META-INF/plugin.cademia_macro Imp: ClassPath and PluginPath introduced in cademia_defaults.ini Imp: HelpCommands and menubar extended by new commands Imp: Syntax of command line switches changed (see CADEMIA usage) Add: Command line switches -cp, -classpath and -plugin added (see CADEMIA usage) 24-Aug-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a8 Add: Plugin concept (Runtime Extension) Add: Cmd extendClasspath: Extends the classpath by a path or a jar file Add: Cmd dumpClassPath: Shows the extended classpath Add: Cmd plugin: Loads a plugin as a jar file. The jar file must contain a macro with the name of the jar file. The macro is executed only once. 21-Aug-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a7 Add: DXF import extended by layers and blocks Fix: Bug in drawing an icon for a line pattern consisting of short dashes Imp: Views in white color drawn black Imp: Axis view drawn in shape color Fix: Bug in DrawPanel border calculation 16-Aug-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a6 Imp: New help system added Fix: Patterns with dash length all zero detected Imp: Definition of general user units supported, eg. m, cm, mm, km Imp: Dimensioning and Title Block components adapted to user units concept Imp: DXF interface adapted to user units concept Imp: Command exceptions caught and provided a possibility to save the document Add: Command setNaturalUnit Imp: Scaling of the text height disabled Add: Menu bar extended by dump database and set natural unit Imp: Default position of text (AttributedText) set to left-baseline Imp: Assignment of world to natural units simplified 13-Aug-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a5 Imp: View subsystem tuning: Views outside the visible area are not stored anymore 09-Aug-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a4 Imp: Text made pickable at the interior Imp: Better drawing performance by abandoning stroked shapes for thin lines Imp: Better selection performance by toolbar optimizations Add: Improvements of DXF import 27-Jul-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a3 Fix: Kernel.readOK() and Kernel.readYesNo(); MSG_QUESTION added 26-Jul-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a2 Imp: Vertical text justification extended: top, bottom, center and baseline Imp: Command addtext extended to enter justification Imp: cademia_default.ini changed due to revised command addtext Imp: Consistent handling of undefined font families added Imp: Consistent handling of undefined line widths added Imp: Consistent handling of undefined font families added Imp: Undefined font family "isocpeur" handled on Mac OS X Imp: Attributes adapted to font families Imp: Consistent handlig of umlaut in Layers Imp: DXF import extended by STYLE and COLOR Imp: Kernel.readOK() and Kernel.readYesNo() Imp: Dump Components extended for text justification Fix: Handling of text justification in BasicViewController Imp: Code style in GraphicalUserInterface Imp: AttributedText extended for additional text justifications Imp: Possibility to read the parsed line number added to DXF package Imp: DXF attributes extended by the associated parsed line interval Fix: More rigorous handling when reading undefined GroupCodes Add: ColorNumber enumeration added Imp: DXF package changed to read from a Reader instead of an InputStream 12-Jul-2007 CADEMIA 1.4 a1 Imp: Unchangeable Features introduced Add: Support of unchangeable Features in Feature Dialog Add: Support of disabled choices in CmdLineDialog Add: Command ClearInfoArea Imp: CADEMIA file dialog used in Play and Record commands 04-Jul-2007 CADEMIA 1.3.1 Fix: Bug that occurred in Kernel.readFile() when the path was omitted 27-Jun-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 Imp: Final version 20-Jun-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 RC3 Fix: Intersection of coincident endpoints of parallel line segments supported Add: Preliminary version of DXF import (just LINE, ARC and CIRCLE entities) Fix: Handling of upper and lowercase file extensions in LOAD command Add: DXF parser package added in cib.util.dxf 30-May-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 RC2 Fix: XOR mode bug in ALL Linux distributions fixed 29-May-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 RC1 Fix: Multiple interpretation of mouse clicked event removed 22-May-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 b1 Fix: Bug in rubber band in Linux gnome desktop (UBUNTU) Fix: Window background set to white in Linux gnome desktop (UBUNTU) Fix: Height of Comboboxes in Toolbar adjusted (Mac OS X) Add: Support of mouse events (like drag, click, rotate wheel) to start commands Imp: Dynamical window scale by rotating the mouse wheel Imp: Dynamical window move by dragging the mouse wheel Add: Dynamical translation of components by dragging the left mouse buton Del: Command WinScalePoint replaced by WinScaleByMouseWheel Del: Command WinMovePoints replaced by WinMoveByMouseWheel Del: AddExtendedMouseInput class Imp: Firing of disabled AddMouseStrokeInputDevice eliminated Add: Filtering of picked geometry enabled in all Construction classes 02-May-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 a7 Fix: Bug in undo-redo-sequences where the element's name was changed Fix: Bug in all Copy commands where the system hang after aborting the command 19-Apr-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 a6 Imp: Load and MacroLoad show the database in all windows Add: Dynamic window manipulation: pan by drag, scale by scroll Add: Dynamic ViewController management supported Add: Enia's Databases added Add: Commands putCmd (same as addCmd) and putViewController added 17-Apr-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 a5 Add: Command concircle for the construction of circles added Imp: Better support of literals in Feature dialog Fix: Bug that occurred for zero length attributed strings Imp: Caret position changed to position n-1 if text ends with " Imp: Construction and all input methods extended by a default parameter Imp: All construction commands extended by a default argument Imp: AddText command extended by a default angle Fix: Transformation of TextToken instances from literal to text and vice versa and provided as public static methods Fix: Properties stored when exiting CADEMIA Imp: Preferred location and directory stored in Kernel file dialog Fix: Translation from literal to text and vice versa in Kernel file dialog 10-Apr-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 a4 Imp: Apple integration: Mark the red close button if the database has changed Imp: Apple integration: Allow loading of a document by double-clicking Imp: Loading of files via Kernel.readFile() Imp: Command MacroLoad provided for a better macro support of loading documents Fix: Bug fixed in Windows loading a file by double-clicking 28-Mar-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 a3 Add: Command checksum calculates the CRC-checksum of the (transient) database Imp: Save changed database on load and exit events Imp: Dialogs readYesNo, readOK, readFile, readColor enhanced by modeless JDialog instances Imp: Upgraded to JavaCC 4.0 Add: Application title functionality added to interface UserInterface Imp: Frame title displays application specific part, document and change mark Add: Instance gets document as command line argument Add: make_cib_jar shell script added for MacOS X 12-Mar-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 a2 Fix: Mirroring of ArcSegment in ComponentPath2D supported Add: setWorldUnits command Imp: renamed cad.ini to cademia.ini and cad_defaults to cademia_defaults.ini Imp: This file renamed to historyCADEMIA.txt Add: Definition of Properties as command line arguments Add: Definition of Start Commands as command line arguments Imp: Syntax of -I switch changed Add: Mighty Mouse support for Mac OS X Fix: Meta data of title block made editable Imp: Title block parameters stored as properties Add: File extension changed from CIB to CADEMIA; CIB files can still be loaded 27-Feb-2007 CADEMIA 1.3 a1 Fix: Swing synchronization bug that occurred on Mac OS X Add: scale command Add: mirror command Add: copyTranslate command (same as copy) Add: copyRotate command Add: copyScale command Add: copyMirror command Add: helpCmd command 31-Jan-2007 CADEMIA 1.2 Imp: Sources formally prepared for release Add: Build scripts for generating the binary from the source without an IDE Fix: Different selection behaviour of JComboBox in Java 1.5 and 1.6 19-Oct-2006 CAD 1.1.1b Run Fix: Focus handling: command line dialog only gets focus if the frame is active Fix: GraphicalUserInterface.consumeArgsByCmdLineDialog() synchronized Fix: FeatureDialog: Focus handling, enter-key handling Fix: Bug in ConDistance fixed Fix: Bug in ConPoint >Locate Fix: Cancel in Attribute and Layer selectors enabled Fix: Synchronization problem for digitized input Imp: Disabled command line dialog not greyed Imp: Disabled menubar and toolbar not greyed Add: ViewUtilities.requestFocusAsynchonously() added to securely req. the focus Imp: Visual representation of grid points enhanced Del: Command for adding the menubar Add: Commands for adding menus (please check your cad.ini file) 28-Sep-2006 CAD 1.1.1a Run Imp: "Locate" menu choice added to construction point 27-Sep-2006 CAD 1.1.1 Run Fix: Bugs fixed in Feature Dialog 20-Sep-2006 CAD 1.1 Run Imp: Buffered views Del: Previous drawing mode (undraw by drawing the windows background) Imp: Disabling of input devices that are not ready for input Imp: Show model instance after load Imp: Standard toolbar with JToolbar and JComponent, command based 31-Aug-2006 CAD 1.0.3 Run Add: Construction extensions, mainly in construction point Imp: View update procedure via clipping region (previous one is still available) 24-Jul-2006 CAD 1.0.2 Run Fix: bug fixed that occurred during UNDO in CeBIT demo Fix: protected attributes in Cmds Fix: Standardized argument handling added to feature dialog Add: Listeners added/ extended: MarkerMap, CoordSpace Add: consuming of args by command line dialog added Add: requesting of focus in command line dialog managed Fix: Reference dialog updated Fix: Bug fixed in ConCircle Pick Add: Intersection of all geometric types added in Geo2D and Construction 20-Apr-2006 CAD 1.0.1 Run Fix: Various problems fixed in Mac OS X Fix: AWT printing enabled for Mac OS X Fix: Catched exceptions thrown during mouse stroke input Fix: Null viewport during window zoom disabled Fix: System setup supported for window color Fix: Rounded coordinate values for output Imp: Mouse strokes supported in Mac OS X Imp: Java version checked on system startup 06-Mar-2006 CAD 1.0 Run Imp: Menu bar completed 21-Dec-2005 CAD Run Fix: Compiler warnings removed 21-Dec-2005 CAD Run Fix: jar file manifest 21-Dec-2005 CAD Run Add: serialVersionUID defined in all serializable classes Fix: Update attribute list boxes after load in toolbar Fix: Some icons replaced Fix: A thousand things not worth to be mentioned ... 20-Dec-2005 CAD Run Add: Limit size of undo chain according to MaxCmdHistorySize in property file Add: Registration of standard commands removed from Kernel Add: New logic for picknear command: enabled toggling of control point marking Add: Wrapped MouseStroke engine as InputDevice Add: Text font changed in info area Add: CADEMIA logo displayed in JFrame Fix: Undrawing of views: removed pixels that formerly remained Fix: Feature dialog: mixup of features removed 15-Dec-2005 CAD 0.9.9 Run Add: Renamed CADEMIA Add: Interruptable commands Add: Input devices introduced as wrappers of toolbar and menubar Add: Crosshatching on the base of fill patterns Add: Drawing of control points removed for unselected components Add: ComponentGeneralPath replaced by ComponentPath2D Fix: Axis view sometimes didn't draw 02-Nov-2005 CAD Run Fix: class AttributeTuple renamed to Attributes; all method names adapted 02-Nov-2005 CAD Run Add: AttributeManager as a Wrapper to Attribute administration classes Add: Attribute selectors as standard command line dialogs Add: Listener for default attribute modifications extended Add: Attribute handling implemented in ComponentAdapter Add: Layer classes moved to separate layer package Add: Listener for default layer modifications Add: Layer selector as standard command line dialog Add: AddDINLayers command for creation of DIN 1356 layers and attributes Fix: Listeners for attributes and layers used in toolbar Add: Redesign of feature management in Component interface Add: Typed features added Add: Feature dialog redesigned Add: Public update() methods in UpdateManager and UserInterface Fix: BasicViewController synchronized to avoid ConcurrentModificationException Add: CoordSpace.getCoordSpace() added, reference removed from components Add: Construction.getConstruction() added Fix: ReInit() instead of constr. used in DefaultArgumentTokenizer.getTokens() Fix: ReInit() instead of constr. used in DefaultNumberInterpreter.getNumber() Add: Focus management in CmdLineDialog added Fix: Bug in ToolbarPanel.createToggleButton fixed Add: Listener iterator added to ObservableSet Add: Geo2D.round() to be used for text output 07-Sep-2005 CAD Run Add: Parallel dimensioning Add: Control points added to GeneralPath component (moving not yet possible) Add: AddPoly command extended for multiple segments Add: NoIntersectionException, NullVectorException derived from RuntimeException Add: Circle control points Add: GeneralPath control points Add: Text control points Fix: Bugs fixed for copying and removing of components with dependencies Fix: Implemented UNDO handling for dimensioning, copying and removing Fix: Pushback mechanism for command line arguments added Fix: Transparent fill for shapes 06-Sep-2005 CAD Run Add: Init commands in property file Add: Copy rectangular array Add: Save and restore construction settings in commands Add: Renamed digStart0 and digEnd0 to #strokeStart0 and #strokeEnd0 Add: Arc control points Add: toString() added to Vector2D class Add: Commands consave and conretsore for saving and restoring construction settings Fix: Bug fixed in mouse stroke expansion Fix: Bug fixed in cloning 05-Aug-2005 CAD 0.9.8 Run Add: Strokes added for dimensioning and line construction Fix: Window manipulation zooms out a little bit more Add: Binding and update integrated Add: Cloning added (Copy command) Add: Access methods for Command Manager and command table added to Kernel 28-Jul-2005 CAD Run Fix: Shell renamed to Kernel 28-Jul-2005 CAD Run Add: Binding and update package Add: Notification based upon ObservableObject Add: Cloneable and Copy command (without dependencies) Fix: On remove component clear MarkerMap Fix: Serialization 21-Jun-2005 CAD Run Add: NamedListIterator added Add: Horizontal dimensioning (no bindings) Add: Text justification in class AttributedText 14-Jun-2005 CAD Run Add: Control points Add: Pick inside (another select filter) Fix: Prompt for filename when first storing a document Add: cmd dump: show text size instead of pt info Add: cmd dump: show line width 10-May-2005 CAD Run Add: Mouse strokes Add: Prompt for storing on exit Add: Cancel during file save handled in commands exit and new Add: Standard OK_Cancel and YES_NO_Cancel dialogs added Fix: Pick box size changed from 14 to 10 pixels Fix: Tupel renamed to Tuple Fix: Backslash editing  local copy
Record updated last time on: 19/07/2019 - 17:39

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