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Monday, 1 November, 1999




The BOOTOS2 program is a utility that allows you to build a BOOTable OS/2 V2,V3 or V4 system using an existing OS/2 V2, V3 or V4 system. The BOOT system can be installed on either Floppy Disks or a Hard Disk Partition.

Beside Boot OS/2, you can also try bootAble.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory, unpack to destination folder and read BOOTOS2.DOC. See below for download link(s).

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

Boot OS/2 v. 9.26 (1/11/1999, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)) Readme/What's new
History: 08/92 : (v1.00) - Initial release 03/93 : (V2.00) - Fixed a problem where BOOTOS2 was not recognizing a Floppy Disk Drive as a Removable medium if no Disk was in it when the program first started. This would cause BOOTOS2 to install the wrong BOOT System, resulting in various errors. - Fixed problem with FORMAT by making it run Synchronously so if it Fails, an error code will be returned. - Added support for NLS Statement - When COPYing file, added more meaningful error messages - Fixed problem running BOOTOS2 from a ROOT Directory - The temporary directory where files from the install disks are copied is changed from the directory where BOOTOS2.EXE is executed from to a new subdirectory based off of it named BOS2TEMP This will prevent BOOTOS2 from overwriting and deleting system files when it is located on the \OS2 directory of the BOOT Drive. - The INI files can now be located on your DPATH - If the Target Drive is already formatted and contains data, the option to run the Install without formating is given. - Added special support for the Image Adapter/A - All DLLs will be located via LIBPATH instead of looking automatically for it in \OS2\DLL - Changed TARGET= to allow for X or X: - For a minimal install, a check will be made to see if there is enough room left on the target drive to copy over extra files like CHKDSK, UHPFS and OSO001.MSG - Fixed problem where HPFS support was not added if the Target drive was formatted for HPFS but the active system did not have HPFS support. - Added support for 2-Disk BOOT System via 2DISK argument - Added NLS support for FORMAT by querying system for the response character to use: US default is 'Y' - Added support for a BOOT system when active system is OS/2 2.0 with Service Pack or OS/2 2.1 - Added support for REXX invocation argument - Added support for ABIOS argument. This allows a user to explicitly specify that the workstation supports ABIOS. This will allow the user to circumvent the problem where "RAM Loadable" MicroChannel machines were being diagnosed as not supporting ABIOS; causing the wrong set of system files to be loaded. - Changed external name to BOOTOS2 - Added support for the TRACE invocation option - Added support for the SWAP= invocation argument 05/93 : (V3.00) - Updated BOS2U21 and BOS2S21 files to 2.1 GA levels - Fixed 2DISK option. It will no longer return RC=4 after trying to format B. - Added support for SVGA; Copy over \OS2\SVGADATA.PMI - Added code to copy over BASEDEV= invocation arguments - Added code to copy over HELPMGR.DLL if room allows - Added 2.1 support for 8514 by updating BOS2U21.INI with the proper values for PM_DISPLAYS. This updating of BOS2U21 will be done for all display types if necessary. - Added support for HPFS386 - For a Disk Install, install sequence changed so the files SYSINST1 and HARDERR are only copied if there is room. This frees up room for BIO files required by certain MicroChannel machines that could not fit otherwise. *NOTE* If SYSINST1/HARDERR are not installed, then CAD will not work - Enhanced install of BASEDEV drivers. For a single 1.44M BOOT Disk, only those BASEDEV drivers that are needed for accessing DASD (.ADD) are copied. Otherwise, if room allows, all BASEDEV drivers will be copied. - Removed copying of DTM.DLL for a TYPE=PM or TYPE=WPS install. It wasn't needed for anything as far as I could tell and at least one user complained it wasn't installed on his base OS/2 system - Support for the IBM IA/A is not working in this release. I am trying to get help with this from the IA/A development team, but it might take a while. If you have IA/A support installed on your active system when you run BOOTOS2, you can try the following: * On the \OS2\DLL directory of your active OS/2 2.x system, look for a file named DISPLAY.OLD; this is the DISPLAY.DLL that was active before you ran the IA/A INSTALL program. Copy this 'over' the DISPLAY.DLL that BOOTOS2 installed on the \OS2\DLL directory of your 'target' system. * In the CONFIG.SYS of your target system, look for the following statements: DEVICE=\OS2\XGARING0.SYS DEVICE=\OS2\IAOS2RFS.SYS SET VIDEO_DEVICES=VIO_yyy,VIO_IBMIAA SET VIO_IBMIAA=DEVICE(BVHVGA,BVHIAA) SET VIO_yyy=DEVICE(BVHVGA,BVHyyy) * Change these to: rem DEVICE=\OS2\XGARING0.SYS rem DEVICE=\OS2\IAOS2RFS.SYS SET VIDEO_DEVICES=VIO_yyy rem SET VIO_IBMIAA=DEVICE(BVHVGA,BVHIAA) SET VIO_yyy=DEVICE(BVHyyy) * Do this *BEFORE* you IPL your Target BOOTOS2 System 03/94 : (V4.00) - Enhanced the 2DISK option to work on a system with a single Disk Drive. - Enhanced the TRACE option to accept an alternate PATH where BOOTOS2.LOG will be created. - For XGA support, all files on the XGA$DMQS directory will now be copied to the Target Drive. - Enhanced BASEDEV processing to search for target files via DPATH instead of just on the \OS2 directory. - Fixed support HPFS386 support; files HPFS200.386 and HFS.MSG are copied as well as HPFS386.IFS. For a minimal install, the BOOTSH.EXE OS/2 Shell program will be copied and used as the PROTSHELL. - For SVGA support, made copying of SVGADATA.PMI optional. This is in case the SVGA ON command was not yet run - Mouse support will be added to a minimal BOOT System if room allows - Added support for the OS/2 2.11 CSD SP and 2.11 Manfacturers Refresh - Enhanced SOURCE= to allow for Service Pack (CSD) install by allowing it to point to a single directory instead of a CID directory structure. - Added HELP option to optionally add support for OS/2 Help if room allows. The files HPMGRMRI.DLL and HMHELP.HLP are are copied, and a SET HELP= statement is added to the CONFIG.SYS - For a minimal system, BOOTOS2 will now use it's own SHELL program, BOOTSHL, instead of SYSINST1. Unlike SYSINST1, BOOTSHL program supports multiple screen sessions (via Alt-Esc). It also supports STARTUP.CMD - Added support for VDMs via VDM option - Added some new invocation arguments to allow for unattended installs. FORMAT[:FAT] = Automatically Format Target for FAT FORMAT:HPFS = Automatically Format Target for HPFS FORMAT:NONE = Automatically Skip the Target Format - Added SYSED option to optionally add support for the OS/2 System Editor (E.EXE) - Added SYSINSTX as an optional install file - Added optional target to 2DISK option (2DISK=x:) - Added code to cleanup, and remove, BOS2TEMP when done - Added QUIET argument to allow suppression of all output to StdOUT - Verified all cases where BOOTOS2 ends in error would return a non-zero code - Added Stacker Support. - Removed COM.SYS as file that BOOTOS2 will install for serial mouse support (not needed) - Updated SOURCE option to look for either CID directory structure or a single directory - Added support for AOX upgrade. If OEMXLAT.SYS is found on active system, it will copied to target drive 07/94 : (V5.00) - Fixed problem where if target disk was formated for HPFS and HPFS386 is active, support for HPFS.IFS would be installed instead of for HPFS386 - For a 2-Disk Install, the support files for HPFS and the file CMD.EXE will be copied to the second target drive to space on the first target drive. - Added support for OS2fW 2.10 Ga and OS2fW 2.11 SP - Added support for the OS/2 Performance Beta (v2.12) - Removed AOX support as that is only needed in a 16-bit environment (e.g. OS/2 v1.x). - Fixed Stacker support to allow for STACKERI.SYS - As of LS 4.0 the file HPFS200.386 was folded into the HPFS386.IFS file. Code added to recognize this and to not copy HPFS200.386 if appropriate. 11/94 : (V6.00) - Fixed problem with install of HPFS386 support where target was a single drive (1 or 2 disks) that resulted in an error message about trying to copy over a NULL file. - Fixed support for CDROMs by copying over OS2CDROM.DMD and CDFS.IFS - Added support for EXT5DD - Removed restriction of installing VDM on BOOT Disk in support of APAR (PJ13582). The VDM option is valid on BOOT disks created for OS/2 WARP V3 - If target drive is non-removable, do not change it's volume label if it is not formated. - Added support for new 32-bit IA/A drivers. The older 16-bit IA/A drivers are not supported. - Changed BASEDEV processing to copy *ALL* drivers instead of just the DMDs, ADDs and I13. - Added support for the new OS/2 WARP V3 (XR03000) - Fixed abend caused when trying to open a non-existing CONFIG.SYS file. An error message is now issued when the file can't be found. - Fixed problem where CONFIG.SYS statements >255 would cause premature ending of BOOTOS2 without any error messages. This was a combination of lack of Stack (Stack and Heap increased to 16K) and only processing first 255 bytes of CONFIG.SYS statements. - Enhanced support for alternate Mouse drivers; any driver specified via TARGET= on the MOUSE.SYS statement will be installed. NOTE: The alternate Device Driver must be accessable via DPATH. NOTE: Any parameters that need to be specified on the DEVICE= statement for the alternate drive must be added by the user. - Changed the way ABIOS Patch files are processed. Instead of examining all the .BIO files and copying those with the correct Machine ID, the patch files are extracted out from the ABIOS.SYS file on the BOOT drive. This ensures that only those patch files valid for the hardware are copied, preventing the problem where 'extra' patch files were copied that matched the Machine (or default) ID but were not valid, resulting in the system looking for the nonMCA drivers (e.g. CLOCK01) instead of the MCA ones (CLOCK02) This change also allows for the possibility of patch files with extensions other than .BIO to be processed - Added new option FILE=. This allows users to specify alternate files to be installed by BOOTOS2 on the Target drive. - Changed the names of the INI files supplied by BOOTOS2 in order to allow more flexibility with the Major and Minor version numbers 07/95 (V7.00) - Added support for WARP Full-Pack (XR03001) - Addeded support for BASEDEV=OS2CDROM.DMD in addition to DEVICE= - Fixed problem of OS2LOGO not being copied over if 2DISK=A was specified. - The file HPFS386.INI will be copied if LS 4.0 is installed and HPFS386 is active. - Fixed problem where GA300 was always set if one of the explicit version options (e.g. GA200, GA211, GA300) were not set. - Added support for VGA option - Fixed Video support for TYPE=PM and WPS; the INI file entry PM_DISPLAYDRIVERS was not being set up right. - Added TEDIT to list of optional files to copy if room allows and if it exists - Fixed problem with FILE= where multiple CONFIG.SYS line were joined together (i.e. no EOL was generated between lines). - Added initial support for ATI drivers; all ATIxxx.SYS DEVICE statments and their drivers will be copied to the target system. - Removed support for Stacker; users can use the FILE= option to add appropriate statements. 01/97 (V8.00) - Added support for WARP 4 (Merlin). - Converted BOOTOS2.EXE to 32-bit. - For a full install, copy over the DLLs MINXMRI, MINXOBJ, and IBMVGA32 if they exist. This resolves a lot of problems with video support resulting in abends in PMMERGE. - Modified the TRACE= option to allow you to specify an optional file name. If just a directory is specified, the file name BOOTOS2.LOG will be used as before. - Changed CONFIG.SYS processing to add SET COMSPEC in addition to SET OS2_SHELL; - BVHWNDW.DLL will be copied to the target system for all types of installs, not just for a PM or WPS install. This prevents the problem of a blank screen occuring when switching between multiple sessions via Alt-Esc. - BVHVGA.DLL will be copied to the target system for all types of installs, not just for a PM or WPS install. This prevents the problem of a blank screen occuring when switching between multiple sessions via Alt-Esc. - Added support for Plug and Play; the files PNP.SYS, ISAPNP.SYS and PREVIOUS.DAT will be copied if present. - Fixed problem where DeskTop for type PM and WPS installs was always placed on C: drive no matter what target was specified; fix was to update INI files with correct target drive path. - User and System INI files on target system will always be named BOS2USER.INI and BOS2SYS.INI no matter what OS/2 release is active. - Fixed problem of install not finding SYSINSTX on Disk 0 if SOURCE= not specified. - Fixed problem with PM and WPS install for SVGA video using S3 chip set. The file S3PMI.DLL will now be installed. - For PM and WPS installs, copy over VIDEO.CFG or EEDATA.EE_ if present. These fix various video synch problems. - For PM and WPS INSTALLS, all the keys from the following OS2.ini entries will be copied to BOS2USER: PM_Colors PM_Control_Panel PM_DefaultColors PM_National - Fixed problem of alternate mouse driver specified via the TYPE= argument not being found if not on the DPATH. The driver location will now be extracted directly from the corresponding DEVICE= statement that loads it. - If HPFS support installed, added /AUTOCHECK switch to IFS= statement for active BOOT drive. This should resolve problems with keyboard not working with PM or WPS systems. - For a 2DISK=A install, a statement will be added to the target CONFIG.SYS to invoke the new BOS2DD.SYS driver. - For a 2DISK=A Install, the message in OS2LDR.MSG that prompts for the second OS/2 Install Disk will be modified to prompt for the second BOOTOS2 disk. This will be used by BOS2DD to prompt for the second BOOTOS2 Disk. - Fixed problem causing abend during last part of install process when 2DISK is specified using Drive B (usually occuring after CHKDSK is copied). - Force x:\OS2\DLL (x is BOOT Drive) to front of LIBPATH used when searching for DLLs; this will correct a problem with programs like Process Commander that provide their own copies of system DLLs (e.g. DOSCALL1) that require DLLs not picked up by the normal BOOTOS2 process. - Made room on Disk 1 of 2DISK=A install by: * Remove NPXEMLTR.DLL (on Disk 2) * Do not install BASEDEV=PRINT0x.SYS * Do not install BASEDEV=TIMER0.SYS * Do not install BASEDEV=XDFLOPPY.FLT * Install only IBM2FLPY or IBM2FLPY, not both - For a 2DISK=A install, add mouse support. - If 2DISK is specified without optional target drive, and if there is no B drive available, 2DISK=A will be assumed - Include 'OS/2 Entry Level 3270 Emulation Program', also known as ELEP2. This is a 3270 CUT Mode emulator that can runs in a VIO session and can fit on an OS/2 Boot Disk. This allows you host system access while booting from a minimal text-only OS/2 system. 09/30/97 (V9.00) - Added /TEMP argument to allow user to specify directory used to store temporary files. - Fixed problem with HPFS386 where BOS2SHL was installed instead of BOOTSH for a 2DISK=A install. - When adding files from Alternate File list (FILE=), if the file does not exist, instead of halting the install, just print an error message to the LOG file and continue. - When adding files from Alternate File list (FILE=), if the file is a DLL, copy to the \OS2\DLL directory. - Fixed problem where Config_Print would abend if the line obtained from the original CONFIG.SYS statement had an embeded printf escape character (e.g. %n). - When formating a hard disk drive for FAT as a result of the user responding the FAT/HPFS/ByPass prompt, removed an erroneous print_to_log statement that was causing an occassional 1088 Trap. - Increased size of temporary buffer used when processing Alternate Mouse Driver (TYPE= on MOUSE.SYS) from 64 to 256 characters to avoid abend caused by multiple invocation arguments. - Added support for CHKDSK32 - Added initial support for Matrox drivers; all KMGAxxx.SYS DEVICE statments and their drivers will be copied to the target system. - Fixed problem causing Access Denied when copying OS2LDR.MSG if file already existed on target drive. - For a Floppy Disk install, only copy OS2LOGO for OS/2 2.x systems; this allows more room for BASEDEVs on disk 1. - For all installs, copy over TESTCFG.SYS - For PM or WPS installs, copy over SYSLEVEL.OS2 12/20/97 (V9.01) - For 2DISK=A, moved statement for TESTCFG.SYS to after BOS2DD.SYS is loaded, preventing TESTCFG.SYS not found message. 01/23/98 (V9.05) - Added initial support for LX compression. 02/06/98 (V9.07) - When processing a 2DISK=A install without SOURCE=, the CONFIG.SYS from the install disk will be copied to the temp directory and renamed CONFIG.TMP; this will avoid contention with the new CONFIG.SYS also built on the temp directory before being copied to BOOT Disk 1. This fixes the problem of CODEPAGE= and DEVINFO= statements not being added, causing the boot system to display certain ASCII characters incorrectly. 06/23/98 (V9.10) - When REXX support is specified, added appropriate processing if Object REXX is installed instead of 'Classic' Rexx. 07/21/99 (V9.20) - Addinit initial support for OS/2 WARP for e-Business (Aurora). - For a PM or WPS install, the following new required DLLs are installed: BDCALL32.DLL BDWPCLS.DLL LIBUNI.DLL PMBIDI.DLL PMMRGRES.DLL UCONV.DLL - Copy LVM.EXE instead of FDISK.COM if room allows - Fixed problem that caused VIDEO.CFG to be copied to the target multiple times. - Copy LVM.DLL, LVM.MSG and LVMH.MSG in support of LVM.EXE 10/21/99 (V9.25) - Add SESMGR.DLL to list of DLLs copied to Disk1 when 2DISK=A is specified. 10/31/99 (V9.26) - Add SESMGR.DLL to list of DLLs copied to Disk1 when 2DISK=A is specified for *any* WARP level.  local copy
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