A book about OS/2 1.x. Describes some aspects of multitasking, memory allocation and inter-process communication.

Introduction to OS/2 Warp Programming

Introduction to OS/2 Warp Programming. Course Material. Available in Microsoft Office format (docx, pptx), Open Document (ODT,ODP), PDF and laboratory. The original course files are also included. Released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

Kernel Debugger Setup - Steven H. Levine

This a cheat-sheet guide for setting up the kernel debugger on a serial interface.

Learning to Program OS/2 2.0 Presentation Manager by Exampe - Stephen A. Knight

The introduction of the Personal Computer (PC) has changed our world in many ways. Not only has the PC revolutionized the way many people work, but it has also changed the way computer buyers assess value.

Network Clients for OS/2 Warp Server

This book details OS/2 Warp Server enhancements and emphasizes the integration of Windows 95 and Windows NT Workstation clients in an OS/2 Warp Server environment. We illustrate how to install and configure OS/2 Warp Server clients such as:

OS/2 2.1 for Software Developers

This course combines lectures, demonstrations and laboratory exercises to present the primary functions on the OS/2 2.0 control program. Daily exercises provide the student with experience in implementing the OS/2 2.0 Application Programming Interface.

OS/2 2.1 Rexx Handbook - Hallet German

You can use REXX as a replacement for the old BATCH language, as an applications programming language, and as a macro language for REXX-aware applications such as spreadsheets, communications programs, and database programs.

OS/2 2.1 Technical Update

This document describes OS/2 2.1. It provides an overview of all the new and changed functions in OS/2 2.1, and a detailed technical discussion of the major new topics.

OS/2 2.1 Workplace Shell Programming - Stefano Maruzzi

This book, by Stefano Maruzzi, describe High-end techniques for the latest version of IBM's graphical user interface operating system: OS/2 Ver. 2.1.

Source code examples included on a Floppy Disk.

OS/2 A Business Perspective - Dick Conklin

This book is writtent for PC users who want to understand the revolutionary software product called Operating System/2, the Operating System for the next generation.


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