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Daniela's EIDE/SATA Driver 1.8.16
Wednesday, 10 April, 2013
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Lucide 1.5.1b1
Wednesday, 8 May, 2019

Lucide is a plugin based document viewer for eComStation. In its first incarnation it supports PDF, DjVu and JPEG files but new document types can easily be added to it.

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OS/2 Kernel 14.203
Sunday, 13 August, 2017

OS/2 Kernel update. Only the latest versions are listed.


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SATA AHCI Disk Controller 2.09
Monday, 17 October, 2011

This is a hardware driver for SATA Controller working in AHCI mode.

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SeaMonkey 2.42.9esr
Monday, 5 April, 2010

SeaMonkey is a community effort to deliver an high production-quality releases of web browser code derived from "Mozilla Application Suite". The program includes the email client.

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Multimac NIC drivers 20230921
Sunday, 16 February, 2014

Multimac LAN adapter drivers currently available are:

  • NVETH – NVIDIA PCIe LAN adapters
  • E1000B – Intel(R) PRO/1000 LAN adapters
  • MMAE – Attansic Technology Corp...
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