Eberhard Mattes

4allTeX 4.7
Wednesday, 3 October, 2001

4allTeX, based on the emTeX package by Eberhard Mattes, is a fairly complete collection of programs and utilities for working with TeX and...

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EMX/GCC 0.9d fix4
Friday, 26 August, 2011

EMX/GCC compiler for OS/2.  If you are an end user, probabily you just need the EMX runtime.

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emTeX 3.14
Thursday, 9 July, 1998

EmTeX is a TeX dis­tri­bu­tion de­vel­oped un­der OS/2. It works well un­der DOS and Win­dows 3.x too, but not un­der Win32 sys­tems.

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EMX Runtime 0.9d fix 4
Tuesday, 20 March, 2001

The runtimes for EMX 0.9d. Needed for many programs on Hobbes. Not required if you download the complete EMX development kit. Included in eComStation.

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GNU Texinfo 6.3
Monday, 15 May, 2017

Texinfo is the official documentation format of the GNU project, useful for development.

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