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BiblioteQ is a library management suite.

Application developed using the Qt4 compiler.

This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as 7 ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:

yum install libc libgcc1 libssp libstdc++6 libstdc++ libsupc++6 libsupc++ libgcc-fwd libqt4 pthread libssp libxslt
Following links are to additional programs, not mandatory but useful:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

BiblioteQ v. 2016.09.04 (18/9/2016) Readme/What's new
September 4, 2016. Disallow cancellation of Z39.50 queries. EXISTS() instead of COUNT(), where applicable. Upgraded Qt products to version 5.7.0 on Windows. Upgraded SQLite products to version 3.14.1 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 2016.03.15 (16/3/2016)
BiblioteQ v. 2016.02.17 (22/2/2016) Readme/What's new
February 17, 2016. Added a feature for updating legacy SQLite BiblioteQ schemas. Please see the Tools menu. Added support for the ARM architecture. Allow cancellation of Z39.50 queries. BiblioteQ should not create artificial copy identifiers. Corrected biblioteq_image_drop_site::clear(). The method did not delete the removed graphics items. Corrected discovery of database field names of custom query results. Corrected incomplete error message for photographs. Corrected photograph thumbnails on Qt 5. Corrected the FreeBSD Qt project files; clang. Corrected the video game search mechanism. Improved border styles of selected images. Improved widget mnemonics. Photograph import mechanism. PostgreSQL connections will now require SSL/TLS by default. Please see biblioteq.conf. Qt 5.5.1 progress dialog corrections. Please see Prepared SQL files for grey literature. Incomplete. Prevent execution of empty SQL queries. Renamed project files. As this may have introduced glitches, please report discrepancies. SQLite databases must support patron histories. Upgraded PostgreSQL products to version on Windows. Upgraded SQLite products to version 3.10.2 on Windows. Upgraded YAZ products to version 5.15.2 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 2015.10.28 (14/1/2016) Readme/What's new
October 28, 2015. Version 2015.10.28 is available. Corrected QProgressDialog problem for Qt 5.5.x. Please report errors at Upgraded Qt to version 5.5.1 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 2015.07.04 (5/7/2015) Readme/What's new
July 4, 2015. Version 2015.07.04 is now available. A patron's gender is now optional. PostgreSQL administrators, please update via postgresql_update_schema.sql. June 27, 2015. Version 2015.06.27 is available. Modified the Z39.50 query for books. Only include the OR operator if both the ISBN-10 and ISBN-13 values are provided.
BiblioteQ v. 2015.06.10 (10/6/2015) Readme/What's new
June 10, 2015. Version 2015.06.10 is available. Additional pointer guards. New version system. Reset sensitive fields whenever the login dialog is dismissed. Upgraded Qt products to version 4.8.7 on OS X and 5.4.2 on Windows. Upgraded SQLite to version on Windows. Upgraded YAZ products to version 5.13.0 on Windows. Use DROP USER IF EXISTS instead of DROP USER. PostgreSQL only.
BiblioteQ v. 10.01 (20/4/2015) Readme/What's new
April 19, 2015. Version 10.01 is available. Added proxy authentication support to SRU magazine queries. All database retrieval queries are now forward-only. Please see Allow usage of QHttp in place of QNetworkAccessManager. Source only. Corrected postgresql_destroy_schema.sql. Corrected selections of requested items. Corrected variable assignment in marc::parseBookZ3950Marc21() with respect to fields 100 and 700. Disable general search widgets after a search is performed. Widgets may be enabled via the interface. Introduced a basic search that's integrated into the main window. Layout changes. Moved the category option into the View menu. New PostgreSQL guest account! Please see postgresql_update_schema.sql. Patrons may now decline reservation histories. Enabled by default. Removed biblioteq_patron permissions from biblioteq_membership. PostgreSQL administrators, please see postgresql_update_schema.sql. The biblioteq_membership role must not have access to patron activity. Support OS X 10.6.8 and Qt 4.8.6. Thanks to Ceres for reporting the errors. Upgraded Qt products to version 5.4.1 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 10.00 (3/2/2015) Readme/What's new
January 27th, 2015. Version 10.00 is now available. BiblioteQ celebrates its tenth year! Happy New Year! Experimental UNIMARC support for the Z39.50 protocol. Introduced a case-insensitive general search. MARC data for journals and magazines is abbreviated. Corrected. Properly delete QNetworkReply objects. Updated SQLite libraries to version on Windows. Upgraded Qt products to version 5.4.0 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 6.74 (21/12/2014) Readme/What's new
Version 6.74 is now available. All dogs go to Heaven. Prevent cancellation of processes that are not interruptible. Spelling corrections. Upgraded Qt products to version 5.3.2 on Windows. Upgraded YAZ products to version 5.4.3 on OS X and 5.4.1 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 6.72 (14/10/2014) Readme/What's new
Compiled now with Qt4.7.3 GA Version 6.72 is now available. All dogs go to Heaven. Prevent cancellation of processes that are not interruptible. Spelling corrections. Upgraded Qt products to version 5.3.2 on Windows. Upgraded YAZ products to version 5.4.3 on OS X and 5.4.1 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 6.70 (4/8/2014) Readme/What's new
August 2nd, 2014. Version 6.70 is available. Extended the sex field in the member table. PostgreSQL administrators, please see the postgresql_update_schema.sql file. Thanks to Frans. Per Frans, removed input masks for telephone numbers and zip codes. Remind the user to save their settings after a locale change. Upgraded Qt to version 5.3.1 on Windows. Upgraded YAZ products to version 5.3.0 on OS X and Windows platforms
BiblioteQ v. 6.69 (8/6/2014) Readme/What's new
June 6th, 2014. Version 6.69 has been uploaded. After adding a photograph collection, items in the collection should be editable without requiring the collection to be reloaded. Corrected. Avoid accessing invalid array items. Corrected C++ constructors. Created an icons resource file and updated all relevant source. Thanks to Nick for reporting the OS X issue. Inspect indexOf() results and results of similar methods. Upgraded SQLite libraries to version 3.8.5 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 6.68 (22/5/2014) Readme/What's new
May 21st, 2014. Version 6.68 is available. Added support for 64-bit integers to limit and offset SQL clauses. Avoid divisions by zero. Corrected the OS X Qt 5 project file with respect to a missing Cocoa library. Corrected the PostgreSQL loader paths in the OS X bundle. Corrected the SRU and Z39.50 mechanisms with respect to books. BiblioteQ should not replace ISBN fields if the fields were completed by the user. Ten-character or thirteen-character ISBNs are considered as user-provided. Corrected the scene's parent in qtbook_photographcollection::slotViewPhotograph(). Corrected use of qgetenv(). The function returns a byte array. Corrected widget highlighting with respect to SRU and Z39.50 query results. Do not access members of invalid pointers. Do not store database credentials information in database objects and display widgets. Increased the maximum issue and volume values for journals and magazines. Prevent memory leaks of qtbook_item objects during the reservation process. Properly set parents of action widgets. Remind the user of resource limits. Respect array boundaries. Update photograph objects in qtbook::updateItemWindows(). Upgraded Qt to version 4.8.6 on OS X. Upgraded YAZ products to version 5.1.1 on OS X and Windows platforms. Use parameterized SQL statements so as to avoid injection errors. Please note that this item required significant changes. Please report issues.
BiblioteQ v. 6.67 (28/3/2014) Readme/What's new
March 27th, 2014. * Version 6.67 is now available. * Notify the user if an SQLite database cannot be created. * Properly bind NULL SQL values in QSqlQuery. * Removed obsolete variables. * Resolved two SRU issues. Thanks to SigmaX for reporting the errors. * Review QDataStream read and write results. * Review indexOf() results. * The type field in the locations table should not be null. PostgreSQL users, please update your schemas via the postgresql_update_schema.sql file. * Upgraded Qt products to version 5.2.1 on Windows. * Upgraded SQLite products to version on Windows. * Upgraded YAZ products to version 5.0.18 on OS X and Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 6.66 (18/9/2013) Readme/What's new
September 17th, 2013. Version 6.66 is ready! Added condition and originality fields to the book and book_copy_info database tables. UI elements reflect new additions. Am in need of a Windows 7 license. Please donate! As always, PostgreSQL administrators are urged to update their database schemas. Please see postgresql_update_schema.sql. Custom book binding types. Please see the Database Enumerations Browser. Please note that you ought to populate the book_binding_types table so that Book Binding Type combination boxes contain the new data. PostgreSQL: INSERT INTO book_binding_types (binding_type) (SELECT DISTINCT binding_type FROM book). Updated Qt products to version 4.8.5 on OS X and version 5.1.1 on Windows. Updated YAZ products to version 4.2.66 on OS X and version 4.2.65 on Windows.
BiblioteQ v. 6.64 (28/5/2013) Readme/What's new
May 27th, 2013 Version 6.64 is now available. Added missing privileges to the biblioteq_librarian role. PostgreSQL administrators, please see postgresql_update_schema.sql. Corrected a problem that occurs when a new administrator is defined. The administrator's roles are not properly recorded. Thanks to numibesi for discovering the issue. Corrected some deep privileges problems. Again, thanks numibesi. Fixed an incorrect comparison related to minimum patron id lengths. Updated postgresql_destroy_schema.sql.
BiblioteQ v. 6.63 (2/5/2013) Readme/What's new
March 7th, 2013. Version 6.63 is now available. Guard array boundaries.
BiblioteQ v. 6.62 (13/3/2013) Readme/What's new
March 7th, 2013. Version 6.62 is now available. Guard array boundaries.
BiblioteQ v. 6.61 (7/3/2013) Readme/What's new
February 28th, 2013. Version 6.61 will be released today. Because photograph collections may not be reserved by patrons, the reservation process of such items should not raise database exceptions. Center a photograph detail view with respect to its parent. The database field MYOID is guaranteed to be unique per table. Corrected routines (qtbook::slotDisplaySummary(), qtbook::slotSceneSelectionChanged(), qtbook::updateSceneItem()) that failed to recognize item types in addition to the MYOID values. February 27th, 2013. Version 6.60 is now available. Added context menus to photograph collection views. Activating the menus will allow users to view individual photographs in greater detail. Updated Qt products to version 4.8.4 on OS X. Updated YAZ products to version 4.2.50 on OS X and Windows platforms.
BiblioteQ v. 6.59 (25/1/2013) Readme/What's new
January 4th, 2013. Happy New Year! Version 6.59 is now available. Please report issues at Added documents contributed by Olivia Novak. Please see doc.d/contributors.d. Added issue and volume numbers to the main window's summary for journals and magazines. Corrected C++ object casts. Display formats of dates have been changed to ISO 8601. Eliminated QGraphicsView warnings regarding drag leave events. Fixed the state of the ISBNs checkbox for books. Modified much of BiblioteQ in order to avoid problems created by inconsistent translations. Feedback? Per Myshkin, the Tab key should change focus for textedit fields. Photograph collections! PostgreSQL administrators are required to update their schemas. Please see the postgresql_update_schema.sql file. Removed ISBN input validators in support of hyphens. Replaced the OS X application installer with a simple disk image file. SRU support for books, journals, and magazines. The Copy browser did not display the correct item's ID in the title. Updated biblioteq.conf in support of QSettings. Please update your configuration files accordingly.
BiblioteQ v. 6.58 (4/9/2012) Readme/What's new
August 18th, 2012. Version 6.58 has been released. Added the All Available category option. Added the Language sub-menu off of the Options menu. Initialize class members. Prevent BiblioteQ from scaling null images. Updated YAZ products to version 4.2.34 on OS X and Windows platforms.
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