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Write&Set è un programma completo di videoscrittura basato sul formato di Wordstar per DOS.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

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Write & Set (WSedit) v. 1.00 (Beta 12, 21/10/2016, Martin Vieregg) Readme/What's new
WSedit - Write&Set Editor 1.00 beta 12 October 2016 for OS/2 and eComStation www.WriteAndSet.com Wordstar like Editor available for OS/2, Windows, Linux and MacOSX which reads Wordstar 4-7 and ASCII (ISO and IBM codeð page) and writes Wordstar 4 and ASCII format (ISO and IBM codepage). WSedit is part of the wordprocessing suite "Write&Set" which consists of two programs: WSedit and WSformat. WSformat is not part of this archive file. WSedit as stand-alone application is Freeware, WSformat is Shareware. -------------------------------------------------------- WSedit beta 12: small bugfixes. Drag and Drop Macintosh works now: Pressing Ctrl simulates the right mouse button, Apple key instead of Ctrl key copies the block instead of moving. In WSedit beta 11, the text screen output and the blinking text cursor has been revised. In the used program library were bugs, I've rewritten parts of this functionality. Especially on the Macintosh platform, there were serious problems. New in WSedit 1.00 beta 10/11: 'File - Additional window' opens additional editor windows for the same file which get updated automatically. In beta 9, drag and drop has been (re-)implemented on all platforms. WSedit 1.00 beta 10 Linux and Mac were defective, they could not start. [console app] | me in works now in beta 11 on Linux and Mac. All WSedit 1.00 versions besides the OS/2-eCS version are created by a new programming environment (Freepascal- Lazarus). Some user interface functionality which worked fine in 0.99 will perhaps fail. Please collect the malfunctions and send them to me. It is not possible for me to test all functionð ality on all four operating systems. Drag and drop is now implemented on all platforms again (with the RIGHT mouse button, on MAC use CTRL key instead). Function key functionality is now operating again. All 1.00 beta versions have got no additional functionlity since 0.99k. -------------------------------------------------------- To install, open WSedit-e.hlp and read the chapter "Introduction - installation". You can directly execute the WSedit.exe program and create a program object by yourself. The idea of WSedit is to have a modern graphical application with look-and-feel of old Wordstar for DOS. But you can also use WSedit without knowing Wordstars Ctrl-commands ("Ctrl" is abbreviated ^) and without knowing about the Wordstar file format: if you don't use the Wordstar file format, WSedit is a powerful text editor for large ASCII files with/ without word wrapping. In this case, it will be nevertheless useful for you to take a look at the dot commands for unforð matted files and at the Ctrl commands. The behaviour of WSedit depends on the text file extension. In the settings notebook (Ctrl-OO), you can define different properties dependent on the file extension of the file. Most Wordstar commands are supported, press Ctrl-J for a Ctrl key summary. New functionality/improvements in WSedit 0.99k: O Line drawing with cursor keys (IBM codepage only): Simply press Ctrl-Alt-Cursor keys for single lines and Shift- Alt-Cursor keys for double lines. Edge characters are calculated automatically. Bugs fixed in WSedit 0.99k: O Malfunction with block operations within indented paragraphs (snow characters) O program hangs when using "Undo" after text insertion (paste from clipboard, Ctrl-KC, Ctrl-KV) New functionality/improvements in WSedit 0.99h: O (0.99h1) Ctrl-OJ "generate character map" generates an ASCII table in comment lines O Ctrl-OD "show printer chars": without printer chars text an be edited now (restricted, because printer chars remain on previous position) O Ctrl-B and Ctrl-OG indention gets calculated correctly when using with printer chars O Ctrl-QA "search/replace" affects only running text and not dot commands. New command Ctrl-QN affects dot dommands only O Tab key in overwrite mode jumps to tabulator positions O right-orientated columns with ".tb#10,#20", while the numbers behind ".tb" relates to the last character in the column O undo/redo keycode is now Ctrl-Backspace (Alt-Backspace still works, but forces a system beep in Windows) O "File - New Window" did not work (Windows version only) O Ctrl-U "paste trash buffer" created an additional single space (Windows version only) O and a lot of minor bugfixes, not worth to mention. New functionality/improvements in WSedit 0.99g: O Extended screen font handling O DOC files which are saved by StarOffice/OpenOffice get open properly O new heap management increases max. text file size from 20 to 300 MB O (Windows version) adaption to Vista (especially HTML- Help; Winhelp support gets continued) O minor improvements and bugfixes. New functionality/improvements in WSedit 0.99f: O New highlight functionality: highlightning the background dependent on the nested if conditions level (new checkbox in settings notebook, page Highlight) O New dialog window "choosing if conditions" ^OK (impacts the text background color, the content window and the command "calc number of chars" ^OZ). O Improved reading of MS DOC files. O Improved Support (Import/Export, Highlightning) of Write& Set TXT format O Syntax Highlightning for E-Mail (Quotes) O File - Export RTF (Rich Text Format) The Write&Set archive file has got an installation program included creating file associations both for WSedit and WSformat. It also includes a WS text file containing the WSedit docu which can be printed (docusrc\WSedit-e.WS). To learn more about Write&Set, please visit http://www.WriteAndSet.com List of files: -------------- file_id.diz short description of program readme.txt this text file liesmich.txt german readme wsedit.exe WSedit executable file wsedit-e.hlp help file english wsedit-g.hlp help file german Author: Dr. Martin Vieregg, www.hypermake.com info at hypermake.de
Write & Set (WSedit) v. 0.99 (19/9/2009, Martin Vieregg)
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