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Domenica, 1 Febbraio, 2004


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Utility per estrarre senza fatica il flusso MPEG da CD, convertire file VideoCD in MPEG, correggere errori MPEG, creare (Super)VideoCD ed altro ancora!

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

VCDGear v. 1.76 (1/2/2004) Readme/What's new
[February 17, 2004] -fixed a crash bug with reading config file entries under *nix -fixed problem where config file was not found when using -cfg -merged in OS/2 and MorphOS code [February 5, 2004] -cue2mpg loads image from the same directory as the cue file rather than current directory -removed change dir in toc2mpg.. was not needed -fixed display of read/write sectors: 0 for cue2mpg and toc2mpg [December 31, 2003] Engine update to v1.76 -added possible fix for infinite loops with premature reads -corrections to bin2mpg extraction and improved accuracy -accuracy improvement applied to nrg2mpg as well [December 8, 2003] Console v1.76 console version -console version finally updated to latest engine build :-) Most features in v3.5 GUI can also be found in the console release. -Ability to use an external config file -Added language support using v3.5 language set GUI v3.56 (in development) -corrected problem where bin->??? picked up wrong # of tracksnt) -added CD-i subtitle conversion GUI v3.55 final -experimental 3 digits in index file -progress bar popup for samples only shown on vcdgear tab (fixes crash) GUI v3.54 -more GUI cosmetic glitches fixed in Task creation form -Decompress and Delete RAR option failed after the first 2 tasks -Moved Delete RAR as subcomponent of Decompress -Multiple RAR decompress support GUI v3.53 -out time displayed not correct in sample editor -clear sample selection did not move slider back properly -version number.. left at 3.50 grr :-) -temp vpj's deleted when vcdgear is closed GUI v3.52 -rar->mpg dynamic folder support. -fixed crash when adding sample to task -individual samples can be created and saved to task now (v2.1 task files now) -sample editor can be run separately -sample [cancel] reverts back to original settings like it should -edited sample can be viewed now without clicking on No/Yes -add mpeg track detects if valid mpeg file first -separate menu selection for "external" run programs -other bugs -progress bar popup for sample generation GUI v3.51 -preliminary cosmetic fixes to Task screen -improved fix routine by a notch -able to add a sample clip and put images/sample into separate folder anytime  local copy
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