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Tame/2 è un'interfaccia tra il vostro scanner, SANE, MMOS/2 ed il vostro programma abituale di image processing/publishing. Oltre a controllare il processo di scansione, Tame/2 supporta la stampa e l'invio di fax, utilizza le "light table" di OS/2 per facilitare la gestione delle immagini acquisite e permette la scansione da una coda e via network. Un elenco degli scanner testati è disponibile sulla homepage.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Pacchetto autoinstallante WarpIN. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

Tame 1.0.5 + Sane 1.1.0 (26/4/2008, Paul Smedley (Smedles))
Tame 1.0.0 + Sane 1.0.16 v. 1.0.0 (9/8/2005, Paul Smedley (Smedles))
Tame 1.0.0 + Sane 1.0.14 v. 1.0.0 (25/8/2004, Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler, Franz Bakan, Maeda Haruyuki, Harald Pollack) Readme/What's new
Tame/2 is Copyright by Goran Ivankovic and Klaus Staedtler. For all other included programs see the according files. Tame/2 is free software but it is not public domain. The authors retain all copyright to the application and all files within it. You may use Tame/2 yourself and you may distribute it to others so long as all files are left unchanged. You may not distribute Tame/2 in any way which leads to your making a profit from it. This means that you can only charge enough to cover the costs of media, postage etc. involved in distribution. Also you may not use it as an incentive to buy something else. If you are in any doubt you should contact the authors. Please read after installation *carefully* the supplied INF file which is available in several NLS versions. Refer first to it before requesting any support or posting anywhere false statements about Tame/2. Due to increased FUD, misleading informations ... Tame/2 is only supported via yahoo sane-os2 newsgroup or e-mail. Any other request for support, regardless if in a newsgroup, a webside or anywhere else will be ignored. As soon we get aware of any offence against Tame/2 further development/support may be immediatly stopped for everybody. If you don't agree with this license press 'Exit' and delete Tame/2 from your system.
Tame 1.0.0 + Sane 1.0.12 v. 1.0.0 (Release Candidate 2, 10/2/2004, Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler)
Tame 1.0.0 + Sane 1.0.12 v. 1.0.0 (Release Candidate, 13/11/2003, Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler)
Tame/2 v. 0.9.8 (Update for Tame 0.9.8, 5/9/2003, Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler)
Tame 0.9.8 + Sane 1.0.12 v. 0.9.8 (14/7/2003, Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler)
Tame/2 v. 1.0.0 (, Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler) Readme/What's new
Croatian, French, German and Russian NLS- Files for Tame/2 1.0RC3
Tame/2 v. 1.0.0 (German and Russian NLS-Files, , Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler) Readme/What's new
German and Russian NLS-Files for Tame/2 1.0RC2
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