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Sostituisce WPS e WarpCenter e consente Scrivanie multiple.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Eseguire install.cmd. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

Documentazione in linea

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

Program Commander v. 2.20 (1/12/2000, Roman Stangl) Readme/What's new
Version 2.xx Hints: *) PC/2 version 2.00 was tested extensively only with OS/2 WARP, both version 3 and 4 (aka Merlin), some basic testing was done with OS/2 2.11. *) PC/2 version 2.10 was tested extensively only with OS/2 WARP, both version 3 (actually mostly developped under Warp Server Advanced SMP which is based on Warp 3) and 4, though not tested it should still run under OS/2 2.x. It was also tested on Warp Server for e-Business (Aurora). Version 2.10: Released 07, 1999 *) Fixed that the currently edited Environment Space gets not updated/ saved when pressing the save pushbutton. *) Fixed that path information in Setup dialog could have exceeded available place. *) Fixed Advanced Marking to that button 3 can be selected for pasting instead of button 2 for all supported applications. *) Fixed a loop pasting text into NetScape 4.04's "Go to:" entryfield by simulating a button 1 click into entryfields before pasting. This sould not break other entryfields, but one never knows. *) Fixed that maximizing a window that would not cover the whole screen then (e.g. a 80*25 command window) does not cause that windows to be sized smaller, but moved downwards. *) Fixed that Advanced Marking in Personal Communications/3270 windows did "hide" the cursor (though still the position sometimes is one row too low). *) Fixed that the SessionBar could get corrupted when selected to hide session icons. *) Fixed that "Button 2 Titlebar click lowers Z-Order" did switch to seamingly unrelated windows (implemented by changing that the SessionBar now switches focus to the window below the mouse pointer instead the next one on top or Z-Order). *) Fixed (or better make a workaround) that SmartSuite 97's Lotus 123 did trap in MAIN123W.DLL (at 0001:0003bcde) even when not having activated Titlebar SmartIcons (hopefully, as there seems to be more than one situation SmartSuite traps). *) Fixed that PC/2 didn't initialize itself into the root drives of NFS-, LAN and TVFS attached drives before launching applications. *) BUILDLEVEL.CMD now displays syntax for missing arguments. *) Advanced Marking now also supports to copy text from NetScape, this includes not only to the browser window but also the Document Source window. This is valid for both, version 2.02 and 4.04. *) Advanced Marking now also support Lotus Notes 4.52 (for seemingly all areas where one can enter text using the Rich Text Control. *) When importing WPS Objects into the Popup Menu, customized icons are now imported (however it's up to the WPS to supply them, which it currently doesn't seem to do). *) For OS/2 and DOS windows where no working directory is specified, %BOOTDRIVE%\ is implicitely assumed to avoid them to be started in the root of the last drive. *) When importing with WPS 2 PC/2, PC/2 now removes commandline parameters that make only sense in the WPS, that is %, %*, %**P, %**D, %**N, %**F and %**E. *) Special thanks to Andrew Zabolotny for greatly enhancing the Overview window (icons, gradient color,...) and providing me the modified source code (including some bug fixes, corrected type conversion and Single Click to switch on Overview Window). *) You can now switch to the adjacent Virtual Desktop with the cursor keys (both keypads). Just press ALT+CTRL+SHIFT+CursorKey. *) Changed to using the 32-bit version of the dynamic Libpath API. This seems to have cured the problem that the first application launched from PC/2 sometimes was delayed a few seconds. *) Added support for detached sessions (including support for environment adjustments). *) Added support to allow Drag & Drop of WPS Object onto the WPS 2 PC/2 window in addition to its icon on the WPS. *) Added support for delayed Dynamic Menuselection and delayed Sliding Focus, that is you can select a delay of up to 2500 ms in 100 ms granularity. *) Added support for Dynamic Sessionbar, that is the SessionBar slides onto the screen when moving to mouse pointer to the top or bottom of the screen and not removing it within a configurable time window. *) Added a fix when copying into the clipboard from NetScape/2 2.02 (which is a bug/design flaw of not emptying the clipboard before copying into it, which can cause data from multiple processes/different formats in the clipboard, which is considered bad PM programming practice). *) Added (entry level) support and documentation when running PC/2 as the protected mode (PROTSHELL) process (though I don't see many reasons why one wants to do that). *) Added Exception List to persistently allow hiding of application windows in the SessionBar. *) Added support for a timed automatic switch (that is "Click to Move" not selected) between Virtual Desktops, that is you can select a delay of up to 2500 ms in 100 ms granularity. *) Added an optional CPU Performance utilization graphics for the SessionBar that shows the per processor Interrupt, Busy and Idle times for a selectable reporting intervall (available only if support by OS/2 is available, e.g. Warp 4+, Warp Server Advanced SMP+). *) Added support for the %PC2% macro, which contains the path PC/2 was launched from (usefull when you install applications in subdirectories under PC/2 and e.g. your backup and reinstall OS/2). *) Added support for the %PC% environment variable for an application's Environment. *) Added a button to request backups of your configuration files. Additionally, changes are tracked and a backup is automatically suggested if a threshold gets exceeded. *) Added a Sticky Windows entryfield where you can centrally define windows being sticky that may not appear in PC/2's Popup Menu (though the corresponding per Menuentry setting still is available). *) Added support to allow maximized (and only maximized PM) windows to cover the SessionBar if the SessionBar is not selected to be kept on top of Z-Order. *) Added support for the Automatic Update feature, which allows you to register as a PC/2 user und PC/2 to automatically download news/updates/fixes/... regarding PC/2 from the Internet. In order to allow PC/2 use this feature (in PC2NET.DLL) TCP/IP must be installed any you need to have a permanent or dial-up connection to the Internet either directly or via a proxy. *) Added an optional delay for Autostart applications (thanks to Sorin Srbu for that suggestion).
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