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PPWizard è un preprocessore HTML libero potente e semplice da usare. Consente di includere semplicemente file esterni e tanto altro! Permette inoltre di generare html/rexx/ipf/inf dallo stesso sorgente e script eseguibili in linguaggio rexx cmd!

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione.

  1. Aggiungere tale directory alla variabile PATH nel config.sys
  2. Lanciare OS2SETUP.CMD per creare la cartella sulla scrivania

Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

Fondamenti di linguaggio REXX, propedeutici all'utilizzo del toolkit PPWizard, sono reperibili nel testo "Procedures Language/2 REXX User's Guide", incluso nel sistema operativo, per approfondire, oltre alla documentazione del toolkit stesso, si suggerisce il testo REXX Reference Summary Handbook.

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

PPWizard v. 22.148 (28/5/2022, Dennis Bareis) Readme/What's new
Version 22.148 The "#AutoTag" command now has a "SELFREF" parameter to allow you to change from the default value of "{$AT}" (which doesn't work will from within macros).
 dennisbareis.com/zips_fw/ppwos2.zip  local copy
PPWizard v. 22.121 (1/5/2022, Dennis Bareis) Readme/What's new
Version 22.121 Improved the {$?} command and it's documentation. You can now start this with "$$1" to apply following $$ commands" over the whole string rather than each parameter individually (this could be useful to store the unused parameter string in a rexx variable. Improved the trap handling to always show the trapping line (when known) in the short output to the console. Now outputs values of duplicated macro parameters when aborting. New option "DuplicateParms" (determines action when duplicate parameters found on a macro, previously always aborted). Improved the warning message if syntax checking normally occurs but neither "<?SyntaxCheck>" or "<?SyntaxCheckOff>" was used. Also improved the documentation for both of these codes. Now include the rexx compiled help document in the installer. Other minor adjustments to code and documentation.
PPWizard v. 17.308 (4/11/2017, Dennis Bareis) Readme/What's new
Version 17.308 New /PowerShell processing mode and by default ".p" files are mapped to it. This download comes with no documentation. To install: Unzip into target directory Add this directory to the "PATH" statement in "\CONFIG.SYS" to allow you to work from the command line. Run "OS2SETUP.CMD" (ppwizard setup program). This creates a ppwizard folder on the desktop with some doco icons plus an "association" folder - leave this alone!
 dennisbareis.com/zips_fw/ppwos2.zip  local copy
PPWizard documentation in HTML format v. 17.308 (4/11/2017, Dennis Bareis) Readme/What's new
PPWizard documentation in HTML format. Should work well in just about any browser (old or new). Has optional navigation via Java applet (tree based table of contents).
 dennisbareis.com/zips_fw/ppwhdoco.zip  local copy
PPWizard documentation in OS/2 INF format. v. 17.308 (4/11/2017, Dennis Bareis) Readme/What's new
PPWizard documentation in OS/2 INF format.
 dennisbareis.com/zips_fw/ppwidoco.zip  local copy
PPWizard v. 07.048 (17/2/2007)
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/ppwos2.zip  local copy
PPWizard v. 06.154 (6/2/2006, Dennis Bareis)
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/ppw06154.zip  local copy
Sample source (HTML, CHM and IPF doco) (27/11/2005, Dennis Bareis) Readme/What's new
Sample source. PPWIZARD documentation source (including the batch files to make HTML, CHM and IPF doco). Do not assume that the source shows you the best way to do something, this document was built up over more than 4 years and started looking completely different.
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/ppwdoco_source.zip  local copy
PPWizard v. 02.326 (22/11/2002, Dennis Bareis)
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/ppwizard.zip  local copy
PPWizard v. 99.329 (25/11/1999, Dennis Bareis)
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/ppw99329.zip  local copy
PPWizard v. 99.115 (24/4/1999, Dennis Bareis)
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/ppw99115.zip  local copy
Sample source (CMD, EXE) (5/4/1999, Dennis Bareis) Readme/What's new
This routine will search & replace strings. It will also provide a count of changes. Now includes a case insensitive search replace routine (allows reference to "before" string).
 ecsoft2.org/system/files/repository/replstr.zip  local copy
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