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Lunedì, 4 Novembre, 2002
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Leggero, veloce e nazionalizzato. Supporta Java1.3 e i plugin di Windows!

Nuove funzioni:

  • stampa
  • supporto Java 1.3
  • OS/2 look&feel
  • OS/2 drag&drop
  • Instant messaging

In questa versione manca Opera Mail.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Pacchetto autoinstallante WarpIN. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

Opera v. 5.12 (4/11/2002, Yuri Dario (Paperino), Sander van Leeuwen, Achim Hasenmueller) Readme/What's new
Opera 5.12 beta 4 for OS/2 and ECS - build 31 The program is licensed by Opera software. Read LICENCE.TXT for more information about your rights. INSTALLATION ------------ Starting with beta 2, Opera for OS/2 doesn't need the Odin runtime to be executed. All necessary files are packaged inside the main distribution, except for WarpIN. If you have Odin installed, it will not conflict with Opera installation and will not be used by Opera. The WPI archive has been created with WarpIn 0.9.20. If you have installed an older version of WarpIN you must upgrate it. WarpIN is a very easy to use installer/uninstaller for OS/2. Get it at http://www.xworkplace.org or http://warpin.netlabs.org. You just have to download the latest self-extracting archive and run it. Afterwards you can simply run the self-extracting Opera for OS/2 distribution and WarpIN will start the installation. If you are installing on the top of a previous installation, the opera.ini file will not be updated with new settings. This could lead to non-functional features available in this beta. Rename your opera.ini before going on, if you want to enable new features. See the OS/2 page on the Opera website: http://www.opera.com/os2/ DEFAULT BROWSER --------------- To make Opera for OS/2 your default WPS browser, open the properties of 'Opera Software' object on your Opera 5.12 desktop folder, select the 'Browser' page and click 'Set default' button. UNINSTALL --------- If you want to remove Opera for OS/2 start WarpIN, go the Opera for OS/2 entry in the application section. Select Opera and press the right mousebutton. Then select "De-install package". FUNCTIONS --------- New features: - Printing - Java 1.3 - OS/2 look&feel - OS/2 drag&drop - Instant messaging. This release is missing: - Opera Mail. KNOWN BUGS ---------- see bugs.txt BUG REPORTING & QUESTIONS ------------------------- If you discover a bug you should first check bugs.txt. If you are 100% sure that the bug is not yet listed you can post it to the Opera for OS/2 Newsgroup: Newsserver: news.opera.no Group: opera.os2 We need the following information for each bug report: - Odin version you use (exact date) - OS/2 Version - Opera for OS/2 version In general it's a good idea to use up to date Odin versions because Odin is still under development right now. If you have general questions about Opera for OS/2 please also post them to the opera.os2 newsgroup. If you need a free newsreader go to http://hobbes.nmsu.edu and search for ProNews FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS -------------------------- Q: What are netscape.exe&mozilla.exe? A: They are a fake loader for Opera: if you put them in your PATH, every program starting Netscape will instead run Opera for OS/2. Q: Is this release stable? A: It's not a final version! We think that Opera for OS/2 works quite good on most systems now but it's definitely not finished at the moment. We still work hard on bugfixing and new features so please be patient and don't get mad if some things do not yet work as you expect. Q: Opera loads slow the first time I start it, how can I make loading faster? A: Opera has to load some Odin32 DLL's, this might take a while on HPFS partitions. If your OS/2 or eCS supports JFS you can install Odin32 and Opera for OS/2 on a JFS partition. This will definitely speed up loading. Q: Can I use plugins with Opera for OS/2? A: Opera for OS/2 can use OS/2 and Win32 plugins made for Netscape! If you want to add or change a plugin path go to File->Preferences->Plugins in your Opera for OS/2 browser. We successfuly tested several plugins: - Flash 4.0 for OS/2 (http://www.innotek.de) - Flash 5.0 for Win32 (http://www.macromedia.com) - RealPlayer for Win32 (http://www.real.com) - Cult3D for Win32 (http://www.cult3d.com) However, it might be that there are still bugs in the plugin handling and it can also be that Win32 plugins might not work at all. If you run another plugin please let us know, we will add it to the list. If you have problems with other plugins check the BUG REPORTING section in this readme. Note that some old Cirrus Logic (Crystal) sounddrivers are very buggy and tend to hard traps on OS/2 if you use it with Odin! (for example some drivers shipped for "old" Thinkpad series like Thinkpad 600E). Try the latest soundriver found at http://www.cirrus.com Q: I don't like the MDI interface of Opera for OS/2, can I change that to act like Netscape? A: Not yet. Opera Software plans to change that in the near future, we will provide this feature in the OS/2 version as soon as it is done. Q: Will Opera for OS/2 support other languages than english as well A: Yes, a few language files are provided in the same package, check http://www.opera.com for other language modules. Q: I don't like the banner ads, how can I remove them? A: Register Opera for OS/2 and the banners will be gone :-) but: Q: Where do I register Opera for OS/2? Is a Windows key valid? A: Don't register Opera for OS/2 right now. We will provide that feature in the near future but: Windows keys will *not* be valid in the final version so don't register the Windows version or your money will be lost! SOME WORDS ABOUT WAREZ ---------------------- We worked hard to get Opera for OS/2 running and Opera Software is working hard to have a alternate webbrowser for different platforms. If you don't want to pay for your browser we expect that you accept the banner ads. For sure you are very welcome to register the browser but please do not write keygens for it and do not publish your key. This would definitely harm the developement of new versions of Opera for OS/2. Thanks for your support! LINKS ----- Opera Software: http://www.opera.com OS/2 Netlabs: Home of a lot of open source applications like Odin and more http://www.netlabs.org eComStation: the new client based on OS/2 technology http://www.ecomstation.com IBM Software Choice Homepage: http://www-4.ibm.com/software/os/warp/swchoice/ CREDITS ------- Opera for OS/2 would not be possible without the enormous support of the whole Odin team! Thanks a lot for every single line of code written by the Odin team, you all did great work! If you want to get a list of Odin members klick the Icon in Opera for OS/2 and choose "About Odin". Special thanks to: Yuri Dario; main OS/2 porter Sander van Leeuwen; Odin mastermind and Opera for OS/2 debugger Achim Hasenmueller; pusher ;-) and supporter during developement The whole Opera team for writing this excellent browser! and for sure to the whole OS/2 and eCS community out there! ============================================================================= Happy browsing with Opera for OS/2 & eComStation Yuri, Sander, Adrian & the whole Opera team
 www.os2site.com/sw/internet/browser/opera5-932-os2-bld31b.exe  local copy
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