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NetRexx è un linguaggio di programmazione derivato sia dal Rexx che da Java.

E' un dialetto del Rexx che conserva portabilità ed efficienza del Java e nel contempo risulta facile da apprendere come il Rexx (ICU License). La combinazione dei linguaggi Java e Rexx fanno di NetRexx un linguaggio altamente portabile.

Sono inclusi i manuali di riferimento del linguaggio e della programmazione NetRexx ed una guida di riferimento rapido in formato pdf. La conoscenza dei linguaggi Java e REXX sono propedeutici all'utilizzo di un toolkit simile. Fondamenti di linguaggio REXX sono reperibili nel testo "Procedures Language/2 REXX User's Guide", incluso nel sistema operativo, per approfondire, oltre ai testi inclusi nel pacchetto, REXX Reference Summary Handbook.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

Documentazione in linea

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

NetRexx v. 3.0.7 (GA, 1/10/2018) Readme/What's new
NetRexx 3.07 [October 1st, 2018] - Rexx() constructor no more package private (for use in other languages) - Additions to RexxIO runtime class for more flexibility in say - setOutputStream - pushOutputStream - popOutputStream - one-liner File read I/O in RexxIO().File.forEeachline() - Sqlselect stage changes for Pipelines - soundex() method on Rexx string - documentation corrections by Gustavo Mindreau - fix for class file image corruption problem with ecj compiles
NetRexx v. 3.0.6 GA (12/12/2017) Readme/What's new
NetRexx 3.06 GA [December 10th, 2017] - Method level annotations will pass through to Java source.
NetRexx v. 3.0.5 GA (27/4/2017) Readme/What's new
NetRexx 3.05 [April 27th, 2017] - First release after Kermit Kiser's passing. He will be remembered fondly for all his work. - NetRexx has moved to Git on SourceForge for version management - A new level of the Eclipse Java Compiler in NetRexxF.jar - A build error on IBM's J9 JVM's was fixed - The org.netrexx.address package was added as a foundation for OS shell interaction - New documentary comments in nrc.bat and NetRexxC.bat for windows (Kermit Kiser) - Java2Nrx and sysutils tools moved from contrib repository to tools (Marc Remes) - All examples are now versioned under the master branch - A fix for the RexxComparator class - Various fixes and additions to documents.
NetRexx v. 3.0.4 GA (1/6/2015) Readme/What's new
NetRexx 3.04 [June 1st, 2015] - a jsr 199 compliant way of calling the java compiler - Java source is saved on disk by the 3.04 translator if options -keep or -keepasjava are specified just as in release 3.03 of NetRexx. However NetRexx 3.04 does not write java to disk otherwise since it is no longer required in order to produce class files. - an automatic search for a compiler : this release of the translator also finds compilers that are not on the classpath if one cannot be found via the classpath; for example in the directory the translator is loaded from or in any directory associated with the current JVM. This may reduce installation issues due to "Java compiler not found". - integration of Pipes for NetRexx (available in the NetRexxF.jar file) - a new level of (4.4.2) of the eclipse java compiler (available in the NetRexxF.jar file) - a less verbose startup message when the translator is started without options - NetRexxC option list now requires "-help" - new: NETREXX-120, option -javac indicates a preference for the javac compiler - new: NETREXX-120, option -ecj indicates a preference for the ecj compiler - new: the tools section now has support for the vim and nano editors - NetRexx now requires JVM 1.6 to build and run the translator - new: NETREXX-69, do binary support - a fix for NETREXX-117, NPE in jsr223 support - a fix for NETREXX-116, a new 'returnobject' option to return a returncode from a jsr223 script - a fix for NETREXX-114: fixes z/OS compatibility (broken in 3.03) - new: NETREXX-109, a parallel processing api - new: NETREXX-100, a list processing api - a fix for NETREXX-92, enabling negative values in interfaces - a fix for NETREXX-115, enabling trivial subclassing of some collection classes in java 8 and up - new: NETREXX-119, toByteArray() method on type Rexx - a fix for NETREXX-118, error in jsr223 engine - a fix for NETREXX-127, unneeded import of pipes and stages packages - an enhancement to add wildcard (*) support to the NetRexxC -classpath operand matches Java behavior and also adds support for double wildcards (**) which will cause loading of jar files from nested directories (a feature lacking in Java). In addition, the enhanced compiler search will find compilers specified in the -classpath operand and via classpath wildcards. - The Java system property "nrx.compiler" can be used to provide options for the Java compiler called by NetRexx. This property is set on starting the NetRexx translator as in this example: java -Dnrx.compiler="-target 1.6" org.netrexx.process.NetRexxC myprogram If the first option specified is "javac" or "ecj", NetRexx will use that option to prefer selection of a compiler although the "-javac" and "-ecj" translator options will override it. Other options are passed to the Java compiler unchanged. If you are using the Windows script "nrc.bat" to compile programs, you can place the system property in the Windows environment to make it automatic as in this example: set netrexx_java=-Dnrx.compiler="ecj -source 1.6 -target 1.6" The nrx.compiler property can also be set directly in Ant builds or via the Ant project property "ant.netrexxc.javacompiler". - a fix for NETREXX-134 -time output references correct compiler name - a fix for a transient NullPointer exception when looking for compilers - a fix for NETREXX-131 : add RuntimeConstants to enable building of the translator using ecj again The Pipes for NetRexx documentation is not ready yet, but previews will be available from the NetRexx website.
NetRexx (cmd2java) (14/7/2014) Readme/What's new
Creates eComStation versions of Rexx2Nrx' batch files, verifies the setup and uses working Java (v1.4.2) options. Execute CMD2Java.CMD once in your Rexx2Nrx directory to create the most important Rexx2Nrx CMD files. Test file included.
NetRexx 2.0.5 (books) (20/8/2010)
NetRexx v. 2.0.5 (18/8/2010)
NetRexx v. 2.0.4 (IBM, 18/8/2010)
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