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Mesa 2 è un foglio elettronico per OS/2.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

I link seguenti sono a programmi aggiuntivi, utili ma non indispensabili per il funzionamento:

Documentazione in linea

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

SmartPack for Mesa2 (12/4/2003, Athena Design, J. Daniel Kulp, Sundial Systems Corporation, Rolf Lochbuehler) Readme/What's new
Edit- and sizefunctions for Mesa2, req. running Mesa2 v2.2  local copy
GerMenue for Mesa2 v. 1.3 (14/1/2003) Readme/What's new
German menu for the spreadsheet-application Mesa2, toolbar-buttons. Req. running Mesa2 v2.3  local copy
Mesa 2's Real-Time Feed Capabilities Example (10/5/2001) Readme/What's new
Mesa 2's Real-Time Feed Capabilities, an Example with Stock Quotes. This example uses a Mesa 2 spreadsheet with two short MScripts and an external REXX script. They work in combination with stock quotes from a free Internet service, in this case Yahoo.  local copy
Tequila for Mesa2 v. 1.1 (26/11/2000) Readme/What's new
Filter-, zoom- and sizefunctions for the excelent speadsheet application Mesa2, req. running Mesa2 v2.2  local copy
Mesa v. 2.3 (24/5/2000) Readme/What's new
Mesa 2 version 2.3 fixes a few problems and incompatibilities that were found in version 2.2. In addition, several new features were added based on customer requests. These include: * File locking - Mesa 2 now (optionally) will lock files while they are open so other users can not modify the file until you are done with it. * Excel 5.0/95 export filter - Mesa 2 can now export files to Excel 5.0/95 workbooks. * Quattro Pro WB2 import filter - Mesa 2 can now import Quattro Pro WB2 files as well as WB1 files. * Several new formula functions: -IPAYMT/@IPAYMT -IPMT/@IPMT -MAPPEND/@MAPPEND -MATCH/@MATCH -PPAYMT/@PPAYMT -PPMT/@PPMT -SETELEMENT/@SETELEMENT -SUBSTITUTE/@SUBSTITUTE * Several new AddIn functions (see forthcoming AddIn kit) * Enhanced date parsing - Mesa 2 will now try to recognize dates entered in "foreign" formats. For example: 1999/03/17 will now be recognized as a date instead of a string. * EDITCELL MScript function - will force the user to enter data into a cell while the script waits. * LISTWINDOWS MScript function - lists all currently open windows. * Push/Pop selection commands - can be added to menus, toolbars, and keyboard shortcuts. "Push" pushes the current selection onto an internal stack (local to the workbook). You can then go back to that selection by hitting the "Pop" command. * Completely new Real-Time Data Feed system offering new capabilities. -Enhanced FEED formula function to access historical feed data. -New SETFEED formula function for setting values in the feed table from results of calculations in a workbook. -New FEEDTIME formula function for retrieving the time a feed was last updated. -GETMISSINGFEEDS MScript function to get a list of all feeds requested via a FEED call that were not found in the feed table. -GETALLFEEDS MScript function to get a list of all feed values in the feed table. -DELETEFEED MScript function for deleting feeds from the feed table. -GETFEEDTIME MScript function for retrieving the time a feed was last updated. -GETFEEDATTIME MScript function for retrieving an historical value of a feed. -The ability to turn off the Real-Time Data Feed for a particular workbook. * External Control of Mesa 2 - all MScript functions can now be used directly from an external program by prefixing the command with either mesa2 or m2. * GBM support - if the GBM libraries are installed on your computer, Mesa 2 will now use them for importing and exporting images. This allows Mesa 2 to import and export many new image formats including GIF, JPEG, and TIFF. The GBM libraries are available from many OS/2 FTP sites. * Alternate SmartFreeze behavior - matches the behavior of other spreadsheets title locking, but looses some of the enhanced functionality of the Mesa 2 version 2.2 SmartFreeze feature. There are also several important performance improvements designed to make Mesa 2 faster: * Selection Manager - enhanced to reduce the "pulsing" when the selection changes, typing a script, etc... * Recalc range command - smarter processing of nonautomatic recalculation if the recalc order is set to Row or Column. * Cached graph images - when graph caching is turned on (the default) and a recalc/feed/animation/etc... causes the graphs to need to be updated, only the graphs currently visible will be redrawn. * Real-time data feed recalculation - more efficient transfer of data from the feed table to the workbook when multiple FEED() calls are encountered during a recalculation. * Script recorder - several speedups were implemented so that there are fewer performance penalties as the script increases to near the limit in size.  local copy
Script to export Mesa-2 1.x spreadsheet as HTML table (14/12/1999) Readme/What's new
Script to export simple HTML table from Mesa 2 1.x spreadsheet. Can be used with Mesa-2 2.x, but Mesa-2 2.x has HTML export function already built in. Before you run this script you need to select the range of cells you want to export.
Export Mesa 2 spreadsheet as LaTeX table (25/1/1999) Readme/What's new
Script to export simple LaTeX table from Mesa 2 spreadsheet. Written for Mesa 2 revision 2.20. Before you run this script you need to select the range of cells you want to export.
Mesa v. 2.2 (24/9/1998) Readme/What's new
New features include: * SmartFreeze - Title locking and more. * Variable zoom settings. * Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right cursor movement during editing. * Hard return markers in "wrap" cells and text boxes. * Printing enhancements including fit-to-page, centering on page, printing just a graph, printing the entire workbook, and preventing printing of graphics. * Enhanced graphs - graphs now have many new options to make them look even better and provide more customizability. They also handle discontinuous ranges in a more flexible manner. Bar and column graphs can display images for the bar/column to produce a pseudo-pictogram. 3-D graphs can even rotate! * Customizable Toolbars. * Movable Toolbars. * Special toolbar for scripts. * Customizable SmartFill. * Customizable Menus. * Customizable Shortcut kyes. * Enhanced cell formatting options: -Red negatives for all native formats. -Cell background patterns. -8 new border styles. -19 new underline styles. -Text formatting for strings within a cell. -A simple formatting language to create custom number formats. -Rotated text. -Centering across columns. -Strikethrough text. -SmartSizing of rows and columns. * Cell notes/attachments. * Page notes, too. * Drag and Drop printing. * Four new palettes to provide means of setting various visual elements of graphs and cells. * Autoformat ranges. * Left mouse button font pop-up menu from the font section of the status bar to make font selection quicker and easier. * Background images for layers. * Full page print preview. * Fill SmartMatrix to make viewing a matrix easier and faster. * OS/2 Metafile image support. Metafiles can be used as an image frame, a background image for a layer, or as an image for pictogram bars on bar/column graphs. * Set default properties for graphs. * Set default margins and headers for printing. * Formula Builder. * X, check, and Formula Builder buttons on the formula bar. * Enhanced keyflags section of status bar to provide summary information. * Code page translation. * SmartFormulas  local copy
Mesa Workbook Compactor for Version 2.16 (12/12/1996) Readme/What's new
This program is designed to remove unneeded information from Mesa files to decrease the size of the file. Smaller files tend to load faster and also tend to use less memory once loaded so there are many reasons to try and get the files smaller. Also, if you have to transfer a file via a slow modem, smaller files are always better.  local copy
Mesa Toolbar Customizer v. 1.0 (for Mesa 2.1.6, 4/10/1996) Readme/What's new
Mesa Toolbar Customizer v1.0  local copy
Mesa v. 2.1.6 (29/9/1996) Readme/What's new
While there are very few major feature additions in this release, there have been many substantial improvements. These are listed by catagory: * Feature Enhancements * REXX Enhancements * File Filter Enhancements * Function Changes * Sundial Systems  local copy
Mesa 2 add-in toolkit (7/1/1996) Readme/What's new
This package constitues a highly un-offical kit to aid in the development of AddIns for Athena Design's Mesa for OS/2 Spreadsheet. The base functionallity and most of the documentation for the functions can be found in the EXTADDIN.H header file. The only other piece of knowledge that is needed is that your AddIn DLL must have the functions void AddInInit(void *) and void AddInFree(void *).
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