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Venerdì, 26 Novembre, 1999



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KCopy/2 supporta la copia di file tra partizioni VFAT e di altro tipo, conservando i nomi di file lunghi.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

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K Copy/2 v. 0.3.0 (26/11/1999, KO Myung-Hun) Readme/What's new
KCopy/2 v0.3.0 for OS/2 ------------------------- Made by KO Myung-Hun KCopy/2 supports file copying between VFAT and other partition, conserving long filename. Features : - Conserving long file name of VFAT partitionö - Copying sub directory - Supporting global name - Supporting Korean file name Limitations : - Being able to copy maximum 25 level of sub directory - Ignoring exception( i.e. Ctrl-Break ) - Copying empty directory when copying directory - NLS is lack. History : - v0.3.0 : 1999.11.26 Supporting to copy between the same partitions fixed : - Recognized continuous space chars of long file name as one space char - v0.2.0 : 1999.07.14 Supporting to write to VFAT Supporting Korean file name fixed : - Do not copy if source file name is 'x:' form. - v0.1.0 : 1999.05.28 Supporting to copy sub directory fixed : - Do not work correctly if there are no global names in file name - v0.0.0 : 1999.05.23 Initial release. Compiling sources : This program is programmed originally for Free Pascal v0.99.10 for OS/2 and Virtual Pascal/2 v1.10 demo version. - In case of VP/2(1.10 or later) Sources should be compiled without any problems. - In case of Free Pascal for OS/2 .Compile with v0.99.10 You should copy dos.pas and doscalls.pas to rtl\os2 directory, and modify your ppc386.cfg correctly. If any error occur, refer to the ppc386.cfg included in this package. .Compile with latest version( current v1.0.6 ) You should modify source files. Free Pascal recognize 'string' as 'ansistring' in default. So, you should {$H-} switch. You can see the following at top of sources. {$IFDEF FPC} {$MODE DELPHI} {$ELSE} {$DELPHI+} {$ENDIF} All you have to do are to insert {$H-} before {$ELSE} as the following. {$IFDEF FPC} {$MODE DELPHI} {$H-} {$ELSE} {$DELPHI+} {$ENDIF} And, you should add '@' to parameter of DosGetInfoBlocks in 'kc.pas'. DosGetInfoBlocks( @PTIB, @PPIB ); This is because of declaration change of DosGetInfoBlocks. Now, you can compile the sources successfully. Epilogue : This program is distributed under GNU Public License. Writing to VFAT partitions is refered to vfat-os2 v0.04 sources of D. Steiner, and patches for Korean is refered to Lee Kyung-Nam( sam@noah.kaist.ac.kr ).
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New Link: https://hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/util/file/KCopy2_0-3-0.zip

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