HOLMESFiX (The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes patch)

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Domenica, 28 Ottobre, 2001



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HOLMESFIX è una patch per corregere il gioco 'The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes' ed ottenere nuovamente il suono dalle schede audio Soundblaster. La correzione si estende ad altri seri difetti del codice riscontrati nell'esecuzione. Applicando queste correzioni il gioco funzionerà PERFETTAMENTE sotto OS/2 Warp o eCS.

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HOLMESFiX (The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes patch) v. 28102001 (28/10/2001, Martin Kiewitz) Readme/What's new
============================ Martin Kiewitz's HOLMESFiX ============================ Released on 28.10.2001 Written and (c) by Martin Kiewitz Special Thanx to Daniel Caetano Dedicated to Maryse and Gerd Kiewitz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This software is 'e-mail ware'. This means, if you use it, please send me an e-mail or a greeting card. I just want to see, how much people are using it. ============ | FOREWORD | ============ Well. This is a patcher for 'The Lost Files Of Sherlock Holmes'. A really nice adventure game from Electronic Arts. We got 2 bugs in here. The 1st one is our beloved Soundblaster-delay bug. The 2nd is something really special. The coders didnt know ANYTHING about doing an IRQ-routine, so they guessed how everything works. Well. THEY GUESSED WRONG. Under WinDos it works. Why ? Because the WinDos Dos-Box is inaccurate. Normally you have to ack an IRQ *one* time. And this means *JUST ONCE*. The WinDos Dos-Box ignores this...not so the OS/2 VDM." The coder's guessed routine just acks *any* IRQ, even if it does not process it. I just fixed those bugs, now it works perfectly using OS/2 Warp / eCS. =========== | CONTACT | =========== There are several ways to contact me. All-time favourite is my e-mail adresse 'kiewitz@fuckMicrosoft.com'. Well, you can use 'martin@kiewitz.de' or 'kiewitz@netlabs.org' as well. OS/2 World has some content of mine. Look at: http://www.os2world.com/games Or you may visit my own private homepage. Surf to: http://www.kiewitz.de ========================== | GREETZ AND DEDICATIONS | ========================== I dedicated HOLMESFiX to 2 different people. Maryse is a really great (half-french) girl and I like her a lot. Gerd Kiewitz is my father, he died some time ago :( I will never stop loving him. - No Greetz this time, sorry - - Martin Kiewitz
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