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Versione sostitutiva migliorata di LVMGUI, per Warp Server for e-Business, ACP/MCP ed eComStation. Ora anche con supporto completo per la tastiera!

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

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Harddisk Manager v. 1.15 (1/12/2005, Frank Ambacher) Readme/What's new
--------------------------- Harddisk Manager v. 1.1.5 --------------------------- What is Harddisk Manager? It's a replacement for the Logical Volume Manager Graphical Interface (lvmgui) on the OS/2 Warp Family (WseB, ACP, MCP, eComstation v 1.x) of products. It supports FAT32, NTFS and Linux partitions. How to install this software? 1. Install your Java JRE, if you don't did it yet. 2. Execute install.cmd 3. Now your system should work and is ready for testing. How can I check the installation? On eComStation there are 4 different ways to invoke the Harddisk Manager. Test all of them. 1. Inwoke through System Setup. On doubleklicking on Local Volume Manager the Harddisk Manager shoud start up. 2. Inwoke through Drives Folder. Open the drives folder and choose Manage Volumes in the context menu (right mouse button). 3. Inwoke via startup script. Open a command window, then type "lvmgui". On enter the Harddisk Manager should start. 4. Inwoke directly via java. Open a command window, then type "java lvmgui". On enter the Harddisk Manager should start. If all the above ways work properly your system is set up correctly. What's new? - NTFS support - Focusmanagement now works on JRE 1.3 or newer. - Native language support now supports 6 languages english, finnish, french, german, italian, spanish - Extended logical view with direct edit capabilities. - Extended keyboard support in logical view - Statusbar in logical view - New default images for physical view - Bugfix on Delete Volume Dialog - Experimental feature: Config.Sys autoedit - new License Where I can find new versions of this package? On http://hobbes.nmsu.edu/cgi-bin/h-search?key=hdman115.zip On http://www.anakor.de (download section) What commandline parameters are supported? install <bootdrive:> Execute Harddisk Manager self installer. In this mode the program must be executed via system JRE, no matter which version it is!!! See install.cmd for an example. /startlog filename Start the LVM Log feature, using filename. /iconset:# Use Iconset # (available options are 1 through 3) /lfset:# Use Look&Feel # (available options are 0 through 6) 0 uses Java Look and Feel 1 is a OS/2-like Metal-Theme (default) 2,3 are Metal-Themes in other colors 5 uses GTK Look and Feel 6 uses Motif Look And Feel /size:# Normally this isn't required. Harddisk Manager calculates it's vertical window size through the number of drives available in the system. But if calculate size will fail on your system, you can overwrite the vertical size with this parameter. Useful # here would be any number greater than 350. /modify:# Activates the Autoedit-Mode in logical view. Be warned, this mode is experimental. Which means: Don't bother me if your system don't work properly after use of this switch. If you know what you're doing, this mode is able to rewrite your config.sys, when you've changed the drive letter of a drive. Yet, this only works in logical view. So your drive letter change must be done through the logical view direct manipulation, not through the menu functions. The only available option is /modify:1 which means rewrite config.sys. You have to set the switch /bootdrive:[driveletter] also. They work in conjunction with each other. Note: Don't change your bootdrive's letter with this switch applied! This don't work, because there are also drive letter references in os2.ini and os2sys.ini. So your system would be lost in an unbootable state. After you have applied drive letter changes and commited them, your original config.sys is still available as bootdrive:\config.sys.[number]. If your system won't work properly simply copy this file back to config.sys and reboot. /bootdrive:[letter] This parameter is needed in conjunction with /modify:1 What keyboard functions are available? Harddisk Manager has full keyboard support: F2 Direct edit in logical view F10 Select Menu Shift-F10 Select Popup menu Alt-<Letter> Open Menu with corresponding accelerator key Arrows Move Tab Move to next Return Select Direct edit in logical view Logical view now has direct edit capabilities to change the editable cells. This works on the available 1.3.x JRE from IBM and also on Innoteks 1.4.x JRE. But they work slightly different. This has nothing to do with Harddisk Manager but with the used JRE. 1. IBM JRE 1.3.x: The JTable classes in JRE 1.3.x has some weird bugs. So I had to implement workarounds into Harddisk Manager to get it working. If you open the JComboBoxes to edit the drive letter of a drive and decide to cancel the action the ESC-key won't work. In this case choose the driveletter which the drive already has and leave the cell using the mouse or the arrow keys. 2. Innotek JRE 1.4.x: The JTable classes in JRE 1.4.x has some fields and methodes not available in JRE 1.3.x. This makes the logical view much more logical;-) The ESC-key will work here (see 1. IBM JRE 1.3.x). Native language support Harddisk Manager now includes language support in 6 languages. The supplied languages are: english, finish, french, german, italian, spanish In case you need language support in your native language email me, so we can see what to do. I've visited those pretty cool sites at http://www.os2.jp, but couldn't read anything;-) Can you read the Harddisk Manager menues? License change Harddisk Manager is free for personal use and will be in the future. If I loose interest in it and stop developement, it will go opensource under GNU GPL or LGPL, in the hope there's somebody who can extend it. So I have put a Binary Freeware License together, which now is the license for Harddisk Manager (see License). Donation on further OS/2 and eComStation developement Because I have the need in new developement tools, such as Golden Code JDK for testing and developing, I have setup a Donation-Point at http://www.anakor.de. Please donate there for further developement on free and/or opensource OS/2 and eComStation software. If you've found any bugs or you have wishes to implement, don't hesitate to email me. Many thanks to: Gabriele Gamba (Italian language support) David Graser (Iconset #3) Alex Taylor (Hint on removeables) Frank Ambacher
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