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0.9.2 & 0.8.2
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Questo programma rexx è utile solo per caricare librerie dinamiche già predisposte per operare sopra i 512MB utilizzando above512.exe o highmem.exe. Il caricamento al di sotto dei 512MB non ha senso: OS/2 lo gestisce fin troppo bene.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

E' possibile installare i prerequisiti con rpm, eseguendo la stringa seguente in una finestra comandi:

yum install highmem ffmpeg RXU
I link seguenti sono a programmi aggiuntivi, utili ma non indispensabili per il funzionamento:

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

ffmpegHigh & ffmpegH v. 0.9.2 (12/5/2020, Remy Dodin) Readme/What's new
Requirements: RXU.dll required This rexx is only usefull to load dll already set to be above 512MB line loaded using above512.exe or highmem.exe (to prevent lost of shared high storage as it is for firefox...) Loading below 512MB line has no sence, OS/2 does the job well. Update 0.4 with corrections ( code errors and added more process messages ) adding 1 at end of cmd sting, it enables detailed RC code output Update 0.5 added option to specify a file ending with ".dlh" with a list of DLLname without .dll to process Update 0.6 handles are now converted in HEX for the process (specific control caracters could be returned into hande) Update 0.7 added a few module query information Update 0.8 added option -q to query any modules (normaly loaded) Update 0.9 corrected a possible crash and added ffmpegH added ffmpegH which is ffmpegHigh in an exe version usable to be started from startup folder Update 0.9.1 corrected a missing ')' in the code and updated both batch and exe to the latest level including message changes. Update 0.9.2 (0.6 for exe) updated code to get dynamically handle for -u option when ~ffmpegh file doesn't exist [extension of function available for one specified DLL] - updated and added some message, put initial message in a procedure. Upated 0.8.2 (ffmpegh) corrected incorrect default path used to find ~ffmpegh, added more verifications, messages, edit button, help button. note: If you load 2 times a module, you can unload it 2 times Rules: By default (without dll_name) all ffmpeg 4.0.2 dll are automatically handled ffmpeghigh (option) dll_name/file wwith dll list option: -l load dll(s) (it creates a file under path execution named handle.txt required to free loaded dll by rexx) -u Free dll (dll no more loaded but high share storage - could be checked by theseus4 - handle.txt input requires) -q query dll(s) (ffmpeg modules by default or any provided dll name or from dll filelist) -! Unlock dll by UNLOCK proram if installed (optionnal) -? -h access to the help messages second argument: Without any argument, integrated dll list is proceeced dll_name is a dll from the libpath else fullpath dll must be specified, Wildcard caracters are not accepted and DLL extension must be .DLL. Instead of a dll, you can specify a file including a list of DLL (not fullpath dll) but you can add an optionnal path in first line to load following DLLs from this path. This optionnal path must be between double quotes "C:\...\...\lib" e.g. "C:\usr\local\lib" VLC.DLL LVCCORE.DLL Firs argument: only possible value is 1 and if set, error code have more readable information. PS: during load, a temporary file named ~ffmpegh is created under current ffmpeghigh path or under DLL path when an external path is specified in the file with a DLL list or as fullpath DLL. (This file simplifies some process but is not mandatory. if deleted, dynamic process is uses) (C)Rémy 2020
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