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L'obiettivo di questo programma è quello di interrogare e visualizzare gli Attributi Estesi, crearli, editarli, cancellarli e rinominarli.

Installazione manuale

Pacchetto autoinstallante WarpIN. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

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EAMaster v. 0.95 (6/3/2023, Keith Merrington) Readme/What's new
EAMaster 0.95 EAMaster by Keith Merrington and is (C) Copyright 2023 by Keith Merrington. All rights reserved. These programs are freely distributable, and may be used by and distributed along with any other software, provided that these files are neither internally modified, nor sold as a complete package by themselves. These programs are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind either expressed or implied. Registration This program is fully functional but does require registration after 31 days. To register send an email to me, Keith Merrington Please state in your email PLEASE NOTIFY ABOUT UPDATES only if you want to be informed about any future update. Installation Installation is via Warpin. However there are two font files (WarpSans and WarpSans Bold) WHICH YOU NEED TO INSTALL YOURSELF BY PLACING THEM IN THE PSFONTS DIRECTORY OF YOUR BOOT DRIVE. Should you for some reason wish to place files manually then copy all the files to a directory of your choice preferably referred to in the PATH statement in config.sys. and place the two additional fonts (WarpSans and WarpSans Bold).in the PSFONTS directory Package Contents The following files are included in this archive: EAMaster.exe - the executable program EAMaster.hlp - the English documentation file wpsu.ttf - WarpSans true type font. wpsub.ttf - WarpSans true type bold font. Version 0.92 Corrected: Minor textual corrections. Version 0.93 Corrected: Corrected a search path is considered as invalid when only the root of a drive was entered when searching EA's. Ignore case when saving search paths. Version 0.94 Corrected: Corrected the main screen sometimes being incorrectly resized. The wpsu fonts were incorrectly named as WarpSans fonts in the help and in the readme file (WarpIN) but they are Workplace Sans fonts. Corrected. Version 0.95 Corrected: Updated WPI. Ignore case when saving search paths.
 hobbes.nmsu.edu/download/pub/os2/util/disk/EAMaster_095.wpi  local copy
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