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Driver che sostituisce IBMIDECD.FLT, IBMATAPI.FLT, DaniADsk.FLT e gli altri filtri ATAPI.

  • gestisce ATAPI ZIP-250;
  • prestazioni ZIP migliorate (fino a 4 volte per ZIP-250):
  • PIO 32 bit più rapido se usato assieme a DANIS506.ADD;
  • modalità DMA bustmaster funzionante e sperimentata su numerosi chipset differenti;
  • possibilità di far apparire i dispositivi ATAPI come dispositivi SCSI-2 in combinazione con DANIS506.ADD.
Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

Copiare DaniATAPI.FLT in bootdrive:\OS2\BOOT e aggiungere a CONFIG.SYS la linea: BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT Fare in modo che preceda le linee relative agli altri driver ATAPI, oppure commentarle.

I link seguenti sono a programmi aggiuntivi, utili ma non indispensabili per il funzionamento:

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Daniela's ATAPI Filter v. 20070816 (16/8/2007, Daniela Engert) Readme/What's new
Daniela's generic ATAPI Filter - Release 0.4.0 ----------------------------------------------- NAME DaniATAPI.FLT - replacement for IBMIDECD.FLT, IBMATAPI.FLT, DaniADsk.FLT and all other ATAPI related filters. SYNOPSIS This filter driver supports all types of ATAPI devices. It is a superset of IBMIDECD.FLT, IBMATAPI.FLT and DaniADsk.FLT, and supports all devices that the mentioned drivers do. Additionally, all ATAPI devices can be accessed through the OS/2 ASPI software interface. Each EIDE channel shows up as a SCSI channel, and each ATAPI device as a SCSI device (master = SCSI ID 0, slave = SCSI ID 1). DESCRIPTION This release of my ATAPI filter driver is based on the IBMATAPI.FLT and IBMIDECD.FLT sources. My enhancements are: - can deal with the ATAPI ZIP-250 and ZIP-750 - improved ZIP performance (up to factor 4 on ZIP-250) - supports arbitrary swapping of 100MB, 250MB and 750MB media - reflects the current media capacity up to FDISK, DISKIO or the like - OS/2 boot from ZIP is possible - faster 32bit PIO in conjunction with DANIS506.ADD (rel. 1.1.1 or later) - Busmaster DMA mode works and is tested with Intel, VIA, AMD, HPT, SiS, CMD, SiliconImage, ServerWorks, Promise, Nvidia and ACARD chipsets until now. Busmaster DMA is available now for ALi as well (CD/DVD-ROM is safe, but some chip revisions fail on DMA write operations!). Due to hardware limitations there is no 32bit PIO and no busmaster DMA possible for ATAPI devices attached to a Promise Ultra (non-TX2) controller. - ATAPI devices appear to the rest of the system as regular SCSI-2 devices if used with DANIS506.ADD (rel. 1.1.5 or later). This may be disabled globally or individually. - advanced "warm-swap" support if used with DANIS506.ADD (rel. 1.1.9 or later) - support for PCCard (formerly: PCMCIA) ATAPI devices (like the Iomega PCMCIA ZIP-250 or the Iomega Click!40) - support for PCCard CD writers (CDRecord, RSJ) - the translation of old-style 6-byte SCSI commands into their more modern 10-byte counterparts is no longer hardcoded. The device is sensed now to check if it requires this translation. - like DaniS506.ADD, this driver stores boot messages internally for later readout. To view them, issue "copy ATAPI$ con:", to dump them into a file, issue "copy ATAPI$ anyfile". - automatic media unload on shutdown if desired - supports up to eight IDE channels - supports ATAPI MO drives (tested with Fujitsu 1.3GB and 2.3GB drives) - supports ATAPI units with more than one logical unit (LUN) built in. Examples are the Panasonic/IBM PD drive (tested) or some CD-ROM changers. - fix compatibility issues with the increasing number of devices that bluntly violate the ATAPI specs. - fix some hangs at driver initialization due to SCSI MODE_SENSE size problems with particular ATAPI units. - fix a hang at driver initialization due to slow recover from IDENTIFY commands seen with some ATAPI units. *** - support for high interrupts (IRQ16 and higher) ### Caution: this release doesn't work with DaniS506 v1.7.x or older! it is meant to be used with DaniS506 v1.8.0 only. This means, all freeware utilites designed to work with SCSI devices are supposed to work with ATAPI devices as well: CDRecord, CDDA2WAV, TAR, ... COMMAND LINE OPTIONS This driver supports all switches and options that IBMATAPI.FLT supports. Syntax Diagram -------------- +------- /I --------+ +------------------+ | +---------------+ | V | | V | V BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT --+----------------++- /A:n +--+-------------+--+-> +--- /!V --------+ +- /EJ -------+ +--- /EJ --------+ +- /!SCSI ----+ +--- /ZA --------+ +- /RSJ ------+ +--- /!SCSI -----+ +--- /RSJ -------+ >----------+-------------------------------------+------------------| | +----------- /I ----------+ | | | +---------------------+ | | | | V | V | +- /U:n +--+-------------------+--+---+ +- /EJ ------------+ +- /!SCSI ---------+ +- /TYPE:x --------+ +- /RSJ -----------+ In most cases, options prefaced with ! can be used with the ! modifier to explicitly disable the option. Options are valid both with and without the ! modifer. The values in parentheses are the default values if the option is not present. Options may be prefixed by "-" instead of "/" as well. Generic options --------------- /!V (quiet) (not) Verbose mode /EJ (don't eject) eject medium at shutdown /ZA (default mapping) map ZIP drive to A: /!SCSI (export all) don't export any ATAPI devices as SCSI devices /RSJ (off) RSJ CDROM backdoor Adapter options --------------- /A:n (n/a) Adapter number (0, 1, .. 7) /I (off) Ignore adapter /EJ (don't eject) eject medium at shutdown /!SCSI (export all) (don't) export ATAPI devices as SCSI devices /RSJ (off) RSJ CDROM backdoor Unit options ------------ /U:n (n/a) Unit number (0, 1) /UNIT:n same as /U /I (off) Ignore unit /EJ (don't eject) eject medium at shutdown /!SCSI (export) (don't) export ATAPI devices as SCSI devices /TYPE:x (none) type definition of swappable units /RSJ (off) RSJ CDROM backdoor The export of ATAPI devices as SCSI-2 device can be enabled and/or disabled globally, per adapter channel, or per individual unit by adding the options /SCSI or /!SCSI. If these options are in front of any /A: option, they apply globally. If they come after an /A:x option but before any /U: option, they apply to adapter channel x and override the global setting. If they come after any /U:y option, then they apply to the single unit y only and override both the global and the adapter setting. Default is a global visibility of all ATAPI devices as SCSI devices. The export is globally disabled also and cannot be overridden if the driver is renamed to any name beginning with IBM (case insensitive). This avoids confusion of the OS/2 installer if you replace IBMIDECD.FLT on installation disk #1 by a renamed version of DaniATAPI.FLT. To enable booting OS/2 from an ATAPI ZIP drive, I introduced the new /ZA switch ('map ZIP to A:'). It takes effect only if the BIOS has mapped the ZIP to drive letter A: in order to boot from it; in all other cases the /ZA option is a no-op. If there are floppy disk drives in your system, then - as a side effect - /ZA remaps floppy drive A: to B:, and floppy drive B: (if present) is no longer accessable. Due to limitations in OS2DASD.DMD (?) floppy reads and writes are a little 'rocky' in this case. A boot from ZIP automatically locks the boot medium in the drive, media swapping is no longer possible! This lock is imposed automatically by OS2DASD. If you insist to eject the locked medium by the 'eject' command, this command obviously is routed into nirvana and causes a kernel trap. Some people (like me) don't like media left in removable media devices (especially ZIP drives) on system shutdown, but tend to forget to eject them before powering down the system. The new /EJ option fills the void. If /EJ appears in front of all /A:n options, it acts globally on all devices controlled by DANIATAPI.FLT; if /EJ comes after an /A:n but before accompanied /U:m options, it acts on all units of that adapter channel; if it comes after an /U:m option, /EJ acts only on that particular unit. In any case, all units marked by /EJ receive a command to eject inserted media on shutdown right after file systems are closed. Units marked as "warm-swappable" on DANIS506.ADD's command line (by /A:x /BAY) need the new option /TYPE: to advice DaniATAPI.FLT to report appropriate device types to the device managers. The same applies to PCCard adapter channels (found by /PCS on DANIS506.ADD's command line). This is done by additional characters designating the supported device types: 'z' or 'Z': all ZIP drives 'l' or 'L': the LS-120 drive 'c' or 'C': all CD-ROM like devices (CD-ROM, CD-R/W, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM) 'w' or 'W': all CD writer like devices (CD-R/W, DVD-RAM) 'W' includes 'C' but additionally enables the features required for proper operation of the RSJ CDWriter software even if there is no CD writer unit attached at boot time. There may be more in the future. Some examples on how to use this option: 1) You have an IBM ThinkPad 600 and intend to plug a floppy drive, a CD-ROM, and a ZIP-100 into its UltraBay. The TPs have got the UltraBay connected to the secondary EIDE port. Then you need BASEDEV=DaniS506.ADD [other options] /A:1 /BAY BASEDEV=IBM1FLPY.ADD /A:0 /FORCE:1 /U:0 /F:1.44MB BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT /A:1 /U:0 /TYPE:ZC (the adapter numbers above are correct!) This is tested on Dell Inspiron 4150 and should work on other notebooks as well. 2) You have notebook which can be equipped with either a LS-120 drive, a DVD-ROM, or a CD writer. Then you need BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT /A:x /U:y /TYPE:WL To pick the correct values for /A and /U have a look at the boot messages. INSTALLATION Just copy DaniATAPI.FLT to bootdrive:\OS2\BOOT and add the line BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT Make sure that all other ATAPI related drivers are inactive or come after DaniATAPI.FLT in your CONFIG.SYS. If you prefer chasing icons, you can do the copy using DDINSTAL; you still have to tidy up CONFIG.SYS! If you intend to run the BootOS utility or to install this filter driver on a 8.3-only filesystem, I recommend to rename the driver to DaniATAP.FLT. INTEROPERABILITY TIPS This version of DaniATAPI.FLT works with DaniS506 v1.8.0 only. Due to changes in the inter device driver interface, this version of DaniS506 no longer works with other ATAPI-related filter drivers. Thus there are no interoperability issues with them. Unfortunately, many people don't bother to read docs carefully enough or at all. So I state it here explicitely once again: To make SCSI or ATAPI devices visible to programs which use the ASPI API, you'll need the following two lines to be present in CONFIG.SYS! BASEDEV=OS2ASPI.DMD /ALL (/ALL makes all devices accessible) DEVICE=[path]\ASPIROUT.SYS or [path]\ASPINKK.SYS CDRecord: There are no further options required if you like to run CDRecord/2, but not RSJ with your CD writer. The writer is visible to CDRecord as a regular SCSI CD writer by default. Just run "CDRecord -scanbus" to locate the CD writer on one of the SCSI buses and memorize its address (bus,unit,lun). RSJ: DaniATAPI.FLT is fully compatible to the RSJ cdwriter filesystem and its accompanied utilities. In fact, if you run DaniATAPI.FLT instead of RSJIDECD.FLT you can take advantage of the improved data transfer modes (32bit PIO and busmaster DMA) on all supported chipsets (RSJIDECD.FLT is derived from IBMIDECD.FLT and thus supports busmaster DMA on Intel chipsets only). If your CD writer model is listed cddrv.inf you don't even need LOCKCDR.FLT; DaniATAPI.FLT reorders its SCSI unit mapping if it finds a CD writer unit so that RSJ is happy. So there are several choices available (listed in order of preference) 1) BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT <other options> /A:x /U:y /RSJ or /A:x /RSJ or /RSJ BASEDEV=LOCKCDR.FLT Both RSJ and CDRecord may use the writer. If your CD writer model isn't listed in cddrv.inf, LOCKCDR.FLT from RSJ 3.x will autodetect and autoconfigure it. DaniATAPI will install an additional backdoor to re-enable regular CD ROM operation via OS2CDROM.DMD (or replacements) even if it is hidden by LOCKCDR.FLT. You better prevent DaniATAPI.FLT from exporting the CD writer as SCSI device by applying one of the /!SCSI options, because it will be exported by LOCKCDR.FLT now (too). RSJ and UDF peacefully coexist now. 2) BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT This enables full use of the CD writer unit as regular CD ROM device, RSJ writer device, and CDRecord writer device. If your particular model isn't listed in RSJ's cddrv.inf, then you need to paste the LOCKCDR.FLT autodetection info from the RSJ control panel. 3) BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT </!SCSI> or </A:x /!SCSI> or </A:x /U:y /!SCSI> BASEDEV=LOCKCDR.FLT This disables using the CD writer unit as a regular CD ROM drive. You better prevent DaniATAPI.FLT from exporting the CD writer as SCSI device by applying one of the /!SCSI options, because it will be exported by LOCKCDR.FLT now (too). Both RSJ and CDRecord may use the writer. If your CD writer model isn't listed in cddrv.inf, LOCKCDR.FLT from RSJ 3.x and above will autodetect and autoconfigure it. 4) BASEDEV=DaniATAPI.FLT BASEDEV=LOCKCDR.FLT DEVICE=JJSCDROM.DMD /W This is similar to the section above, but DaniATAPI will not install the additional backdoor; with the /W option JJSCDROM will grab the WORM unit exported by LOCKCDR.FLT. BackAgain/2K: The vendor supplied ATAPI tape driver (f.e. CDSEIDE.FLT,BTSEIDE.FLT) doesn't work with DaniS506 v1.8.0. SANE: SANE users may find that the SCSI bus number, for their scanner, will change when DaniATAPI.FLT is used. You may need to run FIND-SCANNER.EXE, and edit the scanner address in the *.CONF file, to correct the address. This should be a one time change, unless you switch back to the IBM supplied drivers. UDF: Lots of UDF failures can be attributed to flaws with particular versions of OS2CDROM.DMD or JJSCDROM.DMD. Best results with UDF 2.1.2 were seen with OS2CDROM.DMD build level 10.127. If you see UDF formatting failing like this [d:\]format w: /FS:UDF /F The type of file system for the disk is CDFS. WARNING: Formatting will erase ALL data on this disk. Continue (Yes or No)? Y Formatting is in progress...Format failed. Internal error then you probably have to blank the CD-RW before. CDRecord is recommended: [d:\]cdrecord blank=fast -eject -speed 10 FUJITSU MO drivers these are obsolete now, everything is handled by DaniATAPI.FLT and the DASD manager (both large floppy and partitioned media). FILES DaniATAPI.FLT The driver itself. DaniATAPI.DDP The device driver profile for DDINSTAL DaniATAPI.DOC The file you are reading right now :-) cmprssd\DaniATAPI.FLT The same as above, but LXlite compressed. This one is *not* guaranteed to work on every system. BUGS Hopefully none, but who knows ... TO DO - merge with the base S506 driver COPYRIGHT DaniATAPI - Copyright (c) 2001-2007 Daniela Engert. All rights reserved. STATUS OF PROGRAM DaniAATAPI is freeware. DISCLAIMER YOU ARE USING THIS PROGRAM AT YOUR OWN RISK! I don't take any responsibillity for damages, problems, custodies, marital dis- putes, etc. resulting from use, inability to use, misuse, pos- session or non-possession of this program directly or indirectly. I also don't give any warranty for bug-free operation, fitness for a particular purpose or the appropriate behaviour of the program concerning animals, programers and little children. THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED ``AS IS'' AND WITHOUT ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE ENTIRE RISK AS TO THE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE OF THE PROGRAM IS WITH YOU. SHOULD THE PROGRAM PROVE DEFECTIVE, YOU ASSUME THE COST OF ALL NECESSARY SERVICING, REPAIR OR CORRECTION. Or, in a few words: If its good, I am responsible. If its bad, its all your fault. ;) Permission is granted to redistribute this program free of charge, provided it is distributed in the full archive with unmodified contents and no profit beyond the price of the media on which it is distributed is made. Exception to the last rule: It may be included on freeware/shareware collections on CD-ROM, as well as on magazine cover CD-ROMs. All trademarks mentioned anywhere around here are property of their owners and the like ... AUTHOR Daniela Engert Internet: "Daniela Engert" <dani@ngrt.de> EPILOGUE Suggestions and bug-reports are always welcome. Well ... bug-reports are perhaps not *that* welcome ... ;)
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