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Help! I want to automate installation of RPM & YUM for OS/2 by sending keyboard events, so that a virtual machine with OS/2 + Yum can be produced with fully machined Packer instructions. Out of the box, OS/2 comes with the browser "WebExplorer", which is able to download some FTP and HTTP URLs. This helps to get WarpIN installed. However, when I supply the URL, such as saving to "yum.wpi", then WebExplorer appears to silently fail. After several seconds a console check with `dir c:\yum.wpi` reveals the file size is merely 238 bytes, whereas the actual file size is 22 MB. How are OS/2 users supposed to be able to download this file? If wget were installed, we could wget the yum WPI. However, we need yum in order to install wget. It seems there's a chicken and egg situation: Which comes first? The only other built-in download client I have found so far in OS/2 Warp is an `ftp` client, which unfortunately doesn't support HTTP transfers or even much of modern FTP transfers. Is there another built-in download client able to retrieve the RPM & YUM WPI?