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Cadh intercetta la combinazione di tasti Ctrl-Alt-Del e visualizza una finestra a schermo pieno con un menu ricco di opzioni.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Scaricare e scompattare il file ZIP in una cartella temporanea, quindi lanciare cadh.wpi (pacchetto WarpIN). Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

I link seguenti sono a programmi aggiuntivi, utili ma non indispensabili per il funzionamento:

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

Cadh - CAD Popup menu v. 1.31.1 (29/10/2006, Veit Kannegieser) Readme/What's new
user documentation CADH Veit Kannegieser ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Installation ------------ a) install using the WarpIN package OR b) move cadh.sym and cadh.sys to \os2\boot\ add a "basedev=CADH.SYS" config.sys line run cad_wps.cmd to create an icon in the startup folder reboot put TOP.EXE from <> somewhere reachable on %PATH%. known problems -------------- * System shutdown asks to terminate program workaround: a) disable confirm b) kill the process from enhanced shutdown recommended and automaticly used c) use "RUN=\OS2\APPS\CAD_POP.EXE" in config.sys will NOT work correctly! (command shell hangs in endless prompt) * It seems not be possible to activate the menu during Lockup (even in screen saver mode). I do not think that i need to change that. Doodle's Screen Saver does not prevent fullscreen popups. ideas ----- * add function to mute/unmute audio likely in an separate package using user defined hotkeys * mouse access - like the hard error popup? * network login/logoff? add it to the menu, if you want.. * how do i kill "unkillable processes?" (exitlist..) - break in an create sleeping extra thread that can woken up and kills the process/alters priority - like watchcat addon: api filter - hook dll - use new just in time debug attach to free resources and end processes? - use debug command to alter cs:eip registers, write custom code to program, close open handles,semaphores,.. * create online ipf helpfile * process list should use scroll bars (mouse?) or scrollable pageup/down when having too many processes/windows * cad_pop.exe could unlock itself to avoid confirmations when updating using WarpIn. user requests ------------- * add date/version to distribution ARJ filename. * Signals (Dos16FlagProcess..) * in List window, add cursorkey movement to select target. * priority modifications * password protected menu entries? hints ----- * You can use rmview /d | find /i "cadh" to find out if cadh.sys is loaded * pressing the hotkey during applications that use VioScrLock, will take about 30 seconds timeout after the beeps before the popup will appear, on return from the popup the displayed image may be corrupted. * the popup will also not display until you exit from an hard error popup (like cmd /c a: with an empty floppy drive), possible solution: use MGL? * after the beeps, pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del again before exit from the popup, will cause the usual reboot function, you can press the hotkey again after exit from popup and hearing beeps. * you can use hotkey definitions in your own programs. planned example: master volume setting using Alt+Num+/Num- from inside any program (PM, Fullscree, DOS) by simply waiting for an event semaphore.. how it works ------------ Cadh.sys alters kbdbase.sys code that sends a system message when CAD is detected, the modification causes a call of code in cadh.sys. Cadh.sys will either send the system message, or if any program has registered an event semaphore with cadh.sys, it will post that. Cad_pop.exe creates an named event semaphore '\SEM32\CAD_POP' and registers it with cadh.sys. Then it waits for an event. cap_pop.exe runs at a very high priority to cause instant working in case it is woken up. Currently cad_pop uses VioPopup services to take over keyboard and screen. This means that the menu can not displayed if another popup is already running. The VioPopup documentation says that only limited set of functions is available during popup, but so far all needed things like an external command shell run well, the only thing not possible is lauching PM or DOS programs. other hotkey combinations than Ctrl+Alt+Del ------------------------------------------- Default activation event is pressing the reboot keyboard sequence. Using "cad_pop.exe /Event:6,$ff,4,$ffff", you can have the menu program wait for Session Manager hotkeys instead. Use LIST_SMH.EXE to display defined session manager hotkeys. Usually they should be: 2: any Alt+Esc (switch between windows) 1: any Ctrl+Esc (show task list) 3: any Alt+Home (toggle windowed/fullscreen) fsHotKey are the shift state bits that have to be set. uchScancodeMake and uchScancodeBreak are the key make and break codes. Most times the break code is $80+make code. Use ADD_SMH.EXE to define additional session manager hotkey. There can be up to 16 hotkeys. Usage is: ADD_SMH.EXE fsHotKey uchScancodeMake uchScancodeBreak idHotKey fsHotKey bits: 11 Right Alt key down 10 Right Ctrl key down 9 Left Alt key down 8 Left Ctrl key down 1 Left Shift key down 0 Right Shift key down For Scancodes, look into programmer manuals. idHotKey is used as identifier. Range 1..$fffe. Using existing ID causes the existing definition to be replaced, so use ID >= 4. Example: ADD_SMH $0000 $4c $cc 4 This defines Numeric(Keypad) 5 (key $4c) without any modifier as Session Manager Hotkey 4. The above "cad_pop.exe /Event:6,$ff,4,$ffff" can now explained as wait for event 6/exact -- 6=Session Manager hotkey, having argument 4/exact -- Argument for Session Manager is the Hotkey ID. The default setting in cad_pop.exe is "/Event:7,$ff,0,0", which means reboot sequence, ignore argument. System Event cad_pop event option Ctrl+Break /Event:1,$ff,0,0 Ctrl+C /Event:2,$ff,0,0 Ctrl+NumLock /Event:3,$ff,0,0 Ctrl+PrtSc /Event:4,$ff,0,0 Shift+PrtSc /Event:5,$ff,0,0 Session Manager Hotkey /Event:6,$ff,xxxx,$ffff Ctrl+Esc xxxx=1 Alt+Esc xxxx=2 Alt+Home xxxx=3 your own... xxxx=4.. Reboot key sequence /Event:7,$ff,0,0 Some of them do not work, or would be unpleasant to replace the original function, using reboot hotkey or defining an new is recommended. changes ------- ­ 2003.06.19 ■ cadh.sys improvements by Dietrich Teickner * Warp 4 fp12 compatible (kbdbase.sys has other jump) * works better during high cpu load? * allocate context hook only after successful search for patch code * protect driver for only one basedev init command * optimisations ■ tested cad_pop with 4OS2 (version 3.04B), have not found problems ■ cad_pop beeps and waits for keypress on startup errors. ■ error handling for CMD/TOP shells ­ 2003.07.20 ■ if cad_pop is running detached (detach cad_pop.exe or run=E:\OS2\APPS\CAD_POP.EXE in config.sys), then the screen was not painted correctly ■ added process code similar to pstat/ps/go ■ added filter list for process list (cad_pop.hid) ­ 2003.07.21 ■ process list filter switchable ('F') ­ 2004.08.18 ■ corrected spelling errors ■ added menu configuration file cad_pop.mnu note: only read at program startup, you need to quit and restart the program ■ search cad_pop.mnu/hid in %home%, then in program directory ■ unlock open executables on unmount on error code 108 open *.cat/*.ir/*.ttf files still prevent unmount ■ added option to provide menu functionality even when cadh.sys is not loaded: "CAD_POP.EXE /NoCadH" ■ split wpi in two packages, driver directory fixed, app directory selectable ■ added resource manager support to cadh.sys ■ restore switch list entry when program exits. ­ 2004.08.31 ■ nl translation, thanks to Jan van der Heide ■ corrected handling of non-printable keys in menu. example: Delete ­ 2004.09.01 ■ simplified translation and made key usage translateable ­ 2004.09.02 ■ updated nl translation ­ 2004.09.09 ■ WarpIn installation did not install executable correctly since package split (2004.08.18) ■ use OS error messages for 'unknown' errors. ■ added semaphore lock to screen updates from mount/unmount threads ­ 2004.12.06 ■ added russian translation, thanks to Yuri Proniakin ■ excluded FAT32 from unmount ­ 2005.01.15 ■ changed to use DosSetPriority(prtys_ProcessTree, prtyc_TimeCritical, prtyd_Maximum, 0); ­ 2005.02.09..12 ■ Italian translation, thanks to Gabriele Gamba! ■ reenable switch list entry, when displaying driver ioctl error messages ■ add CAD_POP.EXE to eStyler shutdown kill list ■ add hotkey option! - session manager hotkey events with masks.. ■ cadh.sys allows now more than one program waiting for an event, only semaphore of last registered filter is posted ■ added configuration file cad_pop.cfg, place it in %hom%. ■ user selectable text mode, menu adapts to it. ■ confirm remove/reboot ■ password protection (dont laugh) ■ function keys F1..F12 can used in menu definitions ■ cahnged default to no beeps ■ added usual /Q /V /W message level parameters for basedev=cadh.sys ­ 2005.05.11..2005.06.17 ■ code used DOSCALLS.DLL, sometimes DOSCALLS, unified it. ■ added zh_TW translation by Ming-Lung Cheng. ■ added french translation by Guillaume Gay ■ use color coded keys in menu status line ■ created translateable sources only package ■ updated dutch, russian and italian translation for password and other activation methods ■ replaced the used public event semaphore from \sem32\cadh to \sem32\cad_pop. Now when loading ProcMan (jma) after CAD_POP, ProcMan has a chance to pop up -- instead of cad_pop, since cadh.sys selects to triggers the semaphore registered by the last program: ProcMan. ■ close cad_pop.cfg after reading it ■ WPI install paths will be set to \ecs\bin and \ecs\doc\cadh to overwrite old versions, if they exist from eCS 1.2 install. ­ 2005.07.03 ■ changed WarpIN script rexx code to remove trailing path char, thanks to Hanno Sedlmayr for noticing this! ■ added hint for warpin install: unlock cad_pop when prompted, moved description to an separate welcome/readme page. ­ 2006.01.31 ■ added spanish translation, thanks to Alfredo Fernandez Diaz! ■ cadh.sys source code beatification, added warning message when hotkey table in KBDBASE.SYS could not be found. ­ 2006.10.29 ■ updated spanish cad_popd messages, thanks again to Alfredo Fernandez Diaz! ■ updated WPI archive: cosmetics, addresses, removed BASE tag, to avoid having target directory C:\ECS\BINC:\os2\boot  local copy
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