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Binkd è un demone TCP/IP scritto da Dima Maloff ed altri programmatori: funziona come mailer e per trasferire file tra due sistemi FidoNet.

Essendo un demone internet FTN-compatible, rende possibile l'utilizzo efficiente del protocollo TCP/IP come strato di trasporto su reti basate sulla tecnologia FTN (Fido Technology Network).

Binkd ha di fatto sostituito da tempo la consueta connessione telefonica via modem alla rete FidoNet.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

E' possibile installare i prerequisiti con rpm, eseguendo la stringa seguente in una finestra comandi:

yum install libc libcx libgcc1 libstdc++6 libstdc++ libsupc++6 libsupc++ libgcc-fwd emxrt

Documentazione in linea

Qui di seguito trovi i link di download per l'installazione manuale del software:

Binkd (Binkley daemon) v. 1.1a-115 (3/7/2022) Readme/What's new
2022/07/02 13:06:13 1.1a-115 git run.c,2.16,2.17 Set correct command line interpreter for Windows in fail situation Signed-off-by: vasilyevmax <> 2022/07/01 10:11:12 git binkdfaq-en.txt,2.8,2.9 binkdfaq-ru.txt,2.8,2.9 update Max Vasilyev's site address  local copy
Binkd (Binkley daemon) v. 1.1a-114 (26/6/2022) Readme/What's new
2022/06/25 08:55:47 1.1a-114 git binkd.cfg,2.64,2.65 binkd.conf,1.9,1.10 ftnq.c,2.45,2.46 ftnq.h,2.12,2.13 readcfg.c,2.117,2.118 readcfg.h,2.45,2.46 Remove .try files after successful session 2022/05/19 20:31:12 git binkd.cfg,2.63,2.64 binkd.conf,1.8,1.9 The -64 and -46 options and their descriptions have been added to the config. 2022/02/11 21:27:12 git,1.4,1.5 Fix some warnings in misc/  local copy
Binkd (Binkley daemon) v. 1.1a-113 (18/11/2021) Readme/What's new
2021/11/14 11:17:45 1.1a-113 git protocol.c,2.238,2.239 Fix format in log and M_ERR messages 2021/07/08 10:01:11 git,2.25,2.26 binkd.spec,1.214,1.215 fix binkd.spec and add a doc package with config and FAQ 2021/01/19 11:07:20 1.1a-112 git breaksig.c,2.26,2.27 Graceful exit when idle for Windows builds, for Nick Andre. Set the binkd_exit flag to TRUE when signaled to exit and return TRUE  local copy
Binkd (Binkley daemon) v. 1.1a-112 (7/2/2021) Readme/What's new
2021/01/19 11:07:20 1.1a-112 git breaksig.c,2.26,2.27 Graceful exit when idle for Windows builds, for Nick Andre. Set the binkd_exit flag to TRUE when signaled to exit and return TRUE (indicating that the signal was handled by the process) thus mimicking the behavior of the *nix builds' handling of termination signals.  local copy
Binkd (Binkley daemon) v. 1.1a-111 (26/5/2020, Dmitry Maloff) Readme/What's new
2020/05/26 20:48:08 1.1a-111 git binkd.c,2.127,2.128 Print "Facilities" without space at the end of line. Make sense for further "binkd.exe -vv>file_id.diz" processing. (#21) 2020/05/25 14:12:23 git configure,2.57,2.58,2.57,2.58 Fix check perl multiplicity in configure 2020/05/25 08:48:41 1.1a-110 git readcfg.c,2.116,2.117 Revert 4a528544 (perl multiplicity)  local copy
Binkd (Binkley daemon) v. 1.1a-109 (21/5/2020, Dmitry Maloff) Readme/What's new
2020/05/17 23:32:09 1.1a-109 git binkd.c,2.126,2.127 perlhooks.c,2.95,2.96 perlhooks.h,2.18,2.19 readcfg.c,2.115,2.116 Call PERL_SYS_INIT3() only once 2020/05/17 20:52:52 1.1a-108 git exitproc.c,2.48,2.49 tab to spaces 2020/05/17 20:52:14 1.1a-107 git readcfg.c,2.114,2.115 Require PERL_MULTIPLICITY for run multiple perl interpreters 2020/05/17 20:52:07 1.1a-106 git perlhooks.c,2.94,2.95 Set PL_perl_destruct_level to 1 for correct restart perl interpreter Signed-off-by: Pavel Gulchuk <> 2020/05/17 20:11:12 1.1a-105 git perlhooks.c,2.93,2.94 Fix init perlsem 2020/04/30 21:30:12 git Makefile,1.1,1.2 [DOS] fix making directory tree for DOS build 2020/04/29 09:03:10 1.1a-104 git ftnnode.c,2.51,2.52 ftnq.c,2.44,2.45 protocol.c,2.237,2.238 Silence warnings: remove superfluous nullity checks struct `FTN_NODE` defined in `btypes.h` contains the member `pwd`, which is a character array. Several places in the code, this array was checked for nullity; however, this was always done in a place where the validity of the referring `FTN_NODE` struct pointer had already been established, and as `pwd` is an array (and not a generic pointer) it can never be NULL. These superflous checks caused warnings when compiling under `clang`. This change removes those checks to silence these warnings. Additionally, at those call sites often the code called `strcmp` to compare `p->pwd` against some other string, invariably inside of a conditional. Modify the conditionals to always explicity compare the value returned from `strcmp` against e.g. 0. Signed-off-by: Dan Cross <> 2020/04/25 15:53:52 git Makefile,2.28,2.29 Makefile.emo,1.11,1.12 Makefile.klibc,1.6,1.7 [OS/2] change .EXE naming scheme and library definitions 2020/04/25 15:53:47 1.1a-103 git ftnq.c,2.43,2.44 run.c,2.15,2.16 sys.h,2.47,2.48 compile Binkd for DOS with djgpp 2.05 and watt32 library 2020/04/25 15:53:17 git Makefile,NONE,1.1 compile Binkd for DOS with djgpp 2.05 and watt32 library  local copy
Binkd (Binkley daemon) v. 1.0a-608 (21/3/2012, Max Vasilyev) Readme/What's new
Binkd 1.0a-608 (Mar 21 2012 09:59:25/OS2) Compilation flags: gcc (emx), zlib, bzlib2, perl, https, ntlm, amiga_4d_outbound, bwlim. Facilities: fsp1035 rfc2553emu  local copy
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