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Mercoledì, 22 Gennaio, 1997
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Albatros CD Player è un riproduttore CD per OS/2.

Questo software è distribuito come pacchetto compresso, da scaricare e installare manualmente; se ci sono prerequisiti da soddisfare, andranno anch'essi scaricati e installati manualmente.

Installazione manuale

Il programma è distribuito come pacchetto ZIP: scaricare in una cartella temporanea e scompattare nella cartella di destinazione. Vedi sotto per il(i) link di download.

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Albatros CD Player v. 2.0b6 (22/1/1997, Norbert Heller) Readme/What's new
January, 21, 1997 Hello and welcome to the Albatros CD PLAYER Public Beta 6 ! when you test this version please consider : - USERS OF A Prior 2.x BETA Version DELETE the "Settings.ini" File first !!! (or your display and settings will look strange !) - not to use it for production purpose (it might hang your system or something ?) - better install it into a different directory than Albatros 1.x, although Albatros.INI and song files will still work ! - please read the INF file to get explanation about certain topics .. - when reporting bugs (whishlists, design suggestions, or anything else) report it to email : instead of complaining about the CD PLAYER in a newsgroup .. // // whats is new .. // 21.01.97 CD PLAYER - release of Public beta 6 19.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER CD PLAYER - ADD : Sequence play (A-B Play) - will hide valueset and show buttons for selecting the "frame" - will return to normal display state, when other program option is selected - ADD : PLAY GOOD (regular play / random / repeat ) DONT PLAY BAD (regular play / random / repeat ) Setup is Notebook Page (info) set tracks here to GOOD/REGULAR/BAD - FIX : The stored values (GOOD/Bad) for each CD should now work properly - FIX : Registration information is only saved for unregistered users. ( for registered users, changes will be ignored ) 18.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER CD PLAYER - ADD: "cd devices" in options ( select, which cdaudio device to use ( for cd rom changers, multiple cd drives, etc..) For playing cd's in a row, specify a different cd than the one currently playing, close Notebook, press eject, and the NEW cd will automatically be loaded and played (if autoplay is active..) - FIX : when autoplay would not be set to correct values in notebook .. - ADD : valueset in main display accepts drop from font palette (and will save the font) - FIX : playmode was not proberly displayed, when startup value was specified - FIX : string on notebook page INFO - FIX : cd title was not deleted, when cd with titles was ejected, and a "brandnew" CD (a cd not already in the ini database) was inserted 17.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER CD PLAYER - "hopefully" fixed the bug, when ">>" would not work any more after cd was ejected and another cd was inserted.. 16.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER CD PLAYER - changed font size of top strings in main display for "small dialogs" - fixed some strings in the notebook options - reworked "WAVE" to check if cd rom can stream / readout digital (WARNING : some CD ROM claim, they CAN do this, but actually can NOT ! e.g. Mitsumi Drives , some sony AT Drives (561) - added (good / regular / bad ) description to track info (other features using this will come later..) 15.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER - added filerequester (popup listbox) to add multiple files this way also CD PLAYER - re-worked the "wave" notebook page - for the driveletter, type "h:" in the Entryfield -> "get tr" -> select tracks - fixed a bug, when container title on page 1 was not updated correctly when importing cd titles from page 1a 13.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER - i tested it on display 640 / 800 / 1024 / 1280, and looks good .. - listbox should now be set correctly - listbox accepts drop from "fontpalette" , unfortunately, you have to delete the SETTINGS.INI first :-) - filename is now displayed on middle of three top strings .. - small bitmaps cleanup .. - bug fixed when "eject" was pressed while the player is still playing CD PLAYER - i tested it on display 640 / 800 / 1024 / 1280, and looks good .. - VS should now be set correctly 12.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER - should no longer crash, when ">" is pressed without playlist loaded - added option to delete an entry from the playlist 11.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER - popup menu on "main display" - popup menu on listbox - drag and drop now works on listbox also - "eject" kicks out everything now, and empties the listbox ... CD PLAYER - it is now no more neccessary to press "ok" when user enters name / code - bug fixed with "startup mode" "cd insert mode" - changed font space a bit in main display - fixed "old" song titles when new cd was inserted after eject - fixed "old" time values when new cd was inserted after eject - changed the main display bitmaps "no disc" (thanks, Scott !) 10.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER - double click on listbox will change to that song - added "comment" to infopage in notebook - listbox "scrolls" automatically to the track that is currently played - randomizer : shuffles the tracks ( although no real menu option yet ) 09.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER - the listbox is (hopefully ) set to the correct position ( i tested it on 800 and a small patched 1024 display) - it is now no more neccessary to press "ok" when user enters name / code - added code for playing "669" mod files (haven't tried out this, though..) - some fixups in the "XM" and "s3m" mod file handling (these shouldn't loop forever, anymore) - the extensions settings were incorrect now you can type in virtually any extension separated by any separator (even your favourite ";-))" ) - PLAYLISTS load / save / imports from DMPLAYER, with or without comments, etc .. the following form is recommended : ----------------- FILENAME COMMENT // // PLAYLIST File for ALB Media PLAYER // C:\alb\s3m\AMBIANCE.S3M Great Song !! C:\alb\s3m\13-SPIN.S3M Good Bass and nice loops C:\alb\s3m\BEYONDCH.S3M C:\alb\s3m\CHASEME.S3M .... ----------------- the filename must not contain " ", since everything after the first " " is treated as "comment" NOTE : when loading files (by dropping or playlists) they are validated to what the user has setup EG: - user does not want to play "*.MOD" but the playlist features a *.MOD file -> it is ommitted from the import (not from the Playlist, though (except, when you save this as a new list) - files are also checked for existance ! (means no files, the system can't find, will be inseerted in the current playlist) - Accordingly the TRAYs (tiny buttons on the bottom) load Playlist 1-5 - CD Playlists (not quite complete !) purpose : store a list of files on the directory of the cd rom without HARDCODING the drive ! -------------- // // PLAYLIST File for ALB Media PLAYER // \alb\s3m\AMBIANCE.S3M Great Song !! \alb\s3m\13-SPIN.S3M Good Bass and nice loops -------------- 08.01.97 MEDIA PLAYER - intro dialog centered - listbox for titles changed - options (valid next restart) - double click to close the POWER - small/big bitmaps (buttons) - small display (for patched video drivers) - Filetypes (valid next restart) - specify which files you wish to play, and what extension they should have - usually no changes are required here - the name of the devices can be set e.g. if your Midi is Sequencer02 usually no changes are required here (if not shure, these values can be looked up in the mmpm/2 setup) - REG names are stored differently in the settings.ini  local copy
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