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Saturday, 28 July, 2018



XML is a metalanguage to design markup languages, i.e. text language where semantic and structure are added to the content using extra "markup" information enclosed between angle brackets. HTML is the most well-known markup language. This package provides the C library containing the API to manage XML data.

This software is distributed in two modes:
  • as compressed package that you have to download and manually install; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too;
  • as RPM package; you can install it using your favorite rpm package manager, that will take care to download and install both the software and its prerequisites.
Choose the installation mode that you prefer. Please note that not all the versions are available in both the installation modes.

Installation with rpm

This program is installable using the rpm package manager. See below for the install string. Required prerequisites are automatically processed by the package manager and, if needed, downloaded and installed.

libxml2-2.9.8-2.oc00 (18/01/2019)
Repository: Netlabs stable
NEWS file for libxml2 Note that this is automatically generated from the news webpage at: http://xmlsoft.org/news.html The change log at ChangeLog.html describes the recents commits to the GIT at http://git.gnome.org/browse/libxml2/ code base.Here is the list of public releases: 2.9.2: Oct 16 2014: - Security: Fix for CVE-2014-3660 billion laugh variant (Daniel Veillard), CVE-2014-0191 Do not fetch external parameter entities (Daniel Veillard) - Bug Fixes: fix memory leak xml header encoding field with XML_PARSE_IGNORE_ENC (Bart De Schuymer), xmlmemory: handle realloc properly (Yegor Yefremov), Python generator bug raised by the const change (Daniel Veillard), Windows Critical sections not released correctly (Daniel Veillard), Parser error on repeated recursive entity expansion containing &lt; (Daniel Veillard), xpointer : fixing Null Pointers (Gaurav Gupta), Remove Unnecessary Null check in xpointer.c (Gaurav Gupta), parser bug on misformed namespace attributes (Dennis Filder), Pointer dereferenced before null check (Daniel Veillard), Leak of struct addrinfo in xmlNanoFTPConnect() (Gaurav Gupta), Possible overflow in HTMLParser.c (Daniel Veillard), python/tests/sync.py assumes Python dictionaries are ordered (John Beck), Fix Enum check and missing break (Gaurav Gupta), xmlIO: Handle error returns from dup() (Philip Withnall), Fix a problem properly saving URIs (Daniel Veillard), wrong error column in structured error when parsing attribute values (Juergen Keil), wrong error column in structured error when skipping whitespace in xml decl (Juergen Keil), no error column in structured error handler for xml schema validation errors (Juergen Keil), Couple of Missing Null checks (Gaurav Gupta), Add couple of missing Null checks (Daniel Veillard), xmlschemastypes: Fix potential array overflow (Philip Withnall), runtest: Fix a memory leak on parse failure (Philip Withnall), xmlIO: Fix an FD leak on gzdopen() failure (Philip Withnall), xmlcatalog: Fix a memory leak on quit (Philip Withnall), HTMLparser: Correctly initialise a stack allocated structure (Philip Withnall), Check for tmon in _xmlSchemaDateAdd() is incorrect (David Kilzer), Avoid Possible Null Pointer in trio.c (Gaurav Gupta), Fix processing in SAX2 in case of an allocation failure (Daniel Veillard), XML Shell command "cd" does not handle "/" at end of path (Daniel Veillard), Fix various Missing Null checks (Gaurav Gupta), Fix a potential NULL dereference (Daniel Veillard), Add a couple of misisng check in xmlRelaxNGCleanupTree (Gaurav Gupta), Add a missing argument check (Gaurav Gupta), Adding a check in case of allocation error (Gaurav Gupta), xmlSaveUri() incorrectly recomposes URIs with rootless paths (Dennis Filder), Adding some missing NULL checks (Gaurav), Fixes for xmlInitParserCtxt (Daniel Veillard), Fix regressions introduced by CVE-2014-0191 patch (Daniel Veillard), erroneously ignores a validation error if no error callback set (Daniel Veillard), xmllint was not parsing the --c14n11 flag (Sérgio Batista), Avoid Possible null pointer dereference in memory debug mode (Gaurav), Avoid Double Null Check (Gaurav), Restore context size and position after XPATH_OP_ARG (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix xmlParseInNodeContext() if node is not element (Daniel Veillard), Avoid a possible NULL pointer dereference (Gaurav), Fix xmlTextWriterWriteElement when a null content is given (Daniel Veillard), Fix an typo 'onrest' in htmlScriptAttributes (Daniel Veillard), fixing a ptotential uninitialized access (Daniel Veillard), Fix an fd leak in an error case (Daniel Veillard), Missing initialization for the catalog module (Daniel Veillard), Handling of XPath function arguments in error case (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix a couple of missing NULL checks (Gaurav), Avoid a possibility of dangling encoding handler (Gaurav), Fix HTML push parser to accept HTML_PARSE_NODEFDTD (Arnold Hendriks), Fix a bug loading some compressed files (Mike Alexander), Fix XPath node comparison bug (Gaurav), Type mismatch in xmlschemas.c (Gaurav), Type mismatch in xmlschemastypes.c (Gaurav), Avoid a deadcode in catalog.c (Daniel Veillard), run close socket on Solaris, same as we do on other platforms (Denis Pauk), Fix pointer dereferenced before null check (Gaurav), Fix a potential NULL dereference in tree code (Daniel Veillard), Fix potential NULL pointer dereferences in regexp code (Gaurav), xmllint --pretty crashed without following numeric argument (Tim Galeckas), Fix XPath expressions of the form '@ns:*' (Nick Wellnhofer), Fix XPath '//' optimization with predicates (Nick Wellnhofer), Clear up a potential NULL dereference (Daniel Veillard), Fix a possible NULL dereference (Gaurav), Avoid crash if allocation fails (Daniel Veillard), Remove occasional leading space in XPath number formatting (Daniel Veillard), Fix handling of mmap errors (Daniel Veillard), Catch malloc error and exit accordingly (Daniel Veillard), missing else in xlink.c (Ami Fischman), Fix a parsing bug on non-ascii element and CR/LF usage (Daniel Veillard), Fix a regression in xmlGetDocCompressMode() (Daniel Veillard), properly quote the namespace uris written out during c14n (Aleksey Sanin), Remove premature XInclude check on URI being relative (Alexey Neyman), Fix missing break on last() function for attributes (dcb), Do not URI escape in server side includes (Romain Bondue), Fix an error in xmlCleanupParser (Alexander Pastukhov) - Documentation: typo in error messages "colon are forbidden from..." (Daniel Veillard), Fix a link to James SAX documentation old page (Daniel Veillard), Fix typos in relaxng.c (Jan Pokorný), Fix a doc typo (Daniel Veillard), Fix typos in {tree,xpath}.c (errror) (Jan Pokorný), Add limitations about encoding conversion (Daniel Veillard), Fix typos in xmlschemas{,types}.c (Jan Pokorný), Fix incorrect spelling entites->entities (Jan Pokorný), Forgot to document 2.9.1 release, regenerate docs (Daniel Veillard) - Portability: AC_CONFIG_FILES and executable bit (Roumen Petrov), remove HAVE_CONFIG_H dependency in testlimits.c (Roumen Petrov), fix some tabs mixing incompatible with python3 (Roumen Petrov), Visual Studio 14 CTP defines snprintf() (Francis Dupont), OS400: do not try to copy unexisting doc files (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: use either configure.ac or configure.in. (Patrick Monnerat), os400: make-src.sh: create physical file with target CCSID (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: Add some more C macros equivalent procedures. (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: use C macros to implement equivalent RPG support procedures. (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: implement XPath macros as procedures for ILE/RPG support. (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: include in distribution tarball. (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: Add README: compilation directives and OS/400 specific stuff. (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: Add compilation scripts. (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: ILE RPG language header files. (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: implement some macros as functions for ILE/RPG language support (that as no macros). (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: UTF8<-->EBCDIC wrappers for system and external library calls (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: Easy character transcoding support (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: iconv functions compatibility wrappers and table builder. (Patrick Monnerat), OS400: create architecture directory. Implement dlfcn emulation. (Patrick Monnerat), Fix building when configuring without xpath and xptr (Daniel Veillard), configure: Add --with-python-install-dir (Jonas Eriksson), Fix compilation with minimum and xinclude. (Nicolas Le Cam), Compile out use of xmlValidateNCName() when not available. (Nicolas Le Cam), Fix compilation with minimum and schematron. (Nicolas Le Cam), Legacy needs xmlSAX2StartElement() and xmlSAX2EndElement(). (Nicolas Le Cam), Don't use xmlValidateName() when not available. (Nicolas Le Cam), Fix a portability issue on Windows (Longstreth Jon), Various portability patches for OpenVMS (Jacob (Jouk) Jansen), Use specific macros for portability to OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat), Add macros needed for OS/400 portability (Patrick Monnerat), Portability patch for fopen on OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat), Portability fixes for OS/400 (Patrick Monnerat), Improve va_list portability (Patrick Monnerat), Portability fix (Patrick Monnerat), Portability fix (Patrick Monnerat), Generic portability fix (Patrick Monnerat), Shortening lines in headers (Patrick Monnerat), build: Use pkg-config to find liblzma in preference to AC_CHECK_LIB (Philip Withnall), build: Add @LZMA_LIBS@ to libxml’s pkg-config files (Philip Withnall), fix some tabs mixing incompatible with python3 (Daniel Veillard), add additional defines checks for support "./configure --with-minimum" (Denis Pauk), Another round of fixes for older versions of Python (Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis), python: fix drv_libxml2.py for python3 compatibility (Alexandre Rostovtsev), python: Fix compiler warnings when building python3 bindings (Armin K), Fix for compilation with python 2.6.8 (Petr Sumbera) - Improvements: win32/libxml2.def.src after rebuild in doc (Roumen Petrov), elfgcchack.h: more legacy needs xmlSAX2StartElement() and xmlSAX2EndElement() (Roumen Petrov), elfgcchack.h: add xmlXPathNodeEval and xmlXPathSetContextNode (Roumen Petrov), Provide cmake module (Samuel Martin), Fix a couple of issues raised by make dist (Daniel Veillard), Fix and add const qualifiers (Kurt Roeckx), Preparing for upcoming release of 2.9.2 (Daniel Veillard), Fix zlib and lzma libraries check via command line (Dmitriy), wrong error column in structured error when parsing end tag (Juergen Keil), doc/news.html: small update to avoid line join while generating NEWS. (Patrick Monnerat), Add methods for python3 iterator (Ron Angeles), Support element node traversal in document fragments. (Kyle VanderBeek), xmlNodeSetName: Allow setting the name to a substring of the currently set name (Tristan Van Berkom), Added macros for argument casts (Eric Zurcher), adding init calls to xml and html Read parsing entry points (Daniel Veillard), Get rid of 'REPLACEMENT CHARACTER' Unicode chars in xmlschemas.c (Jan Pokorný), Implement choice for name classes on attributes (Shaun McCance), Two small namespace tweaks (Daniel Veillard), xmllint --memory should fail on empty files (Daniel Veillard), Cast encoding name to char pointer to match arg type (Nikolay Sivov) - Cleanups: Removal of old configure.in (Daniel Veillard), Unreachable code in tree.c (Gaurav Gupta), Remove a couple of dead conditions (Gaurav Gupta), Avoid some dead code and cleanup in relaxng.c (Gaurav), Drop not needed checks (Denis Pauk), Fix a wrong test (Daniel Veillard)
libxml2-debuginfo-2.9.8-2.oc00 (18/01/2019)
Repository: Netlabs stable
libxml2-devel-2.9.8-2.oc00 (18/01/2019)
Repository: Netlabs stable (note: development files, not needed by the end user)
libxml2-static-2.9.8-2.oc00 (18/01/2019)
Repository: Netlabs stable

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:

yum install libc libcx libgcc1 libssp libstdc++6 libstdc++ libsupc++6 libsupc++ libgcc-fwd emxrt zlib pthread

Online documentation:

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

XML C parser and toolkit v. 2.7.8 (19/11/2010, KO Myung-Hun) Readme/What's new
2.7.8: Nov 4 2010 * - Features: 480323 add code to plug in ICU converters by default (Giuseppe Iuculano), Add xmlSaveOption XML_SAVE_WSNONSIG (Adam Spragg) * - Documentation: Fix devhelp documentation installation (Mike Hommey), Fix web site encoding problems (Daniel Veillard), Fix a couple of typo in HTML parser error messages (Michael Day), Forgot to update the news page for 0.7.7 (Daniel Veillard) * - Portability: 607273 Fix python detection on MSys/Windows (LRN), 614087 Fix Socket API usage to allow Windows64 compilation (Ozkan Sezer), Fix compilation with Clang (Koop Mast), Fix Win32 build (Rob Richards) * - Bug Fixes: 595789 fix a remaining potential Solaris problem (Daniel Veillard), 617468 fix progressive HTML parsing with style using "'" (Denis Pauk), 616478 Fix xmllint shell write command (Gwenn Kahz), 614005 Possible erroneous HTML parsing on unterminated script (Pierre Belzile), 627987 Fix XSD IDC errors in imported schemas (Jim Panetta), 629325 XPath rounding errors first cleanup (Phil Shafer), 630140 fix iso995x encoding error (Daniel Veillard), make sure htmlCtxtReset do reset the disableSAX field (Daniel Veillard), Fix a change of semantic on XPath preceding and following axis (Daniel Veillard), Fix a potential segfault due to weak symbols on pthreads (Mike Hommey), Fix a leak in XPath compilation (Daniel Veillard), Fix the semantic of XPath axis for namespace/attribute context nodes (Daniel Veillard), Avoid a descriptor leak in catalog loading code (Carlo Bramini), Fix a small bug in XPath evaluation code (Marius Wachtler), Fix handling of XML-1.0 XML namespace declaration (Daniel Veillard), Fix errors in XSD double validation check (Csaba Raduly), Fix handling of apos in URIs (Daniel Veillard), xmlTextReaderReadOuterXml should handle DTD (Rob Richards), Autogen.sh needs to create m4 directory (Rob Richards) * - Improvements: 606592 update language ID parser to RFC 5646 (Daniel Veillard), Sort python generated stubs (Mike Hommey), Add an HTML parser option to avoid a default doctype (Daniel Veillard) * - Cleanups: 618831 don't ship generated files in git (Adrian Bunk), Switch from the obsolete mkinstalldirs to AC_PROG_MKDIR_P (Adrian Bunk), Various cleanups on encoding handling (Daniel Veillard), Fix xmllint to use format=1 for default formatting (Adam Spragg), Force _xmlSaveCtxt.format to be 0 or 1 (Adam Spragg), Cleanup encoding pointer comparison (Nikolay Sivov), Small code cleanup on previous patch (Daniel Veillard)
XML C parser and toolkit v. 2.5.11 (13/11/2003, Ilya Zakharevich) Readme/What's new
OS/2 EMX -Zmtd build of xml2 library v2-2.5.11 and xslt library v1.0.33 for parsing of XML. Requires ICONV.DLL and Z.DLL. Some tests for XSLT fail, but these failures seem to be not related to OS/2 build (see problems_libxslt-1.0.33 for a log). --------------------------------------------------- INSTALL Procedure Extract to d:/emx directory or an equivalent: unzip xml2-2-5-11-xslt-1-0-33.zip -d d:/emx Then move the contents of libxml and libxslt directories one level up, as in mv libxml/* . mv libxslt/* . [or an equivalent]. One needs to edit the configuration files to correct /usr/local to the actual install directory. One possible way (requires sh and perl): edit install_dir= line in try-relocate.cmd (with the above example, it should be install_dir=d:/emx), then run the script. --------------------------------------------------- BUILD Procedure The Perl script convert_configure is available from ilyaz.org/software/os2. In the build directories apply the supplied diff-* files (as in gnupatch -p1 < diff_libxml2-2.5.11 ), then do convert_configure (sh configure && make && make tests) |& tee 00c1 os2\make-dll.cmd For XSLT: see diff_libxslt-1.0.33 for additional manual edits needed.
XML C parser and toolkit v. 2.4.23 (26/8/2002, Vincenzo Venuto) Readme/What's new
2.4.22: May 27 2002 * - a number of bug fixes: configure scripts, base handling, parser, memory usage, HTML parser, XPath, documentation (Christian Cornelssen), indentation, URI parsing * - Optimizations for XMLSec, fixing and making public some of the network protocol handlers (Aleksey) * - performance patch from Gary Pennington * - Charles Bozeman provided date and time support for XML Schemas datatypes
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