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Tuesday, 30 July, 2019
OpenOffice 4.1.6 GA
Tuesday, 4 December, 2018 is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. is compatible with all other major office suites. Latest versions are the effort of...

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TabTray 0.1
Sunday, 24 August, 2003

TabTray is a small applet which allows you to get access to an XCenter/eCenter tray by a single mouse click.

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LaTeX2RTF converter 1.9.13
Friday, 20 September, 2002

LaTeX2rtf is a translator program that translates LaTeX text into the RTF format used by various text processors, most notably Word.

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AE - text editor 1.9.8
Wednesday, 22 November, 2006

AE is a simple text editor, designed to replace IBM's original OS/2 E.EXE. It mostly behaves the same, except for where behaviour has become annoying, irrelevant or inconsistent with other systems/programs. Several languages supported....

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Network File System (NFS) plugin for NetDrive 3
Wednesday, 1 August, 2001

NFS plugin for NetDrive (demo version: only one NFS resource can be mounted at a time). Current version of the NFS plugin supports UDP transport protocol only.

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Psion OS/2 NetDrive plugin 1.51
Friday, 1 March, 2002

Plugin for NetDrive. The plugin allows to access Psion PDA disks as an ordinary OS/2 drive. The plugin supports Psion Series 3, Sienna, Series 5, Series 5Mx, Series7, Revo.

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CDRWSel 4.1.1
Tuesday, 20 January, 2009

A GUI to RSJ CD/DVD Writer comand line mode command. It allows you to use nice options only available as command line. Most interesting is to attach more than one drive simultaneously. (Access to cdattach,...

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ePDF - PostScript to PDF converter 2.99
Saturday, 18 January, 2014

An utility which brings the capabilities of Adobe Acrobat Distiller to the OS/2 platform using GhostScript to generate PDF files:

  • management for different distiller...
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Dr. Web Antivirus 5.00
Monday, 6 April, 2009

A Russian antivirus program.

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GCC Innotek 3.2.2 Beta 4CSD1
Thursday, 1 July, 2004

Beta of GCC 3.2.2 from Innotek.

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