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Using Let’s Encrypt on OS/2

Let’s Encrypt ( ) is a free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.  Several clients for the Let's Encrypt service exist.

For my home server running OS/2 and Apache, I chose client. It is an sh script, so just sh - as provided by default yum install - is needed. Python is not required.

WPS Wizard - Tips & Tricks

How to add an icon to a program object:

  1. copy the icon (PNG format) to one of the folders of the installed theme, e.g. copy jedit.png to <theme-installation-path\dark-glass-flatyellow\apps ;
  2. open the program object, open the "Icon" tab, choose "Browse..." (the "Edit icon" button should be disabled), wait for the window containing the PNG icons to populate, choose one and drag&drop it in "Current icon" in the program object;
  3. close and open again the program object, open the "Icon" tab; the "Edit icon" button is now enabled; press it;

How to install a network adapter driver

To install a network adapter driver, unzip the driver package to a temporary folder then run the "Adapters and Protocols" WPS object, located in the "System - Network" folder. In eComStation it will start the naps.exe program:

sabre/dav + Postgresql + Apache on OS/2

This how-to is just an integration of


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