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Thursday, 19 July, 2018
ZipStream Secure 2.0
Saturday, 1 January, 2000

ZipStream is the Next Generation data security and disk compression Software for OS/2. It is easy to use and is the safest 'on the fly' compression/security solution available that harnesses the power, features and reliability of OS/2 2...

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XZ Utils (XZ archiver) 5.2.3
Tuesday, 14 February, 2017

XZ Utils is free general-purpose data compression software with high compression ratio: compress a file about 30% smaller than gzip.

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OS/2 PM VNC Viewer (Client) 1.04
Saturday, 13 June, 2009

Virtual Network Computing Viewer, ported to OS/2 PM. Thin-client remote control of Unix/Win32/Macintosh systems.

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Oldschool PC Font 1.0
Saturday, 16 January, 2016

These scalable TrueType fonts reproduce the fonts used in BIOS and IBM PC DOS operating systems and clones. The fonts available are...

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Matrox driver 2.58
Tuesday, 1 January, 2002

Driver for Matrox Millennium, Mystique, Mystique 220, Millennium II, Productiva G100 MMS, Matrox G200 MMS, MGA G200, Mystique G200, Millennium G200, Millennium G400 / Millennium G400 MAX, Millennium G450....

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Vi Improved (VIM) 7.0
Saturday, 17 June, 2006

Vim is an almost compatible version of the UNIX editor Vi. Many new features have been added.

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Papyrus 10.20
Tuesday, 16 September, 2008

Papyrus OFFICE is a powerful, but compact and efficient program: the entire package (word-processor/DTP plus database/spreadsheet) occupies less than 5 MB! The Papyrus package includes complete on-line help...

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Master of the Empire(MOTE) per OS/2 1.5
Friday, 1 January, 1999

This is the free release of Master of the Empire (MOTE) for OS/2 ((c) 1996-2004 Michael Ramsey).

Master of the Empire is a multiplayer game of conquest, economic struggles, and resource control.

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xHarbour 0.99.7
Monday, 18 December, 2006

xHarbour is a 100% clipper compatible xbase language compiler and runtime libraries.

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Driver supporto di base USB 11.17 & 10.223
Friday, 11 May, 2018

USB basic driver stack including UHCI, OHCI, EHCI (USB 2.0) support, always required and to be installed first!

All this drivers are the result of Lars Erdmann's efforts...

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