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Tuesday, 9 January, 2018
UTLOS2 2.9
Thursday, 2 July, 1998

This package contains a set of command-line utilities. Each is available for OS/2 2.1 or higher, Win32, and DOS. The DOS versions are 16-bit; the OS/2 and Win32 versions are 32-bit. The OS/2 versions are...

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MPEGplus (MP+) 1.7.6
Wednesday, 25 October, 2000

A command line player for MPEGPlus (MP+) files, an alternative to MP3 with better quality. Encoder included.

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COLORPT (Color Point Program) 1.01
Wednesday, 28 July, 1993

COLORPT is an OS/2 Presentation Manager program that continually reports the color value and English name of the pel (pixel) that happens to be under your OS/2 PM mouse pointer. The color value can be...

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APM/2 (Advanced Power Management for OS/2) 1.40
Friday, 3 August, 2001

APM/2 allows you to put your workstation into APM standby, suspend or power off mode under OS/2 Warp 4. APM/2 also allows you to schedule a automatic power on, if APM level 1.2+ is detected. APM requests can...

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GOGO 3.13
Thursday, 1 July, 2004

MP3 encoder based on Lame, which is optimized for Enhanced 3D Now!/SSE/SSE2 and dual-CPUs.

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Borland C++ 2.0
Thursday, 10 November, 1994

The amazing Borland C++ Compiler, optimized release, finally available also for OS/2 Warp! Indeed it is very fast, highly performing, complete, easy to use and with a really comprehensive documentation!...

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PM Colour Sample 12021993
Friday, 12 February, 1993

This sample code demonstrates how to access OS/2's Colour Wheel control as  used in the Edit Colour dialog boxes.

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VisPro/Rexx Gold Edition 3.1.1
Sunday, 23 September, 2012

VisPro/Rexx is a Visual Programming tool that is completely integrated with the Workplace Shell and offers multiple views, drag-drop interaction, popup menus, settings notebooks, direct editing, all CUA '91...

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Tuesday, 16 December, 1997

FMOS2 (FILEMAN) is a fullscreen/window OS/2 program for managing files/directories on one or more drives simultaneously.


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Virtual Floppy Disk Driver 5.0
Monday, 1 May, 2017

Provides a virtual Floppy Disk. Useful especially when dealing with diskette images, e.g. when creating bootable CDs, and to unpack floppy images from IBM fixpaks.

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