IMAP4 server for the Weasel mail server

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Wednesday, 16 May, 2018



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This is an IMAPD server designed to run in conjunction with the Weasel mail server.


  • Disk quotas,
  • POP3 server with SSL/STLS support.
This software is distributed as compressed package. You have to download and manually install it; if prerequisites are required, you will have to manually install them too.

Manual installation

Program is distributed as ZIP package: download to temporary directory and unpack to destination folder. See below for download link(s).

You can install the prerequisites with rpm running the following string in a command line:

yum install libc libgcc1 libxml2 openssl

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

IMAP4 server for the Weasel mail server v. 0.1.7 (16/5/2018, Andrey Vasilkin) Readme/What's new
2018-05-16 ver. 0.1.7 - Fixed a potential deadlock during CRAM-MD5 authorization.
Ver. 0.1.5 (18/12/2017, Andrey Vasilkin) Readme/What's new
2017-12-15 ver. 0.1.5 - Applying disk quotas to new domains and users - fixed.
IMAP4 server for the Weasel mail server v. 0.1.2 (9/11/2017, Andrey Vasilkin) Readme/What's new
2017-11-09 ver. 0.1.2 - Fixed two bugs in mail storage scannings procedures. - New log records (for storage scanning time), loglevel increased for some annoying log records.
IMAP4 server for the Weasel mail server v. 0.0.10 (7/11/2017, Andrey Vasilkin) Readme/What's new
2017-11-01 ver. 0.0.10 - Mail storage/domain/user disk quotas. - QUOTA extension [RFC 2087] is implemented. - MOVE extension [RFC 6851] is implemented. - RFC 5530 response codes. - Domain aliases in the username is allowed now. - New commands for protocol to control imapd on local named sockets. - Examples (REXX) for the local control protocol. - A new imapStage4.cmd script. - POP3 server. - Plain-text passwords is not allowed by default now, switch -E is deprecated. - Generic network server optimization. - readme.txt updates. - Default file names for SSL certificate and key changed to imapd.crt and imapd.key. 2017-10-07 ver. 0.0.9 - SSL connections support (for clients who want to use a secure connection but can not use STARTTLS). - More detailed log record about client connection. 2017-10-06 ver. 0.0.8 - Delayed imap.xml files saving on CHECK command and the session close. - The Dirty flag for loaded user home directory objects to avoid rewrite imap.xml files without changes. - Keep several home directory objects loaded even if they do not have open sessions. - IDLE command moved to Authenticated/Selected State from Selected State as required by RFC 2177. - A new fast high memory manager. - Increased use of high memory. - Fixed incorrect weasel.INI/weasel.TNI load default order (before checking configured TNI/INI type). - gcc optimizations: -march=pentium -msse -O3 - There was no client notification about changes in mailbox (RECENT/EXISTS) on APPEND - fixed. - Fixed several minor bugs. 2017-09-28 ver. 0.0.7 - IMAP4 IDLE command [RFC 2177] is implemented. - UIDPLUS extension [RFC 4315] is implemented. 2017-09-27 ver. 0.0.6 - Hotfix for messages without/invalid Content-Type header filed. 2017-09-26 ver. 0.0.5 - ROTATE signal for the command-line switch -s - Asynchronous EXISTS and EXPUNGE responses. - Protocol to control imapd on local named sockets. - Stage 4 filter for Weasel. - Fast-tracking incoming messages with Weasel detailed log pipe (sw. -w). - readme.txt updates. 2017-09-21 ver. 0.0.4 - Store changed data to imap.xml files on killing imapd or crash. - A new command-line switch -s to send signals to the runned imapd. 2017-09-20 ver. 0.0.3 - Fixed: Switch between TNI/INI during imapd execution causes reloads Weasel configuration every 5 sec. - Authentication mechanism CRAM-MD5 implemented. - LOGIN and plain-text authentication which does not accord with CAPABILITY was alowed - fixed. - "Bad password limit" option on the Options 1 page of Setup now applied. - Close sessions on series of "BAD" responces. - "Identifying a POP3 user" -> "Accept only the first username/domain match" option on the Options 2 page of Setup now applied. 2017-09-19 ver. 0.0.2 - Added support for TNI files. - Fixed false positive events "all threads are busy". - Fixed a crash on command syntax errors. 2017-09-18 ver. 0.0.1 - First public test version.
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