AE - text editor

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Wednesday, 22 November, 2006



AE is a simple text editor, designed to replace IBM's original OS/2 E.EXE. It mostly behaves the same, except for where behaviour has become annoying, irrelevant or inconsistent with other systems/programs. Several languages supported.

Source code included. Aaron's Editor is written in Pascal language.

Manual installation

Unzip to destination folder and create program object. Note that in eComstation AE replace e.exe by default! DragText integration: it works, but you must use the "re-enable" feature in DragText: - open DT's Options notebook to Setup->Reenable - enter AE.EXE in the 'Program' field - check both 'Drag' and 'Drop' for these window types: Multi-line EFs, Entry Fields, and List Boxes - press the 'Add' button

Following ones are the download links for manual installation:

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